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Great Wall of Quotes, Reconstruction

Jan 13 2006, 09:27 PM (Post #1)
Masked Insanity
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"I pretend to be a female online all the time. It's actually kinda fun, gives you a new perspective on things. sbiggrin.gif" - HoLy ChAoS

"Yes I know gohan, we both are chasing GRAND, and we both will catch him, but only if we catch him on a bad day, lol. As of this post, I have 100 posts" - Odd/Haven

"People better start postin' here before I have to unleash my army of undead mutant ninja clowns!" - Adam

"lol... football = gay... men grunting and bouncing their fat tubs of lard around and getting drunk over a gay game that makes no sense... right." - Xeno

"Sorry, but we can't all be like me.." - HoLy ChAoS

"Xblade. Good for u man, u make urself internet rich, Im gonna do something with my life. Oh, and I too feel uncomfortable with u as an admin. I mean, fined me 10k zeny for speaking my mind. D@mn dude is worse than Saddam Hussein ^_^" - Leviat

"I am better than god. Hell, who am I kidding? god is my apprentice. sbiggrin.gif" - Xblade

"Is this XBlade the one that's gonna become Co-Owner? Joy bigeyes.gif" - Garlic Junior

"im sorry i havent said hello...HELLO im Hojo, king of crap and master of everything affiliated with nothing ^__^;;" - Hojo

"Dont take advice from a poor guy **looks at sprax**" - Antonyc5000

"Pope iz cool...Newbies aren't stongue.gif" - Wolf

"Please take our words into consideration and just utilize an extra 1/6th of a second and do as well as you can." - Jinghao

"I think it is good to explore one's sexuality, so don't knock down the people of the forum just cuz we're all horny."- Xeno

"Virgin here, gonna stay that way till I.....get laid." - Leviat

"Who WOULDN'T let a cute little bunny win?" - Duke
"................................the Grim Reaper maybe? o_o *smacks you*" - Odd/Haven
"The grim reaper can't kill the bunny. I wont let it. *Jumps in and starts punching the reaper in the face!!!*" - Keeserat

"she was all like ZOOM and i was like SMEEVE, and then she was like WHOOSH and then i was like SPANG." - Raven

"weasels are tasty." - iHoly Cow!�

"Post in those debate topics i start. Post news articles XD" - alblurt06
"Aha! I heard a voice, and it told me to post in debate topics and news articles! But from where did it come?" - Pirate of Arabia
"The master of debate posting." - alblurt06
"It couldn't have come from the master of debate! That's ME! Maybe it was from that leaf?" - Pirate of Arabia

"Is Duke there?" - Odd
"No, he left...he went to a girl's house." - lilhurt
"O_O Duke...a girl's house?? *does not compute*" - Odd

"You backtalkin me? On your knees ...biatch!" - Nesticles
"Don't let the pretty face distract you from my real power. ^^ devil.gif ^^" - Tsuya
"Oh...I see... you're one of those dominatrix girls....Screw that...." - Nesticles

"A relationship with a girl isn't metaphorical, except in Grand's case." - Pirate of Arabia

"No, girls don't fight. They scream and claw. And hurl pwnage insults." - alblurt06

"What pride?" - Jinghao
"*Kicks Grand in the privates* The pride I just stole from you." - Nesticles
"I had no pride for you to steal. I had no privates for you to kick. Everything's public, instead. I don't keep anything in the dark. stongue.gif" - Jinghao
"Jinghao, you need to keep your privates private. Exposing them in public is against the law." - Pirate of Arabia

"I'm not a nasty girl! >.< I'm an innocent girl...bigeyes.gif...just look at my sig banner...pure innocence. ^.^" - Tsuya

"Anyway, everyone loves a revolutionary. Just look at how idolised Robin Hood is!" - Garlic
"Revolutionaries are run over by tanks in China." stongue.gif - Jinghao
"And that's why there isn't a Chinese Robin Hood." ssmile.gif - Pirate of Arabia


--Currently, there is no 'serious' quote section, so I'm going to need everyone's help to make one. Stay on the lookout for good quotes (funny OR serious) and post them here. Don't make one up on the spot either. stongue.gif
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Aug 5 2008, 01:56 AM (Post #16)
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o.o I distinctly remember being on here at a point. Must have been a different quote thread? Ah well, it's pretty inconsequential at this point.
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