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PHP - Resource List

Feb 18 2006, 02:32 AM (Post #1)
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PHP Resource List

Small yet rounded compendium of resource sites for the PHP scripting language.

Programming Resources

  • - The official website of PHP. Includes tutorials, reference guides, installation guide and more. Most notable is the completely documented and annotated list of PHP functions.
  • - is another great resource website, sporting a decent collection of pre-built scripts, and a friendlier atmosphere than
  • - If you're looking for nearly ANYTHING from ASP to XML, this is the place to go to. Within's virtual walls, there are book recommendations, tutorials, tips, and literally thousands of pre-built scripts.
  • - The best place to look for any open source script, including PHP! You can learn best by examining the sources of wonderful PHP projects developed by brilliant programmers.

Free PHP Editors / IDEs (Integrated Development Environments)

  • PHPEdit - One of the best and most comprehensive PHP editors for Windows. Requesting a personal license is free.
  • DevPHP v2 and v3 - An open-source and free alternative to the commercial PHP-editing software available for Windows. Version 2 is the DevPHP IDE and Version 3 is the DevPHP Editor.
  • PHPDesigner Personal - The personal edition, although not as well equipped, is free and comes with many of the standard PHP-editing features such as syntax highlighting, script previewing, rudimentary debugging features, etc.
  • Kate / Kwrite - Comes standard with any KDE equipped system. It offers syntax highlighting and code nesting/folding. A good choice if you're not exactly a power-user on a Linux system.
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Feb 19 2006, 01:57 PM (Post #2)
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Whoo, just what I was looking for sbiggrin.gif thanks Kiro!
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