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Sep 19 2005, 08:09 PM (Post #1)
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After the Mr Jack series ( my hunger for making new graphics has been re-awoken stongue.gif now I haven't made anything in ages but over the next week or two I aim to create a whole bunch of images based on and around the punk-metal band Amen.

Here is my first attempt. I just basically tried to make this image .. :

Attached File  AmenLive1200_L.jpg ( 10.61k ) Number of downloads: 460

.. look a bit different, whilst still drawing attention towards the blood. I tried also to make the borded and text really bland so as to keep the attention on the blood. Here is the finished product:

Attached File  amen.jpg ( 12.05k ) Number of downloads: 494


For this one I just messed with the first image a little. Don't know what I was trying to do, just testing out different techniques. I'm not really happy with the border at all, but it seemed to suit better than anything else.


Attached File  Price_Of_Reality_Video_2.jpg ( 21.52k ) Number of downloads: 494


Attached File  casey.JPG ( 27.18k ) Number of downloads: 490


For this one I was going to go with some sort of 'god loves Amen' thing, with the light shining down on Casey. But then I added some blur and change it to be more of a 'god trying to melt Casey' thing. Hope you like it.


Attached File  2312101_l.jpg ( 7.33k ) Number of downloads: 436


Attached File  water.PNG ( 99.75k ) Number of downloads: 550


Feel free to comment negatively or positively (or neutrally).

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