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The [Anime] and [Manga] forum rules.

Sep 4 2005, 02:50 AM (Post #1)
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Well technically it is only one rule.

In order to keep everything organised and sensible, it is required that you include one of the following three tags in your 'Topic Description':

[Anime] - This denotes that the topic is based SOLELY on Anime.
[Manga] - This denotes that the topic is based SOLELY on Manga.
[AM] - This denotes that the topic is based on both Anime and Manga.

Essentially this is to ensure that those people who read the Manga of a series don't give away any spoilers for those who read the Anime of a series. It is also a quick way to generate an idea of how much the ratio of Manga chat compares to that of Anime chat.

Thank you.

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Sep 4 2005, 04:08 AM (Post #2)
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That's a good rule to add, GJ.
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