Origin's AJAX QuickEdit MOD Readme for IPB 2.0.x
This MOD will use my AJAX module to load a post into the FastReply box on the spot to be edited. It is much better than the current QuickEdit MODs for IPB 2.0.x in that it does not load anything until you need it, such as post content. Enjoy!
  1. Backup topics.php and the two skin bits that will be modified, just in case!
  2. Add a bit of code to topics.php - Jump
  3. Add a bit of Javascript code into /jscripts/ipb_global.js - Jump
  4. Do the minor changes in two "Topic View" skin bits - Jump
  5. You are done! - Jump
Open topics.php in /sources/
FIND the following (Line 266-272 on unmodded document)

ADD the following DIRECTLY AFTER the above:

You are done editing topics.php! Upload it now to /sources/ on your webserver.
Editing Javascript

If you have my AJAX Topic Preview MOD, you can skip this step. Click here to jump to the next step. Download, backup, open ipb_global.js and find:


Upload the JavaScript file and replace the one on your server. You are done editing the Javascript.

Edit Skin
  1. Login to your ACP (Admin control panel)
  2. Click on "Skin Manager" under "Skins & Templates"
  3. Click on your desired skin, and a drop-down menu will pop out.
  4. Click on "Edit ... Template HTML", and a list of template bits will come out.
Click on "Topic View", open "button_edit" and replace the contents with:

Save "button_edit", open "quick_reply_box_open", and find:


Click on "Save Template Bit(s)".

You are done with all your edits!
Last thing...
COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: You are free to use and modify this script, but are legally bound by the Origin software license in methods or modes of transportation. For more details or clarifications feel free to contact me at orijing at gmail dot com, or the support forum (www.originxt.com MODs forum). SUPPORT: Use the same contact (email or forum) for support or further questions.