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Chapter 3 - Uchiha Sasuke!, Manga Review

Aug 1 2005, 09:26 PM (Post #1)
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Naruto Review Chapter 3 - Uchiha Sasuke

General Information:

Pages: 24
Jutsu's Used: None
Character's Appearing: Uzumaki Naruto; Haruno Sakura; Uchiha Sasuke; Iruka; 3rd Hokage/Sandaime (Sarutobi); Hatake Kakashi



It's early morning, and Naruto is just getting up. He gulps down his breakfast of milk and sandwich, gets dressed and puts on his goggles. Suddenly he spots something out of the corner of his eye - his newly aquired forehead protector.

In school, Naruto is sitting on a bench, forehead protector now proudly placed where his goggles used to be, laughing to himself. The reason for this is soon discovered as a fellow pupil comes over and yells at him. "Only those who have passed are supposed to be here." Naruto retaliates by pointing to his forehead protector - he has passed.

Their little argument is soon broke up as a beautiful young woman walks by - Haruno Sakura. Naruto thinks his luck is up - Sakura wants to sit next to him. However the delusion is shattered as quickly as the fight was - Sakura is shouting at him to move his ass so that she can sit on the other side of him. Naruto glances backwards to spot a familar figure - the most popular guy in his class, and apparantly the figure of Sakura's affection, Uchiha Sasuke!

Naruto has little time to glare as Sakura is soon leaping over him to sit next to Sasuke. Her inner thoughts reveal themself, declaring that she will be the one to steal Sasuke's first kiss. However, Naruto isn't impressed. He's curious as to what Sakura sees in Sasuke. Is it his eyes? Naruto decides to take a closer look, and with ninja speed he is on top of the desk glaring intently into Sasuke's eyes trying to uncover his secret.

However, while most girls are shouting at Sasuke to kick Naruto's ass, the darndest thing happens. A kid in the row forward leans back whilst in deep conversation with his friend, knocks Naruto on the back of the leg, who then falls forward and ... steals Sasuke's first kiss!

Before Naruto has time to recover and explain, Sakura has kicked his ass.

Now beaten and bruised, Naruto is finding it hard to even stay concious whislt his Iruka explains about how the new ninjas are still merely Genin, and have a long way to go before ascending to become Jounin. He then goes on to speak about how the ninjas will now work in 4-man teams - 3 Genin and a Jounin sensei - carrying out tasks and duties for the village. Naruto perks up a bit at this - he might be in a team with Sakura, and away from Sasuke. Sakura herself is determined to be with Sasuke. And Sasuke ... Sasuke is just bemused that he has to work with another two Genins slowing him down.

The sensei begins calling out the teams, explaining that they are trying to balance out the teams in terms of skills and power. He calls out Team 7 - Haruno Sakura, Uzumaki Naruto (to which Naruto begins screaming in glee), and Uchiha Sasuke (to which it is Sakuras turn to scream).

Naruto is enraged - "Iruak sensei!!! Why does an outstanding ninja like me have to be on the same team as that bum?!!! (Sasuke)"

Iruka places his hands on his hips and glares at Naruto for the outburst - Sasuke actually attained the highest scores amongst all 27 graduates, and Naruto the dead last, thus they were paired together to balance out the team.

Sasuka and Naruto begin feuding again, causing Iruka to sigh with annoyance. However, he soon puts his trademark smile back on, and announces they will be meeting their new senseis in the afternoon.

Naruto and Sasuke are seen eating their lunches (far apart of course), and Naruto is still steaming over the situation. However, he has hatched a plan. He sneaks up behind Sasuke, thinking that he will be vulnerable whilst eating, then grabs him and tries to tie him up. However, it is Sasuke who emerges from the lunch bar, leaving Naruto apparantly bound.

It is not time to spy on Sakura eating her lunch, or rather, thinking over her lunch. About Sasuke of course. And how 'above average' the size of her forehead is. Just as she is contemplating how to get it smaller (or just how to get Sasuke) her thoughts are intterupted. Nearby, at a tree, is Sasuke. Standing. Looking. Looking at her.

