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Section A. General Information

It is imperative that you fully understand this section in order to comprehend the rest of the document. This document was last updated on Tuesday, January 20, 2007 4:18 PM Pacific Time.
  1. This document is an extension of the Terms & Rules Document that you agreed to upon registration.
  2. Spam is defined as any element that fails to contribute to Origin, its discussions, developments, or otherwise. Spam includes (but is not limited to) the following:
    1. empty posts such as "I agree!", "I disagree!", "This idea sucks!";
    2. unsolicited advertisements; and
    3. deliberately incorrect information
  3. A flame is defined as any deliberate insult (directly or indirectly) of a specific person, organization, or group (etc) not appreciated by the "victim".
    1. Basically, ANYTHING that singles out a single member or group for defamatory verbal punishment is considered a flame.
    2. Unlike Spam, which is permitted in the Spam Farm, flames are not welcome anywhere within public view.
  4. Any questions on this should be directed to the Owner(s) or be posted in Origin Related.
Origin staff encourages members to post and have fun. However, there are a few general things the Origin staff asks of members:
  1. Follow all rules and guidelines
  2. Although some profane words are filtered, keep profanity to a bare minimum. Origin does not want to discourage newcomers from participating in active discussions.
  3. Do your best on punctuation and spelling to keep your posts readable and easily understandable.
  4. Proper etiquette is expected; a simple "Thank You" will not hurt you when someone tries to help you.
  5. Accompany all opinions with your rationalizations and corroborative logic
  6. Employ common sense
Some posting tips to make sure everyone has a pleasant experience:
  1. Context-sensitive forum post titles:
    1. Good titles are just as important in forum posting as they are in email
    2. Many newbies believe that the easiest way to get help is to scream "HELP" in all caps in a subject line. However, many members check the active topics page and scan the titles, then prioritize how they may use their limited time.
    3. So a post like "Having problem with step 3 in installing X" is more likely to attract someone who can assist with your problem.
  2. Detailed specifics:
    1. Detail and specifics are important in attracting the crowd who are best able to assist you.
    2. Vague topics just end up requiring a volley of question and answer, lengthening the time it takes to resolve an issue.
  3. Ignore flames and rude tones:
    1. Origin is a large international community.
    2. Since many members are not native English speakers, realize that a brusque tone may be a result of language differences and should not be immediately interpreted as rude.
    3. Regardless, if you feel like another user has flamed you, the best response is to ignore the offense and continue working toward discussing productive topics.
  4. You get more bees with honey than with vinegar:
    1. People are more likely to respond to posts which ask nicely for assistance over those that demand it or complain.
    2. Politeness can make a difference.
  5. Not every post gets a response:
    1. If your post has gone unanswered, perhaps no one that has read your post has a response.
    2. You might also consider whether the title for the post is specific enough.

Section B. Consequences

An infringement on any of the following rules and guidelines may result in the consequences including but not limited to the following:
  1. First strike: Official Warning with a fine of up to 50,000 Zeny.
  2. Second strike: Official Warning with a fine of at least 50,000 Zeny.
  3. Third Strike: Permanent Expatriation / Suspension.
  1. The Owner(s) are empowered but not required to remove or extend warnings pending behavior.
  2. The Fine LIMIT for each warning level does not include the money you may have extracted from breaking the rules (ie: The amount of money from spamming).
  3. All consequences depend on severity and frequency of offenses and are subject to the discretion of the Owner(s).
  4. If an Origin staff member gives you a friendly and unofficial warning for something wrong you have done, do not disregard him because if you break the same rule again:
    1. nobody will sympathize with you; and
    2. you will face the maximum possible punishment
  5. If you feel that a staff member has treated you unfairly, PM him (and/or other Origin staff) for more information. If you still believe you were unfairly judged, take it to Origin Court System.

