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Dragons: The First Wave, My short story.

Jul 2 2006, 09:34 PM (Post #1)
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The First Wave

Do you believe in dragons? If someone told you dragons really existed, how would you respond? Would you consider them a liar, shun them away, even go as far as to accuse them of insanity? Or would you, even if only for a moment, consider the possibility that perhaps, in this world or another, dragons exist?
Perhaps it is true. Perhaps they do exist. Perhaps dragons walk among us, cloaked by their magical illusion that makes them look, feel, even smell human. Hiding within our own population, interfering in our affairs, infiltrating our governments and societies.
Would you believe it? If you had asked me these things yesterday, I would not have taken you seriously. I would have responded with a lame joke about insanity and disregarded the questions.
If you were to ask me these questions today, ask me if dragons walked among us, masquerading as humans, my answer would be very different.

I would say dragons are as real as the blood that runs through our veins.

I was a normal teen, living a normal life in the tropical climate of central Florida. Going to school, hanging out with friends, attempting the complicated homework of high school, and even the occasional Saturday night date.
That world, that safe, normal life was shattered overnight. I was violently pulled from my sleep and thrown into a pool of war and chaos, death and destruction. My safe, loving haven melted away behind me, leaving only the cruel, cold truth, and I forever left the days of my childhood behind, stepping into the dark and disturbing world of adulthood, with only the faint light of a match to show me the way.

My name is Jeff Donovan, and this is my story.

“Jeff! Get down here for breakfast!”
I was rudely awakened from my deep slumber by the loud, intimidating voice of my father, Norman Donovan, a tall, balding man who thought that every home should have military discipline -- he was a Commander in the United States Navy, and although he was usually at sea four to six months out of the year, he had his ways of maintaining discipline in the house year round.
“Okay!” I yelled back, my eyes still closed. “I’ll be down in a minute!”
Grunting under my breath, I sat up in bed, throwing my covers to the side. Standing to my feet, I turned and looked at myself in the mirror over my dresser. As usual, my golden-brown hair was a mess, sticking out in every direction. I brushed it back out of my face with a hand, and noticed my sky blue eyes were bloodshot -- no doubt a result of being woken up by the shouts of a military man first thing in the morning.
“It’s only seven in the morning!” I exclaimed, looking at my clock. Walking to my doorway, I yelled down to my father, “Hey Dad! Why so early? You always let me sleep in on Saturdays!”
Suddenly, my father appeared again, a look of confusion on his face. “Jeff, don’t tell me you forgot what today is?”
“Huh?” I scratched my head, wondered for a moment, and then like a car hits the wall during a crash test, realization hit me.
“Oh my god!” I cried, half-laughing. “Joe will never let me live it down if he finds out that for a few brief moments, I almost forgot my sixteenth birthday!”
“I’ll never let you live it down, buddy boy,” my father said with an almost sinister smirk. “Now come eat breakfast so we can get to the DMV and get your license. They close at noon today, and I don’t want to be stuck waiting in line, so let’s hurry and get there before they open so we can be first.”
“Yes, sir!” I said, half-sarcastically, half-serious. My father just shook his head and left the room.

“The driving test went perfect, man! I am now licensed to drive!” I said to my best friend Joseph Phinity as we sat at the local pizzeria, eating a deep-dish pepperoni pie. “And to top it off, my old man really came through this year -- he bought me a brand new Ferrari convertible!”
“On a military budget?” Joe wasn’t buying it.
“Dude,” I protested, “he’s like, a very high ranking officer. He’s second in command on his ship! And he watches the other navy guys to make sure they work.”
“You mean he’s the Executive Officer aboard his assigned vessel? First Officer to his Captain and overseer of all communications and navigation? He must be a Commander then?”
“Uh… Yeah, he is,” I replied.
“See,” smiled Joe, adjusting his backwards black hat, momentarily revealing his short black hair, “Star Trek is not just for geeks -- you can really learn a lot from the concept of an intergalactic space naval fleet.”
“Whatever -- geek,” I said under my breath, “Anyone who ever read a navy book could have said the same thing.”
“Whatever, man,” he snorted, “but seriously, you should come over and watch an episode some time.”
“Didn’t that show get canceled anyway?” I asked, not really caring about the answer.
“The most recent one did, but I’m talking about the Next Generation -- the best Star Trek series ever. Dude -- Deanna Troi is hot!”
“Hey, would you look at the time!” I said, eager to get away from Joe for a while -- once he got started on Star Trek, he would never shut up.
I thanked him for lunch, then got on my bike and rode home -- I would have driven my new car and at the same time proved to Joe it was real, however I needed to get the tags for it in my name, and the tag office was closed until Monday.

