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DBZ: Bid for Power, Quake III MOD

Apr 12 2005, 04:00 AM (Post #1)
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Bid for Power General Information Guide:

Bid For Power is a DBZ-based mod for Quake III and modeled specifically after the Japanese anime. Bid For Power contains characters, attacks levels, and many other aspects of the TV series and constructs them into the Quake III engine. Bid For Power gives you several deathmatch multiplayer games like Capture the Dragonballs, Last Man Standing, and Battle for the Planet.

Bid for power is customized to be like DBZ so you can even pull off moves from DBZ such as Goku's Kamehameha and the more people you kill the more powerful your attacks and your character get.

A. Bid for Power: Battles

BFP attacks are unlike Quake III attacks, BFP attacks are more than just a trajectory. Attacks have actual dimensions, and will explode on contact with players. Mid-air attack collisions also happen. Two attacks that collide will damage each other, and the stronger attack will cause the other to explode. The exception is any beam attack, which will destroy any other attack that it makes contact with.

Blocking: Blocking is performed by holding down the block key. Blocking drains Ki quickly, but transfers all damage to Ki instead of health. The player can not move while blocking.

Hit Stun: While in hit stun, the player cannot move, attack, block, or charge. 3 seconds of hit stun is added when melee is used in combination with the boost key. 1 second of hit stun is added when the player runs out of ki.

Ki Attacks: Each character has 5 attacks. At the lowest power tier, the player only has one selectable attack. Each time the player advances to a new power tier, he gets a new selectable attack. By default, each of the numeric keys, 1-5, choose a different attack. Only one attack can be selected at a time, but switching between attacks is instant.
  • Standard attacks: hold down fire and you fire.
  • Charge-up attacks: hold down fire to start charging the attack, release to fire.
  • Minimum charge-up attacks: same as charge-up attacks, but with a minimum charge-up time. The ball of Ki will appear in the player's hands once he is prepared to fire.
  • Beam attacks: a type of charge-up attack. Can only fire one beam at a time. After firing, you can aim the attack by moving the mouse.
  • Homing attacks: these attacks will home in on the nearest opponent.
B. Bid for Power: Character Attacks:

  • Kikou: standard ki blast
  • Shyogeki Ha: fast firing, extremely fast moving ki blasts from the fingers
  • Freeza Beam: an extremely fast and powerful ki attack fired from the finger
  • Tsuibi Kienzan: Freeza's homing version of the kienzan.
  • Death Ball: a gigantic ball of ki
  • Kikou: ki blast
  • Sokidan: spherical homing attack
  • Renzoku Energy Dan: multiple fast-firing ki blasts.
  • Masenko: similar to the kamehameha
  • Energy Dan: creates a massive and continuous explosion around him.
  • Kikou: standard ki blast
  • Taiyoken: attack that blinds the player with a large blast of light
  • Sokidan: spherical homing attack
  • Kakusan: missile that spawns 4 homing balls when detonated
  • Kienzan: flat, circular disc of energy that cuts trough everything
  • Kikou: ki blast
  • Kiaiho: invisible blast of energy from the hands with a massive knock back
  • Sokidan: spherical homing attack
  • Renzoku Energy Dan: multiple fast-firing ki blasts
  • Kamehameha: large devastating beam attack blast
  • Kikou: ki blast
  • Eye Beam: continuous blast of power from the eyes
  • Renzoku Energy Dan: multiple fast-firing ki blasts
  • Chobakuretsumaha: fast and powerful homing attack
  • Special Beam Cannon: highly condensed beam of energy
  • Bakuhatsuha: Similar to the kikou but a larger ki blast.
  • Kikou: ki blast.
  • Renzoku Energy Dan: multiple fast-firing ki blasts
  • Big Bang Attack: a beam attack that has a massive explosion.
  • Final Flash: similar to kamehameha
C. Bid for Power: Game Types

Battle for the Planet: The Battle for the Planet is a new game play mode for Bid For Power that places the Earth Special Forces against the evil Frieza, an incredibly strong warrior who is hell-bent on destroying the planet or against Vegeta, a sadistic killer who will stop at nothing to prove that he is the strongest. The Earth Special Forces must team together to battle the much stronger opponents. A player is randomly selected to become the super powered Frieza/Vegeta character while everyone else can choose one of the members of the Earth Special Forces (Krillin, Gohan, Piccolo, Goku) who are equipped with an average amount of power. The player who can defeat the Frieza player then becomes the Frieza character in the next game. If the Earth Special Forces cannot defeat Frieza before the game reaches a certain number of kills or time runs up then Frieza/Vegeta will have the ability to blow up the Planet and the game starts over again. These type of fights take place corresponding to the stronger opponent. If the Super powered opponent were to be Frieza then the battle would take place on a Namek based map, however, if the super powered opponent was Vegeta the battle would then takes place on an earth based map.

