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Character Profile: Rufas

Jan 14 2006, 07:52 PM (Post #1)
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Full Character Name (s): Current full name is Rufas. He changed his entire name after his 'incident' several centuries ago. Original name was Peter.

Character Nickname (s): Only goes by Rufas, nothing more.

Age / Date of Birth: Born in the year 1 B.C. Rufas was killed 3 days before Christ's crucifixtion. He was lived between heaven and Earth ever since, making his age 2001 years old.

Class / Job: Rufas fights for peoples who ask him too, or will sometimes go off in search of his own fights for justice.

Gender: Male

Relatives: All his relatives were killed a long time ago, so no existing ones survive today, but he can occasionally visit some of his relatives in heaven.

Height / Weight: Rufas is 6 feet and 2 inches weighing in at 187 pounds.

Other Physical Attributes/Appearances: Rufas is built athletically. He is skinny, but he has a muscular tone throughout his body to balance out speed and strength. His platinum silver hair stops just short of his neck, and is cut short to fit his head. His eyes are glossed over white, with a sharp blood red pupil. His skin is a regular flesh tone all around, with the exception of his torture scars, which are ghost white.

Mental Attributes / Personality: Mentally, Rufas is an incredibly just person. It might have been the fact that he is exposed to heavenly influence being an angel, but he has a clear cut mentality of what is right and wrong. His intelligence is quite high, but he doesn't know everything. Rufas's personality is very calm and sedated. He always will take time to think through a situtation, if there is time. If he has no time however, he will react on his instincts, and do whatever it takes to solve that situation. Socially in public he is very outgoing and open to other's who are open in return.

Rufas, whom when he was born was named Peter by his fath Bartholomew and his mother Gabriella. His mother unfortunately died when she gave birth to him, leaving Peter to grow up under the influence of his father and no siblings. Living in a small town away from Jerusalem and Bethlehem, the two large towns, he grew up a diligent boy who always kept to his studies and always followed the rules and laws set down by his father.

Many years later, when Peter was reaching the age of 30, Word soon began to spread through many of the small villages of a 'prophet,' and the acclaimed son god. The rumors were he was a healer and that he had come to spread of the word of the Father. Peter was interested to see who this man could be, so he traveled to another village, and witnessed the prophet heal a blind man. Peter was immediately taken with this man's ability, and he began to follow him, swearing an oath of loyalty to him as his apostle. Peter remained true to his oath under the man, whom he found out is named Jesus Christ, and travelled far with him helping him spread the word to the people. Soon though, the Roman empire intervened, and felt that Jesus of Galeli was becoming a nuisance to the empire. They began to hunt him down and his apostles, torturing information out of his followers to find out what he was doing and where he was. Unfortunately Peter was found first, and he was tortured to reveal information. They whipped his entire body, covering all of his arms, his legs, and his back and chest with scars and lashes. When Peter refused to reveal information, the beat him to death, and Peter died thinking of the Father whom he would be a part of now.

When Peter arrived at the Gates of Heaven, he was greeted by St. Peter, who viewed over his life, and allowed him into heaven. When Peter entered, he felt his wings appear, and his tattered clothes were replaced with a cloth that wrapped around him and covered him. His bloody whip marks were magically cleaned, and they were healed, leaving scars behind him. He began to wander heaven, his new life ahead of him for eternity.

The year 1095 came about, with a great tumult being caused in heaven. There was talk of holy crusades being waged. The English, French and Italian were fighting in the name of god, unleashing ravaging attacks upon the Jews, Turks and Arabic people. Peter, who 300 years ago had taken the new name Rufas, requested to go and fight as "god's Warrior." His request was granted, and he donned a set of holy armor, blessed in holy water. It was black, lined in silver, with a large white crucifix emblazoned across the chest. Rufas flew down from the gates of heaven, and silenty boarded a ship departing for Jerusalem. Apparently this crusade was drawing towards a close, and this was one of the last set of ships departing. Rufas readied himself for whatever laid ahead. When the ship neared Jerusalem 5 days later, he stood up and looked over the battlefield. It was hell in a word. Fires swept the horizon, and the sounds of sword on sword combat reached Rufas' ears from here. The ship rocked back and forth, and stopped suddenly as it hit shore. rufas was jerked forward, and he charged with the other men, screaming "In the name of god!" as he jumped over the ship onto the ground, and ran onto the beach. They were met with an army, and Rufas unsheathed his sword, attacking men as he went. He moved from left to right, stabbing and slashing his enemies, cutting them down. For hours and hours the battle wore on, until the Crusaders were called back, and they regrouped, and made camp on the beach. The next day, they unleashed another assault, backed up by the last armada which had arrived overnight. Rufas moved in again, and they army cut their way through, slaughtering the Arabs and Jews around them. But soon, the tides turned, as the enemy number grew, and the numbers of Crusaders began to decline. Soon they were overrun, and were forced back to the ships. They retreated in full, pulling out of Jerusalem, and beginning their dismal sail back to England. Coming home in shame, they had to report to their King only a loss, for which he was angry. Rufas silently dissapeared, and flew back into Heaven, having enough of war, and keeping the holy armor by the Lord's permissions. It would be another millenia before another event came about.

1000 more years had passed, and it was now the 21st century. Rufas was a warrior among the angels, and he walked proudly in heaven, helping people if they needed it on earth. Soon his eye turned towards the different amount of supernatural activity that was happening. He became curious, and again requested permission to take leave of heaven and travel around on Earth. His request was granted once again, and so he left, leaving for Earth. When he arrived, he began to slowly make his way around the different training schools around the planet, absorbing all the fighting knowledge he could. Soon he formed it into one style, and named it Arch-Martial Fighting. He is now a simple wanderer, seeking peace and justice across the planet.

Equipment/Clothing Rufas is donned in the holy armor. The armor is all black, and each armor piece is lined silver. Emblazoned across the chest is a large silver crucifix that allows him to. The armor has a white cape that extends from over the shoulders down to the back of the knees. There are two slots in the armor, from which these slots can extend his two wings. Equipped with the armor is a sleek sword, shaped in the style of a katana. It extends 3 feet from blade to handle, and the blade itself is 2 feet and 7 inches. It is made out of metal that cannot be melted and cannot be broken.

Other Information: Rufas will oftentimes be found in churches, speaking to god through prayer to tell him about the life and times on Earth.
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Jan 15 2006, 04:58 AM (Post #2)
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Other Information: (Not Required, but recommended)

o_o Good job
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Jan 17 2006, 03:08 PM (Post #3)
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Total / Final Grade: 97/100 points
--I felt robbed on the name and class. If you could give us his previous name, it should have been a full name. The class should have been along the lines of 'angel'....and add on a few typos and you lose just three points overall. Good job.
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Jan 17 2006, 10:31 PM (Post #4)
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Funny how consistent our two grades normally are, lol
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