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Mr Jack Series

Sep 4 2005, 10:55 PM (Post #1)
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Seeing as it's five images long I thought it deserved it's own topic.

Rate, Berate, or Masturbate.


1 Was basically a delve into blending techniques. I accidently managed to overlay the fire onto the pumpkin. Getting the right blend of brown and black was a jinghao, as was finding decent text (but isn't that always the case?)

2 .. I like blue stongue.gif simple as that. It was hard as hell to get the background 'squiggles' correct but I think I succeeded. No thought went into the text at all.

3 Again, blending techniques and text play.

4 Originally the text blended so well with the background. In fact too well, as it became unnoticeable. I then decided to try to attempt some choppy background brightening to make it apparent. Meh, it was a rescue mission stongue.gif

5 Following on from the basicness of the above image and the blending and texting I'd been working on, I simply found a decent pumpkin image, found a nice colour, blending it around it, and found some nice text.


If anyone is interested in seeing the original pictures I used just say and I'll upload them also. Don't want to waste 15-20 minutes (crap connection) uploading if no-one is interested.
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