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Euphoria, Anyone here of?

Feb 20 2006, 04:49 AM (Post #1)
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I was looking around the net, when I came across a programming language dubbed "Euphoria." Curious, I looked into it a bit more. It turned out to be a language with an interface program needed, much like the GTK environment programs, or Java. The interface and compiler are free to download, and there's a program you can buy that converts your code to C/C++.

Personally, it doesn't look worth it, between requiring the environment to be on your computer in order to run the programs, and the sheer simplicity seems like you're compromising something away.

Your thoughts?
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Feb 21 2006, 09:06 PM (Post #2)
Well why can't we do the shuffle?!
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Most of the time these languages which aren't core languages that happen to sprout up in later years (RPGToolkit Code and Ruby for example) are just C++ Functions. I'll have a look though.
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