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Basic Spanish Tutorial

Mar 2 2006, 01:12 AM (Post #1)
Democrats won 2006! YES!
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Yes, I know. I'm an Arabian but I speak Spanish. It's strange to you, but I've got some Moorish ancestors. So hah.

Spanish is pretty easy if you speak English, as both of them trace many of their root words to Latin.

Personal Pronouns

Yo-I, me
El/Ella-he, him, etc./she, her, etc.
Nosotros-We, us
Ellos/Ellas-they (male)/they (female)
Ustedes-All of you, y'all

In Spanish, nearly all adjectives and nouns have a gender. This gender is either male or female, of course. Male adjectives and nouns generally end in o, but not always. Female adjectives end in an a. It's pretty simple, really.

All letters are pronounced like English except for the vowels and a few consonants:
a-ah (like saw) only
e-ay (like Hay) only
i-ee (like bee) only
o-short o
u- ooh (like a monkey) only
ch- same as English
h- always silent unless behind a c.
j- like an English H.
g- English 'gah' if before an a, o, or u. H sound if before the other vowels.
ll- like an English y
Q- 'ku' sound

Next up are verbs...
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Mar 29 2006, 05:45 PM (Post #16)
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^_^ We should hang out. I'm moving to Barcelona some time in the next decade.
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Mar 29 2006, 07:51 PM (Post #17)
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Ok, will do, PoA.
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Apr 11 2006, 07:57 PM (Post #18)
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Mi = Me
Not Yo.
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Apr 11 2006, 10:58 PM (Post #19)
Democrats won 2006! YES!
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Mi is my. Yo is both I and me.

I've been taking Spanish for years, I should know.
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Jun 10 2006, 01:13 AM (Post #20)
Democrats won 2006! YES!
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Here's the basic verb forms for our next section, the past tense.

For -ar verbs:

-Yo-- drop 'ar', add - to the end of the verb. I.E., nadar becomes nad.
-T-- " ", add -aste to end of the verb. Nadar-->T nadaste.
-El/ella/Usted-- add an '' after dropping the -ar. Nadar--> Usted nad.
-Nosotros-- drop 'ar' and add -amos. (Note: this is the exact same as present tense.)
-Ellos, ellas, ustedes: drop 'ar', and add -aron to the end. Nadar--> Nadaron.

Now for the '-er' and '-ir' verbs, which follow a different pattern from -ar verbs.

Yo-- drop the -er/ir and add -. Correr-- Yo corr.
T-- drop the ending and add -iste. Correr-- Yo corriste
El/Ella/Usted-- drop the ending, add -o. Correr-- El corro
Nosotros-- drop the ending, add -imos. Correr-- Nosotros corrimos
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes-- drop the ending, add -ieron. Ellos corrieron.

That's the basic past tense, known in Spanish as the preterito, or preterite tense. This is used for things like 'I swam' or 'They ran through the park yesterday.' There's another verb form things like 'I was running', which is called the imperfecto. It's used for many different things, and will require it's own lesson.

You should use the preterite tense when you're saying one of these things:

-actions that happened at a specific date: "El miercoles pasado yo camin con mi perro." (Last Wednesday I walked with my dog.)
-Actions in a sequence of occuring events: "Ayer t robaste tu abuela, mataste tu papa, y saliste de su casa por eternidad." (Yesterday you robbed your grandmother, killed your father, and left your house for eternity.)
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