The evening came and with it a huge birthday party with all my friends. The only family there was my father, because my mother and her brother had died when I was a baby, and my dad was an only child.
“Happy Birthday, dude,” Joe said as I cut the cake. “You’re now a man!”
“Not yet,” my dad smirked, “he’ll still be a kid till he turns eighteen, as far as I’m concerned.”
“Well, at least you’re sixteen now and you can drive,” said Emily Varden, a cute brunette who was in my computer class. Her hazel eyes had an almost adoring twinkle to them as she spoke to me, just as they had when we met on the first day of high school, nearly two years before.
“Yeah,” Joe leaned in to whisper so only Emmy and I could hear, “and then you can drive her to the movies and have some fun in the backseat.”
“Joe!” Emmy’s eyes grew wide, and she punched him in the shoulder, “Perv.”
I laughed at Joe, but secretly imagined what he had been so blunt as to propose. She was definitely hot, but was she really girlfriend material? We had been friends since we were fourteen, but could we really be something more? I found myself seriously considering the idea, and felt my cheeks burn with arousal.
“Hey, we should go over to Disney World this summer, dude,” I said to Joe, trying to shake the flushed color from my cheeks. “I’ll drive!”
He laughed, nodding in agreement. “Right on.”

The party lasted as long as my father could tolerate the loud music, which was about two hours. I thanked everyone for coming, and helped my dad clean up.
“Happy Birthday, Jeff,” my father said when we were done cleaning, and gave me a hug -- a rare event indeed. “Goodnight, son.”
“Goodnight, Dad,” I replied as I turned off the kitchen lights, then walked up to my room, processing the day’s events. I think I might have been asleep before my head ever touched the pillow.