Section C. Prohibitions

The following are prohibited under all circumstances:
  1. Flaming or provoking others into misbehavior. Deliver your message privately, using services like:
    1. Instant Messenging Systems such as AIM, YIM, or MSN;
    2. Electronic Mail (E-Mail); and
    3. Origin Personal Messaging System (PM)
  2. Misinforming members of rules (ie making up rules that don't exist)
  3. Posting illegal material or illegal discussions including but not limited to:
    1. text
    2. images
    3. links
  4. Bumping newbie topics that have been inactive for over 2 months
  5. Back-seat Moderating.
    1. If you are not a Moderator, please don't act like one. Report the post or send a message to an Origin Staff and let them take care of it.
    2. Moderation comments include but are not limited to:
      1. "Please close this topic."
      2. "Please pin this topic."
      3. "The member up there just spammed. Please delete that spam."
  6. Reposting objectionable material that is virtually identical to material that was previously removed by Origin staff.
  7. Impersonating a member by sharing a similar member name, member title, and/or member signature in attempts to defame another member's credibility or reputation
  8. Reporting a post or topic that is clearly following the rules.
  9. Attempting to circumvent or cheat any system, restrictions or filters in place.
  10. Cheating the Zeny system, which includes but is not limited to:
    1. intentionally spamming to obtain more Zeny.
    2. exploiting bugs in Origin that enable you to obtain more Zeny; if you inform an Owner immediately of your discovered bug, you will be rewarded instead of punished.
Some actions are permitted under certain circumstances. For these, exceptions are listed explicitly.
  1. Having multiple accounts is prohibited under most circumstances. Contact the Owner(s) if you are unsure as to whether or not this pertains to you.
  2. Spam belongs in the Farms (Spam and Booze Farm). It is prohibited everywhere else.
  3. Double posting, except when replying to multiple people; in such circumstances having one post/reply per person is acceptable IF you use the Quote-Reply system
  4. Obvious sexual references of any kind are prohibited everywhere except in the Origin Pub and Booze Farm, unless they rely on obscure literary (or other "artistic") allusions that children under thirteen would be unaware of
  5. Bumping topics that have been idle for 2 or more weeks is prohibited unless you have something to say that is meaningful and contributes to the topic.
  6. The use of any non-English language (including "leet") is prohibited unless it is accompanied by a full and direct English translation
  7. Posting links to websites outside of is prohibited unless it is permitted by the topic or forum.

Section D. Origin RPG Rules

The following guidelines apply to RPing.
  1. You may NOT hold, transfer, resell or use "counterfeit" or "fake" money/item. If you have found that you have received any "fake" or "counterfeit" money/item, please report it to Origin staff immediately
  2. You are not to argue over factors (such as prices) of the RPG unless you create your own "complaint" topic.
  3. You must obtain an RP License before you can join in "official" RPs. Please check the topics in Stories & Creative Writing forum for more information.
If you are or plan to be the owner of a clan, you must understand that a clan:
  1. that remains completely inactive for over 2 weeks may be deleted with NO refunds unless a one week warning is given to the Origin Staff
  2. is NOT permitted to invite members with less than 100 legitimate posts. If a clan is found doing this:
    1. the violator (the member who has less than 100 posts) will be removed
    2. the owner of the clan will be fined depending on severity
    3. a warning will be issued to both participants.
  3. may not be advertised publicly.
    1. If you wish to invite someone to join your clan, PM them.
    2. However, harassment will not be tolerated. Do not pressure someone to join a clan.

Section E. Avatar and Signature Guidelines

These guidelines are not vigorously enforced: they are designed to make the Origin experience of other members enjoyable as well as to conserve bandwidth and load time. You are empowered and encouraged to file a complaint about a member's signature and/or avatar under rational bases; the action to take is under the discretion of the Owner(s). Keep in mind that other sections still apply.
  1. The combined total size of your signature and your avatar must not total more than 100kb (1024 bytes per kilobyte) in file size.
  2. Your signature (both text and images) must not exceed 760 pixels in width and 200 pixels in height under typical viewing conditions
  3. You may not have potentially irritable or annoying signatures or avatars