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Naruto is a classic tale. There is a boy, there is a girl, and there is an anti-hero. The boy in question is an orphan, Uzumaki Naruto, who begins life like any other kid - carefree and crazee. To make up for his seemingly unnoticed life, he tries to be as loud and huge as possible. Especially when the girl is around.

The girl in question is Haruno Sakura. Sakura is very much unimpressed with the loudmouthed Naruto, but instead spends all day dreaming over our anti-hero, Uchiha Sasuke. Sasuke comes from a long line of great ninjas, but is unfortunately only one of the few survivers from his clan.

The story begins with the group as kids, and trainee ninjas. It follows them on their adventures, watching them grow as humans as well as warriors. Over the course of many adventures, they meet new foes, make new friends, and learn new techniques to constantly get stronger.

Over time, as with all relationships, our group of three begin to split apart and become their own people. By the end of Naruto Chuushin, Naruto has become a strong-willed, and strong-handed, ninja force. Sakura has to cope with being on her own and learn how to utilise her great technical knowledge, but lack of battlefield experience, to her advantage. And Sasuke has set off down a dark path of revenge, despair and terrible anger.

Where will things lead to? How will our character cope? The story continues in Naruto Shippuden.


There is so much to gain from Naruto Chuushin. There is a whole new social and geographical world to explore, techniques called 'jutsu' to memorise, and a vast array of characters to meet and fall in love with - from the straight-fighting Rock Lee, a man on a mission to prove there is a place in the world of taijutsu ninjas, the enigmatic Gaara, a being in absolute control of a force of semi-sentient sand, and to the cool-edged Shikamaru, a gifted teenage to whom everything is "troublesome", there is a character here that everyone will relate to.
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