In my deep state of sleep, my mind wandered freely, dreaming of white clouds and colorful rainbows. Forests made of licorice and mountains made of ice cream. Bushes of peppermint and hills of gumdrops.
My sweet, happy dream suddenly went black, and I awoke to find myself laying on the floor next to my bed, with a heavy lump pushing down on me. I pushed back, but the lump would not move. I nearly screamed when my eyes adjusted enough to make out a face on the lump -- a man was holding me down!
I struggled to move, tried to yell for help, but he was pushing me down so hard my lungs were deprived of the necessary air. My heart raced, and I began to panic.
“Bleed!” hissed the man, and he wrapped his hands around my neck, choking the life out of me.
This is it, I thought as my vision blurred, and I became dizzy and light headed. This guy is going to kill me…
If not for the bright flash of lightning that erupted in the night sky with the approach of a severe thunderstorm, I would have died right then and there, never knowing the identity of my murderer.
The flash illuminated the room, and I saw the face of my attacker very clearly: He looked to be balding, was wearing a grey terry cloth robe, and his eyes had obvious murderous intent. This face was familiar, very familiar. My fear turned into confusion and fury, and I gained the strength I needed to escape my attacker.
“Dad!” I yelled, squirming free and jumping to my feet, stepping back. “What the hell are you doing!?”
“Bleed!” he hissed again, in a voice not his own, and lunged at me, his hands outstretched to finish the job. I jumped up on my bed and leapt for the door, flipping on the light.
“Dad! Stop this!” I screamed, and he suddenly came to a stop. He looked at me with a combination of fear and regret, then smirked sinisterly. I noticed his canine teeth grow sharp, his face contorted in a sinister snare, and his once green eyes turned a glowing golden red. His hands and feet grew slightly, and in place of his nails were sharp claws.
“Bleed!” he repeated, this time in a roaring hiss that seemed to boom throughout the house. He leapt at me with stunning swiftness, knocking me to the floor yet again.
“Dad! What happened to you!” I screamed, pushing myself free again and running out the door, slamming it behind me with the hope of trapping him in my room. Unfortunately, he was able to rip through the door like it was paper, sending pieces of wood flying everywhere.
Nearly tripping over my own two feet, I ran for the stairs at the end of the hall, the thumps of my father’s feet rumbling behind me as he gave chase. Jumping onto the railing, I slid down to the bottom of the stairs, however, within a split second, my father was standing right in front of me -- he had jumped from the top of the stairs, flipped through the air with amazing agility, and landed at the bottom of the stairs, facing me.
He laughed hysterically, baring his teeth viciously. I ran for the front door, out into the moist night air, in nothing but my boxers and a baggy red t-shirt. Flashes of lightning illuminated the night sky and revealed the storm cloud above -- it would rain soon, no doubt.
The palm trees swayed slightly in the breeze of the storm, which was perfectly normal, but what sat on the top of a tree -- or rather who -- was most abnormal; Joe was in the tree, a look of terror on his face. He was looking down at the ground, and following his horrified gaze revealed the source of his fear -- his father had gone postal just like mine, and was clawing at the tree.
I thought perhaps this was some joke, some prank, or perhaps our fathers were getting revenge for something. This couldn’t be for real, could it? They couldn’t really be possessed or something, right? Wrong.
The sounds of crashing windows and terrifying roars and horrified screams filled the air suddenly, and I noticed other people running out of their houses, chased by possessed family members. Some people were able to stay away from the freaks, others not so lucky -- those unfortunate enough to fall to the freaks suffered a fate so horrible that it made the Freddy Krueger movies seem like Barney & Friends.
At the sound of flesh ripping and the sight of severed limbs flying through the air and landing on the blood soaked ground with a splat, I buckled over and emptied my dinner onto the grass, gagging at the taste of bile.
Wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, I stood straight and realized my father had not come out after me. Turning around, I saw he had jumped through the living room window on the side of the house, and was now chewing on the severed head of Janet Chairfield, our nosey next door neighbor who Joe and I had usually referred to as Cat Lady because she owned so many cats of so many breeds -- most of which were running free in the streets now, some unlucky enough to be torn apart and swallowed by one of the possessed freaks.