Capture the Dragonballs: The basic premise of Capture the Dragonballs is Capture the Flag but with a twist, instead of one flag you have to gather seven Dragonballs and defend them from the enemy before you can call upon the dragon (win the game). Two (or even three) teams will be placed at separate ends of the level, in each base are seven dragon balls. Spread throughout the level are seven dragon ball mantles, three on Earth Special Forces side, three on The Saiyan side and one in the middle. The object of the game is to take as many Dragonballs from your home base and place them in the Dragonball mantles before the other team can.

Free for All: Free for All is a basic deathmatch game but with use of all the attacks and characters. You will be allowed to perform 20 different attacks as well as overpower opponents by engaging in power struggles. As well as being able to use 20 attacks players will also have the ability to use special items such as the scouter and be able to perform the Kaioken technique and the Zanoken effect.

Last Man Standing: Last Man Standing is a modification for Bid For Power that gives to the game a new game mode where all players start with all available attacks and four sensu beans, every time a player is killed he looses one of the sensu beans. The player that has lost all of his sensu beans has to wait till the round ends to continue playing while everyone else continues to fight until only one warrior is left.

Team Play: Team Play brings all the intensity of a Free for All game but with the organization teams. Now you can rely on your teammates to help you defeat the opposing teams and claim the universe for yourself. In Team Play you will have all the abilities of regular deathmatch plus the added support of teammates.

Tenkaichi Budokai: The Tenkaichi Budokai is the ultimate tournament for Dragonball. The competitors will be able to compete against each other in an organized set of divisions. After each round the winning opponents will be able move to the next bracket until eventually the two top winners meet and battle it out to become the greatest martial arts champion in the world.

D. Bid for Power: Ki Energy

Ki Energy: Ki is your stamina. Ki is used as ammunition for the Ki attacks. Additionally, Ki can be used to increase power, speed, jumping height, and special attacks by using the boost key. Ki can be charged in order to replenish it at any time by holding down the charge key. Beware, while charging you cannot move or attack, and are highly visible to other players.

Flight: BFP has a toggle able flight button. The default is "F" but it can be set in the controls menu. To begin flying, simply press f once, and once again to stop flying. While flying, you are able to move to wherever you look. The jump key will make you move up, and the crouch key will make you move down. Your Ki drains at a steady rate. At low power levels you will need to limit your flight, while at high power levels you can fly all day. A large speed boost is gained by holding down the boost key.

E. Bid for Power: Power Level

Power level is how strong you are. Power level determines max health, max Ki, movement speed, damage caused by attacks, and what attacks are available. The only way to get more power is to kill someone. When you die (in most game modes), your power level is reset to the average of all current power levels. When the game ends or the server restarts, the power level of the players is reset to the default.

Power Tiers: Power level is divided into tiers. While most power level effects are based on the power level itself, aura color and attacks available is determined by the tier.
  • Tier 1: < 100,000 PL. Blue aura, only one Ki attack available.
  • Tier 2: 100,000 - 250,000 PL. Red aura, two Ki attacks selectable.
  • Tier 3: 250,000 - 500,000 PL. Red aura, three Ki attacks selectable.
  • Tier 4: 500,000 - 999,000 PL. Red aura, four Ki attacks selectable.
  • Ultimate Tier: 1,000,000 PL. Yellow aura, all attacks selectable.
Transformation: At 1 million power level, the transformation happens. The aura color turns yellow, and if the character has a transformation it occurs now: Saiyan characters turn into Super Saiyans. There is no additional benefit of the transformation.

F. Bid for Power: Bonus Maps
  • Capsule Corp: Download not available ( Download down )
  • Cell Dark: Download not available ( Download down )
  • Dojo: Download not available ( Download down )
  • Kami House: Download not available ( Download down )
  • Ruin: Download not available ( Download down )
  • Tenkaichi Boudakia Stadium: Download not available ( Download down )
G. Bid for Power: Bonus Character Models
  • Gohan SSJ 2 Model: Download not available ( Download down )
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Y'know, I think I played this once.

Should this guide not also have a download for the mod?
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Jan 17 2006, 10:16 PM (Post #3)
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I lost all the mods >_<
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