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Character Profile: Leumas, One of the D-3

Aug 4 2005, 05:30 PM (Post #1)
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Full Character Name:Leumas Eulb

Character Nickname:
Leu, Leumas

Age / Date of Birth [If Known]:
June 23, 1845

Class / Job:


Relatives: Two brothers. Legacyi and Dequil Eulb

Height: 6'4

Weight: 190 pounds.

Other Physical Attributes / Appearances:
Eye description: The sclera is sky black, the iris is navy blue, and the pupil is a electric blue. He covers his eyes with dark circular lensed glasses. His hair is down to his shoulder blades, it is usually worn tied back.

Mental Attributes / Personality:
He is cool under pressure, and in general. Able to think on his feet. He is witty and thoughtful like his brothers. Leumas always thinks of others before himself. Never known to panic, get clouded by his own anger. He tries to keep his problems to himself.

Background / History: He was born two years before the other two. His parents were known for there abilities in magic. The mother had the ability of foresight and the father was master musician and magician. When the mother foresaw the future of there death and the ability of three in the far off future. The parents took it upon themselves to make sure that the three lived long enough to fufill there destinies. They took the blood of a phenoix and other random, but important, ingredents to create a formula to keep the three alive no matter what the circumstances. It was then that the parents were outcast by there town, they were on the run for, what seemed to be, years. Leumas, being the oldest of the three was, sepreated after 5 years of running. The other two stayed with the parents because of there age.

Equipment / Clothing: Leumas has a black coat that is down to his ankles. A Black sleavless shirt, and a pair of navy blue cut-off jeans. A pair of black slip on sneakers. A Black Minnetonka fold-up hat, a pair of circular lensed glasses. Leumas weilds a cane that has a Serpentine dragon for a handle and the bottom has what look to be like a mix of Celtic and Egyption runes on the bottom.

Other Information: The clothing he wears he made and can remade by him. The clothing, is in fact, enchanted. They are made so they are able to keep him warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot. The cane works as a wand and a sword. He is able to open portals to other worlds and universes. he has a special attack that called leumas' arsenal. Not many people have seen and lived to tell the tale.

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