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Character Profile: Cael Levon Bladewing

Apr 27 2005, 10:24 PM (Post #1)
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Full Character Name: Cael Levon Bladewing
Character Nickname: Dain
Age / Date of Birth: 31 / Unknown
Class / Job: Soldier / Commander
Gender: Male
Relatives: Main family deceased; Only one living relative (Nira)
Height / Weight: 6'2 / 174 lbs
Other Physical Attributes / Appearances: He has dark blue eyes and short dark brown hair. He is the tallest male in the family since Dalkon Bladewing, and has a muscular build like that of Haven.
Mental Attributes / Personality: Cael is one of the only Bladewings who was almost exactly like Haven with his words and actions. A natural born leader, Cael has a dominant personality that makes him an excellent military commander. He has the ability to think ahead of almost anybody else, and can react so quickly in a battle to a new development that his enemies have almost no chance of victory, no matter what the odds are. Cael's mindset earns him respect, but also leaves him with very few friends due to his commanding nature.
Background / History: Born to Dain Bladewing and Naomi Kuriomi. This is the only known combination of Haven and Jacen's bloodlines. Cael's full name was thought up as a compromise between the two families (Cael from Kuriomi, Levon from the Bladewings).

Cael's mother, Naomi, died during childbirth as a result of a genetic defect that could not have been spotted before the delivery. His older brother, Damón, was killed while in London by the AD bombs. This left Cael alone with his father Dain, who owned a substantial number of handed down weapons. Dain trained Cael in every style of martial arts he knew, and also taught him how to fight with three different weapons (including a sword, spear, and axe). Then, while still a teenager, Cael's father was killed by what he deemed to be a mercenary off of his target. At the time, Cael did not know of his father's past (to be explained).

After Dain's death, Cael left home with his favorite sword, the Dragon Arc, and traveled around what remained of the civilized world. He returned home at the age of 21 and joined the militia that defended the western half of Europe from invaders and newly established tyrants. For over ten years, Cael worked his way up through the rankings until he found himself the commander of the Southern Border Battalion.
Equipment / Clothing: Cael always has his favorite blade, the Dragon Arc, within reach of himself. While on a journey, he will carry a short-bow on his back with 20 arrow bolts. Before every battle, he will strap on an armored chest plate and two steel wrist braces. Outside of battle, he wears a constant rotation of blue and black jeans, green and black shirts, and two pairs a black hiking boots.
Other Information: Cael never knew any of his blood relatives beyond his father, but he accidentally stumbled across his only living relative, Nira Maldrin, during his only known stay at his large home in western Germany. When Nira left, Cael gave her one of his father's weapons as a token of appreciation for her visit. This weapon turned out to be the Soul Staff.
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