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Sep 19 2005, 09:43 PM (Post #1)
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Well as I am getting back into making GFX, I thought I outta collect a bunch of images and stuff I've worked on. is a collection of halloweeny type things I made for Mr Jack. is all the banners etc I've created or designed. The ones I have created begin "gj_". The rest other people physically made for me but I gave them a design.

Enjoy. This isn't all I've ever done, but a lot of it got lost through various PC clearances and virus attacks FROWN.GIF

PS. Please comment.
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Oct 1 2005, 12:42 AM (Post #2)
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Overall, from what I can tell after viewing a good portion of the graphics in the second available link, your images are descent -- better than some I've seen.


[1] Some of them are too plain. They either lack any outside sources, such as other images or text, to fill in the negative space that hangs about. If you prefer not to have your images balanced all the time, I still recommend eliminating negative space because it leaves the image with an awkward feeling. Either crop space away or fill it with other things. There are cases where negative space is attractive, but it is on very rare occasions.

[2] A good amount of your images have something that is clashing -- be it the colors, the amount of text, the font of text, the versions of images, or the amount of images. I mostly noticed a lot of colors clashing though, especially when it came to text being applied to a banner. And it is a good idea to manipulate pictures so you can have different views on them. An example is fire doesn't have to be the common color.. Why not make it blue? Green? Or a color no one expects, like pink? Images shouldn't always be just blurred, phased out, faded, or whatever else is available. Experiment! It's always something enjoyable to do! Same goes for text. Just because you prefer to stick with Arial or Times New Roman doesn't mean it will make that (for example) picture of Lola Bunny winking at you look any sexier. For an image like that, I would use some form of cursive or script.

[3] Be careful not to stick with obvious choices in images for what you want. If your client, as an example, wants a devious banner, you're already leaning towards something evil aren't you? Something with a demon or the devil? Stop that! Try picking something you wouldn't think is devious until you manipulate it, like a harmless kitten playing with a ball. Later, you could change that kitten's fur to red, manipulate the tail into a devil's point, add horns with maybe a halo hanging off one, pencil in fangs, and change the ball into a skull. You can find the best works in the most unimaginable places -- trust me.

Don't get me wrong, your images are superb for someone as skilled as you. I'm just providing a few hints and pieces of advice for improving it beyond the common standards.

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