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Character Profile: Jacen Kuriomi, Re-Revamped

Feb 4 2006, 07:44 PM (Post #1)
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O33 RPG Profile

Full Character Name (s): Jacen Dacony Kuriomi

Character Nickname (s): Butcher of the Sea

Age / Date of Birth [If Known]: Age is unknown; Few know he was born 12 years before the Orcs takeover of Rahn

Class / Job: Fisherman / Ex-Mercenary

Gender: Male

Relatives: All are deceased; All died during takeover of Rahn

Height / Weight: 6'2" / 187 lbs.

Other Physical Qualities / Appearances: Jacen has crimson red hair, usually kept short but as of late- he has let it grown long and down to his shoulder. His face, while smooth and handsome, has no left eye- and keeps an eyepatch over it. A continuous scar strolls down, going from the bottom of his left eye socket to his lip. His chest too, has a scar with a large X upon it. Usually wears a black cloak, black boots, and whatever it is underneath- is all dependant on what he has.

Mental Qualities / Personality: Jacen is quiet and reserved, but resourceful and bright. Seeing the world as many times as he had has given him much wisdom and restraint of rash actions. He's full of fire however, all dedicated to whatever his cause is of the time. He's a man of passion and power, and isn't afraid to put forth each to the aforementioned goals. Despite all that, he has no control over fury or rage that comes over him when loved ones are slaughtered- a rememberance of the past perhaps?

Background / History: It was the year 1360. Emperor Clement the III had decided to takeover the territories of the East and would do anything to do so. However, Emperor Jaktor had ruled over Rahn- and was eager to protect his borders. He was the King of the Shadowkahns, rulers of their colonies and all lesser peoples. He had witnessed the world from the beginning, and even before that in the Shadowlands. He, along with his father, were one of the oldest sentinent beings in the world at the time.

But that all changed. Clement had allied with the Barbaric Orcs of the reaches of the world and formed an army of epic porportions. Through with dealings unknown, he managed to create a machine that no others could comprehend. He stripped the Shadowkahns of their immortality, leaving them vulnrable to the power of this Machine; The Danse Macabre, or otherwise known- the Dance of the Dead.

For 20 years, a war raged on between the Shadowkahns and their allies to the Orcs, losing men by the thousands. In the year 1380, Lord Jaktor of the Shadowkahn was slain in battle during an attack on the Shadowkahn Capital. All of it's inhabitants were slaughtered, on the Day of Death.

Except for one; Jacen himself. He was a refugee taken by a Warlock; Lord Freuger of the Sanguine Terror had travelled to the Kingdom of the Elves, as both were few in their numbers. Jacen was only 32 years old; barely a fledging by all means. He lived with the Elves until he was around 80; still young for his people.

After the death of Freuger, Jacen returned to Rahn to find renmants of his people. What he saw was the carnage of what the orcs had left. There were only encampments of Orcs left; rubble and destruction left. And on that night, Jacen slay 312 Orcs by whatever means nessecary. He left Rahn with a new sword that day; his father's sword. He became a known mercenary, working for 300 years as one.

Now, after travelling the world, he has returned to the ocean for a blantant existance- living off the seas as a fisherman. His ship, Grim, travels from continent to continent, selling whatever fish or other creatures he comes upon in his travels.

Equipment / Clothing: Dedicated Clothing, The Crimson Blade (Katana), Kyrugen (Forearm Blades made of Dragon Fangs)

Other Information: Though a wanderer, Jacen gives his help to resistance every now and again. He's been known as the Butcher of the Sea, destroying Imperialistic ships and shipments from Southern to Northern Orinas.

His ship, Grim, is equipped with nothing but a small machine gun on the back to destroy ongoing pursuers. A belt carried 500 bullets, which he always keeps two spare belts near it.
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Feb 7 2006, 09:47 PM (Post #2)
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Total / Final Grade: 92/100 points
-You fudged up on the Desc and Equipment...Complete sentences are still recommended, and you mentioned your clothes in your desc rather than the Equipment / CLOTHING category. stongue.gif Had you caught'd have a 98 rather than a 92.
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