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Chapter 4 - Hatake Kakashi!, Manga Review

Aug 18 2005, 10:33 PM (Post #1)
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Naruto Review Chapter 4 - Hatake Kakashi

General Information:

Pages: 19
Jutsu's Used: None
Character's Appearing: Uzumaki Naruto; Haruno Sakura; Uchiha Sasuke;


Why is the sensei of our team, #7, ... so damn late?!!

The setting is right where we left off last time. After the mishaps of lunchtime, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are back in the class, awaiting their new sensei. However, he is running very late. All the other teams have already been introduced to their new leaders and set off. Even Iruka seems to have left Team #7 on their own to await their new teacher.

Naruto decides to teach the new guy a lesson. He grabs a dusty board-wiper, and places it on top of the slighty ajar door - the oldest trick in the book. Sakura acts all shocked, but inside she is really loving this mischief. Sasuke is unimpressed -

Like a Jounin (advanced ninja) is going to fall for such a simple booby trap.

However, the door opens, and in walks the new sensei, rewarded with a head full of chalk. Naruto bursts out laughing at him. Sakura apologises profusely but is secretly loving every minute of it. Sasuke is scornful, doubting that this is really a Jounin. Kakashi simply states that his first impression is less than glamorous - he doesn't like these guys!

So, off to a bad start, Kakashi takes the kids outside to get introduced formally. He explains his name is Hatake Kakashi, he doesn't want to share his likes and dislikes, and as for the future .. well .. he has a lot of hobbies!

Unimpressed at only learning his name, the guys reluctantly share their info - Naruto likes cup ramen, but dislikes waiting 3 minutes on it to cook. He dreams to surpass Hokage and then have all the people in the village acknowledge his existance! Kakashi was a bit depressed at him just going on about ramen, but his enthusiasm for his goal impressed the sensei. However Narutos idea of a hobby doesn't - pranks.

Uchicha Sasuke goes next. Sitting defensively, hands clasped in front of his face, he explains that he dislikes a lot of things and doesn't really like anything. He doesn't have a "dream" per se, but he has an ambition - to ressurect his clan, and to kill a certain man. Sakura is shockingly impressed. Naruto just hopes he doesn't mean him. And Kakashi was expecting that response.

Sakura goes last. She stumbles over both her likes (Sasuke) and dreams for the future (Sasuke) but has no problem mentioning her dislike of Naruto! She begins to detail her hobbies, but Kakashi is already bored. He exclaims that that is enough of that, and that the team will begin their duties promptly tomorow morning!

Naruto jumps up at this, excitably anticipating what the duties could entail. Kakashi explains the first duty will involve all four of them - survival training.

Naruto is in quiet awe. Sasuke is slightly aggrovated. Sakura comes right out and asks why they need more training after just graduating the academy. Kakashi explains that he will be the opponent, and that it will be no ordinary training. He lets the suspense build. He begins laughing to himself. Sakura asks what's so funny, and he says they are going to flip when he finally tells him, which, after a little bit more prompting, he does - out of the 27 graduates, only 9 will ascend to Genin level. The rest will go back to the academy. That means that the exam they will face has a super failure rate of over two thirds! Naruto is appalled, Sakura is annoyed, and Sasuke is still calmly irritated. Kakashi laughs again, as Naruto blows his top exclaiming "What was the point in graduating!"

Kakashi cuts the introductions short - "tomorow you will be graded on the battlefield. Bring all your weapons, and skip breakfast. You'll just throw it back up again."

Naruto mutters to himself - he can't fail. He has to kick Kakashi sensei's ass. Seriously.

He hands them out a notepad of tomorows details. Sakura is worried of failing in front of Sasuke. Sasuke says nothing. Naruto curses that the paper is written in kanji.

That night, Naruto dreamt of the various ways he could beat up Kakashi.

The next day - again Kakashi is late! He sets an alarm clock for noon, then explains the task is for the team to take two bells from him before that time. He says that those who cannot get a bell will be tied to a tree stump, miss lunch, and have the others eat right in front of them. The team realise that is why he told them not to eat breakfast!

Kakashi re-inforces that there is only two bells and three people, so someone will have to miss lunch. Not only that, failure will mean being sent back to the academy! The team tenses up. Kakashi tells them to use all their weapons - they will not win without coming at him with the intent to kill.

Sakura is apalled - Kakashi will be in danger! Naruto is cocky - he couldn't even dodge a black-board eraser.

Kakashi calmly explains that in the real world, those who have no talent tend to bark the loudest. "Well ignore Mr Dead Last...."

At being reminded of his embarassing score, Naruto flips - he deftly grips his shuriken and aims it at his new tutor. However, with the skill of a true Jounin, Kakashi has already locked Naruto's hand behind his head with his own weapon aimed at his own neck.

Slow down ... I haven't said 'start' yet.

Sakura is amazed that she couldn't even see his movements. Sasuke smirks, glad that the Jounin has finally shown himself.

Well it seems like you're prepared to come at me with the intent to kill. So, you've finally acknowledged me? Hehehe, well it seems like ... I'm beginning to ... like you guys.


It seems the introductions are finally over. We now have our base group of three characters, our leader, and a mission - to grab the bells, get lunch, and escape going back to the academy.

Kakashi proves himself as not only a fine teachers and a bit of a comedian, but also aptly skilled and swift to act. The look on Naruto's face when he has him cornered is not one of shock or fear - it's a look of respect.

The race is on to get those bells!
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Aug 19 2005, 12:05 AM (Post #2)
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Nice nice ssmile.gif Looks like you got the format right. Good extensive content too.
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Aug 19 2005, 04:15 PM (Post #3)
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Thank you. Hopefully I'll get Chapter 5 done straight after the Z Saga's LOE, and then back to doing one a week ssmile.gif
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