Mr. Phinity finally averted his attention from Joe -- he ran off down the street chasing an old woman who was waving her arms above her head, wailing like a banshee for her husband to come back, not to leave her here -- I assumed he had been killed by the freaks.
I ran across the street and Joe jumped down, and we hugged. “Dude, are you okay?”
“Yeah,” he replied, wiping his watery eyes. “Damn man, my dad just went nuts!”
“Looks like half the people on this block did, too,” I said, my heart still racing. “My dad included. I think he’s on the next street over now, but just a minute ago he was eating the head of Cat Lady.”
“Damn,” he said, a shiver in his voice. “What the hell is going on around here? Why has everyone gone nuts? And did you notice they’ve grown fangs and claws?”
“Yeah,” I replied, “my dad tore apart my bedroom door with them and…. What is it?”
Joe was staring at the sky, his eyes wide and full of terror. Following his gaze, I was overcome with fear as well -- there, in the sky not far from us, was the most horrifying creature I could have ever imagined -- even more-so than the freaks feeding upon the flesh of my neighbors. Flashes of lightning revealed shiny scales of a purplish-black, talons that looked sharper than the sharpest knife, a spiked tail as long as a bus, horns that were long and thick, fangs that looked like jagged mountains, and a pair of bright red eyes with slits for pupils, all held in the air by enormous black wings.
“T-that’s a…. Holy s*it, that’s a god damn dragon!” I cried, choking the words out. “A dragon!”
“This is unbelievable!” exclaimed Joe, not blinking, not taking his gaze off the enormous black monster. “Where did a dragon come from? How the hell is this possible?”
“I don’t know,” I replied, “but I think it has something to do with everyone going nuts. Look at the way that monster is watching the chaos? I think it’s actually smiling.”
Suddenly, a familiar voice ripped through the air, screaming in horror. Both Joe and I looked to each other and yelled in unison, “Emmy!”
Running as fast as we could, we rounded the corner and rushed to Emmy’s house, which was two blocks away. We spotted her, hanging off the edge of the roof of her house, her brother trying to climb up the side of the house, clawing at her legs.
“Joe, get his attention, and I’ll save Emmy!” I said, running around the side of the house. Joe nodded, grabbed a rock, and threw it at Kevin.
“Hey, freak! See my tasty flesh?”-- he mooned the possessed kid -- “Come and get it!”
Kevin ran off after Joe, and I ran inside the house, up to the second floor, and to Emmy’s bedroom window. “Give me your hand!”
“Oh, Jeff! This is horrible!” she cried as I pulled her back inside, tears in her eyes. I held her close, let her weep into my chest, rubbing her back reassuringly.
“Kevin, he -- he just went mad! So did Mom. I think she killed my dad, because I heard him yell out in pain and….” her voice quivered and broke apart, and she buried her face again in my chest, sobbing.
“Everything will be okay,” I said in a calm whisper. “We should get away from here before that monster in the sky decides to start eating people too.”
Emmy nodded, and we walked back downstairs, out the door and back to the street. The dragon was still in the air, circling the area. Joe came running up, out of breath.
“Well,” he said, breathing heavily, “Kevin finally stopped chasing me and is now fighting with Old Man Smithers down by Seven Eleven.”
“At least he’s not trying to hurt Emmy anymore,” I said quietly. “We need to get the hell out of here before that dragon gets hungry.”
“Yeah,” Joe and Emmy agreed.
“I wonder where it came from, anyway.” I said, looking up at the circling monster.
“He came from the planet Doragon Ax’Zenn,” said a mysterious voice out of nowhere. We all looked around, and a middle-aged man appeared from the bushes, wearing all black with a trench coat and a slouch hat. “His name is Sorbus.”
“How the hell would you know?” asked Joe bitterly, taking a step back. “How could you possibly know where it came from? Jeff, he must have gone nuts too -- who are you?”
“Name’s Murdock, and I am quite sane, I assure you. That dragon is known as Sorbus, and he is one of five dragonlords.”
“What?!” I cried, staring at him, “There are four other monsters?! How do you know this?!”
“Because,” he said coolly, “it’s my job to know. I‘m a Dragon Slayer.”
“What the fu--” Joe was cut off by Emmy.
“Oh right, like you kill these supposed dragons!” cried Emmy. “If that is so, why did you allow this one to do this?! Why did my father have to die?! WHY?!”
“I’m sorry about all of this chaos,” he said with a calm expression. “But it could not be helped. I can’t counter their powers over the mind. I am unaffected because I am in tune with my spiritual self, just like you three. That’s why only older, non-spiritual people were affected -- they rely solely on their physical mind and body, thus they lose control. We rely on our spiritual self as well as our physical self, as all young people do. So our spirits can overpower our physical minds.”
“But my brother was young!” cried Emmy. “And you’re old!”
