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Chapter 2 - Konohamaru!, Manga Review

Jul 28 2005, 06:34 PM (Post #1)
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Naruto Review Chapter 2 - Konohamaru

General Information:

Pages: 23
Jutsu's Used: Sexy no Jutsu; Kage Bunshin no Jutsu; Harem no Jutsu
Character's Appearing: Uzumaki Naruto; 3rd Hokage/Sandaime (Sarutobi); Konohamaru; Ebisu; Iruka


Right now, a young man is starting a new life to become a Ninja ...

The village of the hidden leaf. Right now a photographer is making the final preparations, ensuring that the young man's thoughts are final. Does he want to have his picture taken looking like that?

The face paint Uzumaki Naruto has donned for his Ninja Registration Book is an apt choice, for combined with his awesome list of hobbies (troublemaking, eating Ramen) the final effect is that Naruto looks like ... a bufoon.

The Hokage is not too pleased when he finally sees it, and demands Naruto replace his 'artistic' photograph with something a bit more becoming a ninja. He tries to explain about honour, but Naruto simply 'doesn't understand stuff like that'.

However, before the debate can get too heated, a small creak at the door interrupts them, followed by a huge shock as a young boy bursts in and demands the old man fights him. Well, when I say huge shock, what I really mean is Naruto staring dumbfounded and the Hokage sighing. "Does it ever end?".

The young man's tutor, Ebisu, races in as the boy, Konohamaru, falls flat on his face like an even bigger buffoon than Naruto. Konohamaru tries to cover up his stupidity by claiming there was a trap, but everyone can see through it. Konohamaru and Naruto square up, each claiming the other is a bigger idiot. Ebisu screams at Naruto to release the lad - he is the grandson of the 3rd Hokage!!

Konohamaru taunts Naruto to punch him now, knowing he wont after his identity has been revealed. His tutor dares not strike him, so why should this punk? Naruto astounds the whole room by smacking Konohamaru square in the head, proclaiming he doesn't give a damn about that stuff either!

Later on, as Naruto is walking home, he senses a not-too-well hidden figure dashing about after him. Following him. He turns around just as Konohamaru pulls up a fence-like cloth to disguise himself. Only his cloth has the grain running horizontally and the fence is vertical. Naruto shouts more abuse at him, as he isn't fooling anyone with his pathetic ninja 'skills'. Konohamaru comes out with a huge grin on his face. "Impressive to see through this. The rumours must be true. I'll let you be my boss!".

In exchange for this glorious offer, Konohamaru demands to be taught the "Sexy no Jutsu" that defeated his grandfather. whether awed or curious, Naruto agrees and begins teaching the technique to his new pupil. Meanwhile, Ebisu is hunting for Konohamaru once again, whilst the 3rd ponders what idiocy Naruto could be teaching his relative.

Naruto is still trying to explain the technique to Konohamaru, but the kid keeps turning into a fat, ugly pig. Naruto screams "more slender, more beautiful!!". Ebisu is still hunting for the young master, secretly willing him to return. "I have taught many future Hokage candidates. I am your number one short cut."

Taking a break from all the training, Naruto and Konohamaru relax on a fallen tree trunk, and discuss why Konohamaru wants to beat his grandfather so badly. He explains how his grampa first called him Konohamaru, after the Leaf (Konoha) village itself, but how no-one sees him for that - all they see is the Hokage's grandson. He wants to beat that old man and stand out for being an individual. Secretly Naruto relates, but he realises that the kid needs more fire right now, and not pity. He taunts him. "The name Hokage isn't something so easy a brat like you could take it ... You'll have to get through me first!."

Iruka is meanwhile busy discussing his own pupils determination with the Hokage. He was worried that Naruto would miss the registration photo shoot. Iruka is also sporting some nasty looking bandages covering most of his face after last chapters encounters.

However, the Hokage reckons Naruto's dream is an impossible one. He explains about how no-one can discuss Naruto's links with the nine-tailed demon fox, or face severe punishment, as it was the 4th Hokage's dying wish that people would see Naruto as a hero. However, no-one sees Naruto that way...

Iruka, do you know? When a person hates and doesn't  aknowledge another's existence ... the eyes they use when looking at him ... are frightenly cold.

At this point Ebisu finally tracks down Konohamaru and his new master. He looks at Naruto with those same eyes just described, utter hatred for the loser that holds the demon fox inside. While Konohamaru protests that he wishes to stay, and Ebisu begins lecturing on what it really takes to be a Hokage, something amazing happens - the kid finally masters Sexy no Jutsu! However, all is lost. The jutsu doesn't work on Ebisu as he is such a "gentleman." However, all is not lost yet - Naruto performs the Kage Bunshin. And whilst Ebisu gloats that he is "not like Mizuki", and Konohamaru gasps in awe at the forbidden technique, something utterly astounding happens - the hundreds of Naruto's transform into hundreds of Sexy no Jutsu's.

Konomaru's eyes gape even wider open. The 3rd Hokage slaps himself with dispair whilst watching the action through his crystal ball. And Ebisu finally submits and knocks himself out with a "pervert's nose bleed."

Naruto: I call that one Harem No Jutsu

The tutor isn't the only one feeling anguish at this moment - the Hokage remarks over how he would probably fall for this stupid technique also, and Konohamaru cries that he cannot even defeat his tutor, never mind the Hokage. Naruto again gives a perfect pep talk, first calling Konohamaru "dummy" and then explaining how he felt lost after all the bad things in his life, but finally found someone (Iruka) that would accept him, but that it was incredibly difficult.

You better prepare yourself ... if you want an incredible name like Hokage that everyone will recognise ... there ain't going to be any short-cuts!!

Konohamaru clicks with what Naruto has been saying, and toughens himself up. "Quit your lecturing ... I'm not going to let you be my boss anymore ... from now on we're rivals."

As the Hokage watched over all this, he reflected with gladness - although the two young kids are far away from the path of a true ninja, their large dreams and acceptance of the difficult journeys ahead filled him with hope for the future generations of ninjas in Konoha.


An introduction to Konohamaru, Naruto's pupil/rival/brotherly figure. This is a boy after Naruto's own heart - filled with huge hopes and dreams for the future, with the determination and drive to carry them through. Unfortunately they both wish the Hokage name, and acceptance as people, so after a little tutoring from the elder ninja, and getting one up on the younger's proper teacher, they part ways as friendly rivals. Which one will become the future Hokage?!
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