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Dragonball Z Manga - Chapters 065 - 070, Previews

Jan 12 2006, 08:38 PM (Post #1)
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Chapter 65 - The Sixth Dragonball

With Freeza and his men without scouters, the field is wide open for Vegeta and his new ki-sensing abilities to track down the sixth Dragonball. Knowing that Freeza can't track him now, Vegeta now has no fear of letting loose his power and destroying the entire village! Depsite this evil alien threat, the Namekians remain strong and refuse to reveal the Dragonball's location. However, while discussing life on Namek with Dende, the Earthlings have their conversation cut short by the sensing of sudden deaths nearby.

Chapter 66 - The Last Dragonball

Despite their tough last stand, Vegeta has no trouble in disposing of the Namekians and finding their Dragonball. Realising that everyone will assume he took the Dragonball, Vegeta cunningly decides to hide it in a nearby lake. With Dodoria assumed missing, Freeza sends Zarbon and Appule out to hunt for the remaining villages, and Dragonballs, before making off back to his ship with their current five. With hope dwindling, Dende tells the Earthlings about the location of the last Dragonball - with the 'Great Elder'. Finally, Goku's training is going well, but with less than a week until he arrives, the Saiyan warrior could really do with a boost to keep him going, and King Kai may just have the very answer.

Chapter 67 - The Four Dead Heroes

Yamcha, Tien, Piccolo, and even Chaozu, his body re-assembled by Kami, have arrived at King Kai's place for a bout of other-worldly training! After the sharing of news from both sides of the living and dead, King Kai unfortunately has to break the high spirits of the group - he warns Goku that Freeza is vastly more poweful than anyone in the universe, and advises the Saiyan to escape from Namek as soon as possible. Despite hearing these grave words, Piccolo and Tien persuade Goku to keep training hard and revive them - together, surely the three of them can handle anything? Meanwhile, back on Namek, Vegeta has sensed Krillin and Dende heading to the Great Elder's place! Will they escape another confrontation with the dreaded Saiyan menace?

Chapter 68 - Vegeta vs. Zarbon

In a stroke of luck, Vegeta gets interrupted in his pursuit of Krillin and Dende by Zarbon. Lucky for Zarbon, as he was hunting for Vegeta to defeat the menace once and for all. Lucky for Vegeta, as he was thinking the very same thing. And lucky for our heroes, as they would have stood no chance in a battle with either of these demons. With Zarbon hitting hard and Vegeta surprising his nemesis by simply slapping the attacks away, it's time for Zarbon to reveal a little secret of his own. Could this be the end of Vegeta? Or Zarbon?

Chapter 69 - Zarbon's True Power

Zarbon shows Vegeta the ace up his sleeve - he can transform like a Saiyan. Only, he doesn't have to wait on a full moon. And he keeps all control of his much more powerful, and hideously ugly, new form! With this increase in speed and strength, Freeza's henceman wastes no time in beating Vegeta to a pulp. Leaving the arrogant 'monkey' for dead in a pool of water, Zarbon mutates back into his more beautiful self, and races off to report the good news to Freeza. Is this the end for the once-feared Saiyan Prince?

Chapter 70 - The Great Elder's House

After his battle with Vegeta, Zarbon expect Freeza to be ecstatic. But instead, the 'most powerful being in the universe' is enraged at Zarbon for not confirming Vegeta's death. To add salt to his wounds, Appule shows up back at H.Q. to report that he found a village - destroy and void of Dragonballs thanks to Vegeta! Left with no other alternative, Freeza reports that his 'Ginyu Special Force Team' will be arriving to aid the team in around five days - at the same time as Goku! Even without these recent set-backs, Freeza fears the rise of a 'Super Saiyan', and orders Zarbon out to ensure that Vegeta has died. Having used these distractions to make their get-away, Krillian and Dende arrive at the Great Elder's house, and they discover that a few surprises are awaiting them.
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