“Yes, I am quite old,” he replied, “but I have mastered my spiritual self, therefore I am not affected. And perhaps your brother was turned because he feels like he’s grown up too fast, that’s always possible.”
“You could be some twisted lunatic looking to take advantage of us in this time of chaos. Why should we believe anything you say?” I demanded.
“Because,” he said with a smirk, “I am your godfather.”
“What?!” I cried. “You gotta be kidding!”
“Nope,” he shook his head. “I was at Norman and Miranda’s wedding, I was his best man, and I was named your godfather when you were born, Jeff.”
“You’re friggin’ nuts,” I said with a chuckle. “My godfather was--”
“Murphy Dockington, right?” he cut me off.
“Yeah, that is -- how’d you know?”
“Because,” he smiled, “That used to be my name. Murphy Dockington. Murdock is what I am calling myself now.”
I was speechless, as was Joe and Emmy.
“Your mother and uncle Lenny were slayers too, Jeff. These dragons first came to our planet in July of Nineteen Forty-Seven. You might guess the place -- Roswell, New Mexico. They quickly assumed human form, and have been infiltrating our governments and societies ever since. We were trying to stop them, slaying hidden dragons when we found them, but we were unable to prevent this disaster -- the First Wave. The dragons have done this to many other places; cracked open people’s minds, made them insane, filled their every thought with nothing but death and destruction.
“Most of them are covered up, just like this one will be, and then Sorbus will send in kobolds -- lower class dragons who are the same size as humans -- to assume the identities of all slaughtered. Everything will be cleaned up, and no one will know that the entire neighborhood is now inhabited by kobolds. They have been doing this since they first arrived on Earth, and once they have replaced all the governors, senators, and leaders of all the greatest nations, they’ll initiate the Second Wave, in which case they will reveal themselves and demand loyalty or death. Even worse is their plan for the Third and Final Wave, when the dragons move all their population onto our planet and name it the new Doragon…”
“So now there are more than just five?!”
“There are five dragonlords, but there are an estimated five thousand lesser dragons and kobolds on Earth.” He explained.
“I want to say you’re crazy,” I finally managed to speak. “I want to tell you you’re mad and wake up to find this is all a dream… But I know it’s not, and I know you’re not lying…. I mean, I can see Sorbus with my own eyes, pleasantly enjoying the chaos.”
“I know it sounds too terrible to be reality, but it is reality,” Murdock said calmly. I nodded, holding Joe and Emmy close.
“We have no family left, any of us,” I said to them, “except each other. We can run and hide and hope for the dragons to go away, but we know they won’t. They will keep coming until they have complete control. We cannot let them keep doing this, ripping apart peoples’ lives and then replacing their identities. We have to stand and fight.”
“You sound just like your mother,” said Murdock with a smile. “Even when your father told her she was crazy when she told him about the dragons ages ago, she kept trying, kept fighting. Her and Lenny both. They died as heroes.”
“Wait,” I said, “My dad told me they died in a plane crash.”
Murdock sighed. “Well, he never believed us about the dragons, and when I told him your mother and uncle died protecting a helpless village, he swore I was lying and forbade me to ever contact him or you again. He lied to you.”
“Actually, I don’t doubt that,” I said with a sigh. “He is very skeptical about a lot of things.”
“Let’s go,” Murdock said after a moment. “We need to go before Sorbus gets close enough to recognize me. I had only planned to save you Jeff, but seeing as you‘re with two obviously close friends, they can come too, but we must hurry.“
Just then, something dawned on me -- how was Murdock there so quickly? How did he know we were being attacked and found me just moments after the attack began? There was only one explanation -- he knew about the attack -- in advance.
“You knew, didn’t you?” I said seriously. “You knew the attack was going to happen, and you were there before it ever started. So why didn’t you save us before our families were destroyed?!”
“You’re right,” he said coolly, “I was there. If I had come to you beforehand, told you about dragons before you saw it for yourself, would you have believed me?”
He had a point. “Probably not.”
“You see?” he said expectantly, “I’ve known about the attack for a long time -- about eleven years ago, I swiped a copy of some dragon software telling of their plans to take over in three horrific waves, including detailed plans for human replacement. Using it, we were able to stop many of them, but dragons and their pride would not allow them to alter their plans due to us inferior humans -- that’s why the five dragonlords are commanding the kobolds themselves.”