"No way!!!" she thinks, and then quickly daydreams about Sasuke declaring that he wants to kiss her large forehead. She shakes herself out from this figment of her own imagination, giving up on fairytales, realising Sasuke would never say something like that. However, he approaches her, and declares:

You have such a large, charming forehead. Makes me want to kiss it.

Exactly what she had imagined. Only she's not dreaming this time. It's really happening. Inner Sakura erupts and begins dancing for joy. However, it is soon destroyed.

Haha, that sounds like something Naruto would say.

T_T. However, all is not lost. Sasuke does indeed sit next to her, and declares he has something to ask her. He wonders what she thinks about Naruto. Sakura explains how he always gets in the way of her love, enjoys seeing her struggling, doesn't understand anything about her ... all she wants is for Sasuke to acknowledge her. She says she would do anything for that, and then, sensing Sasuke isn't edging away, leans in to kiss him.

(inner voice) I feel like I finally understand why I like her

Alas, this is not Sasuke's inner feelings coming to the surface. We are taken back to the lunch bar, where it appears Naruto succeeded in trapping Sasuke, and transformed into a clone of him. Not bad for a kid who couldn't even perform that type of techinque for his qualifying exam not long ago.

Not far away, more tragedy is erupting - Naruto (still looking like Sasuke) has just contracted diarrhea as Sakura leans in for their penultimate oral embrace. He runs away clutching his stomach, however as it's "Sasuke" Sakura is not put off. "He is so shy .. He must not be ready yet."

Over at the lavotary, Naruto is reminiscing over how close he came - to both a kiss and losing his transformation through the stomach ache. He's also annoyed that instead of testing Sakura's feelings for him, he just made Sasuke look even cooler. However, he has yet again hatched an excellent plot to get what he wants.

Sakura still hasn't eaten her lunch. "Sasuke" is back, and she is on her feet in anticipation.

Oh!! Sasuke-kun, you're so shy. Are you ready now? I sure am!!!

However it seems this is the real Sasuke. He seems to have no idea what Sakura is talking about, and ignores her declaring it is time to go back to the school. However Sakura giggles at him, telling him not to change the subject when he asks about Naruto's whereabouts. "All he does is fight with you ... Well he hasn't had a normal childhood." This causes Sasuke to stop dead and glare at her with disgusted interest. "He doesn't have any parents ... He can do whatever he wants ... If I acted like him my parents would get so mad at me ... He's so lucky all alone, parents never getting on his case."

Sasuke speaks up.

All alone ... the sadness of having a parent yell at you is nowhere near what he feels. You're .... annoying.

Sakura looks like death. It appears her loving Sasuke has just turned ice cold over this subject. Perhaps she has touched on some raw nerve? Irregardless, any ground she gained with Sasuke, or "Sasuke", is now lost.

Back in the bog, Naruto has finally cleared his system out, and rushes out into the lobby to get back to Sakura asap. However, he runs right into Sasuke. "What are you doing here?!!"

Ninjas can untie ropes ... remember that, dead last.

Sakura is still back at the bench, lunch still not ate, pondering todays events. Could this emptiness, this patheticness, be what Naruto feels when she completely puts him down? She promises to try to be nicer in future.

The Hokage and Naruto's new sensei are back at his house, noting that his milk went bad days ago. Hokage notes that he is indeed a moron, but that the sensei has a good nose for those types. The new sensei is none other than Hatake Kakashi, who muses on how troublesome this could be. However, the Hokage consoles him:

Plus, your team will also have Sasuke of THAT Uchiha clan. Good luck.


Another introduction chapter, however this one doubles up as progressing the back story of Naruto's early ninja career, as well as introducing not only Sasuke but also Sakura, and giving the layout to this twisted love triangle. We also get to see how much Naruto has already mastered the Henge no Jutus, however we never actually see him use it. And interesting chapter developing the characters further and laying the bases for the future storyline. It's a bit weird that Kakashi and the Hokage just go into Naruto's home unannounced, but I suppose he is the village ruler and someone has to look after the kid now that Iruka is stepping down as his sensei.
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