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Character Profile:Lorenthaus Milhaussen

Apr 25 2005, 10:19 AM (Post #1)
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Name: Lorenthaus Milhaussen
Nickname: Loren
Age/DOB: 260(appears mid 20's)/ Aug 6, 1745
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170lbs.
Other: Lorenthaus is a half breed of Grey and Dark elf.
He has azure eyes with short, white, cropped hair. With a wiry, medium build with dark toned skin and a long thin scar on his forearm.
Mental Attributes/Personality: Lorenthaus is a loner who seems to always separate himself from a group. He terse to the point of being rude at times. Mainly he doesn't want any relationships since he'll outlive any friends he makes. He is quick witted and loyal to the small circle he ever does call friend.
Class/Job: Fighter/ N/A
Equipment: Lorenthaus dresses plainly with dark brown pants and a dark green long sleeved Tunic. Long leather boots and a surcoat leather jerkin go over it with elven mail hidden under his clothes. topping it all is a forest green cloak and hood, customized with pockets sewn into the lining. on a wide leather belt cocked to one side on his hips he carries several daggers and two swords. A mythril long sword and short sword. He also keeps a dagger in his boots and several throwing knives in his left arm bracer.
Relatives: Father unknown, Mother, dead with a unknown Half brother still out there somewhere.
History: Lorenthuases mother was taken in a raid on an elven village almost three centuries ago. The the captive and later mistress of a Dark elven soldier. She excaped him after several years but not before she was altready carrying Loren. Settling into a grey Elf village she was made an outcast when Lorenthuas was born bearing signs he was a half breed. The villagers never treated him fairly so he developed a close bond to his mother. When his mother died from sickness she told him his true ancestry. The village urged him to leave and never return by giving him a elven chain mail shirt and his weapons. He left to meet with rangers and learned from them the skills he uses now to find his father and protect the innocent.

Other: Best pic I could find.
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