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DVD - Garage Days, 7/10 - 2002

Jan 17 2006, 09:35 PM (Post #1)
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Name - Garage Days
Starring - Kick Gurry, Maya Stange, Brett Stiller
Running Time - 105 mins
Rating - 15
Year - 2002
Official Website -
Script - .HTML


I am usually a huge fan of 'cult' flicks, particularly those from around the mid-90s. So it cames as a shock to me to discover that this film was actually released in the 21st century. The feel of the movie, from the quirky camera, the natural dialogue, and the interesting and enigmatic characters, harks back to my 'golden year' of films, 1994. It fits easily among PCU, The Crow and Hackers, all films connected by a script unloved by the mainstream, dialogure criticised by all, but (most importantly) characters you can really relate to and want to find out more about.

It is these characters that make a film, and Garage Days packs in plenty. From Kevin, the old rocker trying to re-live his glory days through his son's band, to Lucy, the well-meaning, drug-dabbling drummer, this movie dips you into each characters life with nothing known about their past, and takes you back out again begging to know more. While this may be a tried and tested 'cult' move, this movie tries something different - it actually shows you what happens after the band get their 'big break'. And if you think I just spoiled the whole ending for you, prepare youself - you are in for a lot of surprises with this film.

Garage Days sets itself apart from other 'cult' films such as director Alex Proyas' great "The Crow". The movie is well lit and coloured, the settings are open and bright, the camera is jerky and naturally fun, the dialogue is natural and witty, and the characters are truly likeable. Asides from the main appeal of teenage band-dom and "Fun With Drugs", Garage Days has a lot more to offer the viewer - it touches on serious subjects in a realistic manner for its audience - monogamy, masturbation, mental break downs, being drugged, taking responsibility for your life and drawing the line between dreams and reality.

Having said all this, there is a lot of bad points about this film - the dialogue is sometimes too natural and doesn't really say anything, the group progress through a series of bad choices with no reprocussions, and some of the characters (Bruno, Kevin) are in such a contrast to the smartness of the film that you wonder how they survived past puberty. Albeit, they are the oldest characters in the movie, so perhaps an underlying tale here is to not follow in the footsteps or you may grow up to be them?

Irregardless, the film has tonnes of originality to keep it floating on top of an overfilling genre - teen comedy - and even touching the borders of its little pigeonhole and, given more weight to the dialogue and the fall-out from the choices made wrong, could have broken through to a more mainstream audience. As it is, it snuggles nice and neatly into my 'cult' collection.

Rating - 7/10
Final Thoughts - If you appreciate compelling characters and are looking for something different from a 'teen comedy' movie, then this is definitely a film you will want to watch. The stoners will laugh at the "Fun With Drugs" scenes, the adults will care for Joe and Kate profoundly, the teenagers will find some real advice and lessons within the fun surroundings, and all will enjoy. Although perhaps only the once.

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