“Wait a second,” Emmy said suddenly, “How were you fighting to protect villages and such yet you couldn’t protect our city? And I thought you said you couldn’t fight against their mind control powers?”
“Their mind powers, no. But I engineered special weapons for fighting them physically. If you kill them before they can make the villagers kill themselves, you’ve saved them. However, I have yet to create a weapon capable of killing a dragonlord -- it took an insane amount of effort just to create a weapon that could stun the dragonlords for a few minutes. They are, however, most helpful when fighting regular dragons, who also control minds and are usually behind these types of attacks, although only a dragonlord can pilot an attack of this scale.”
“Then why not stun Sorbus before he made my mother kill my father!?” shouted Emmy.
“Because the stun gun can only shoot one beam, then it has to recharge, and I have not the resources to make more of that type of gun. If I shot him and managed to hit him, he would cry out before falling unconscious. Kysiro, the red dragonlord, is not too far away, and he’d be here within five minutes. Then we’d all be dead instead of fighting to save the world.”
Emmy sighed and crossed her arms irritably, “I hate to admit it, but you have a point,” she snapped. “By the way, I’m Emily.”
Murdock nodded, and Joe -- “Name’s Joe” -- introduced himself as well. He nodded again, then stared off into the sky.
“s*it -- Sorbus is moving in this direction,” Murdock said seriously, “We have to go -- now.”
Without a word, Joe, Emmy, and I followed Murdock quietly between the houses, onto the next street over. This street was mysteriously calm, not a living being in sight, save for the giant black dragon in the sky. Not a drop of blood on the ground, although the smell of ravaged flesh wandered over from the streets behind us, filling the air with the horrible odor of death.
Murdock led us to manhole in the center of the street, where the cover lay to the side of the hole, revealing the long ladder that led down to the dark depths of the sewers. The smell of human waste rose up to mix with the odor of death, forming something that Joe referred to as “the smell of Hell’s bathroom.”
Nobody laughed at his lame attempt for a joke, and rightly so, given the current situation. We had just witnessed a terrible disaster, and laughter seemed to be a thing of the past, along with hopes, dreams, and happiness. I felt as though I would never smile again.
“Down here,” said Murdock before sliding into the manhole, steadying his feet on the ladder. “Follow me.”
Murdock began to climb down the ladder, followed by Joe, Emmy, and then me. We descended into the darkness of the sewers below, reluctant to breathe the filthy bacteria-infested air.
At the bottom, after stepping off the ladder and our eyes adjusted to the darkness, we found ourselves looking upon what appeared to be a military jeep. It’s olive-green exterior seemed to be a bit dirty, and dried mud was splattered just above the tires. There was no roof, and no windows save for the windshield. Both doors bared a white star, and a spare tire was attached to the back of the jeep. There were two bucket seats in the front, and a bench seat in the back, all covered in worn black leather.
The jeep looked normal, save for the dashboard of the vehicle. All the gauges were shown on an LCD computer screen, mounted flat just above the stirring wheel. Directly above the glove compartment was another monitor, with a wireless keyboard that was stored inside the open glove box -- a black mesh net kept the keyboard from falling out. The center of the dash had many buttons and tiny screens, and as Joe had been so eager to point out, it looked quite similar to the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.
“You like, eh?” said Murdock with a faint smile and a twinkle of pride in his eyes. “I designed, built, and installed that computer system. All our jeeps are operated by this system, and all units are wirelessly connected with NovaNet, a massive server network that I constructed.”
“Wow…” Joe and I breathed in unison. Murdock just shrugged.
“I did what I needed to,” he said coolly. “Actually, I fused our technology with that of a dragon ship we recovered from a battle long past. I was able to learn their technology, and adapt it to help us against them.”
“Amazing,” said Emmy lightly. “You must be a genius.”
“Well,” he replied, “I hid my advanced intellect from everyone till I was an adult, but secretly I would do geometry at night while in my bed. I had gotten books from the library quite often, and by the time I started kindergarten, I already knew more about math and science than my older cousin who was in college.”
“Dude, that’s awesome,” I said with a light smile. Murdock shrugged again, then opened the door and slid into the driver’s seat.
“Getting in?” he asked, and Emmy got into the backseat behind him through the other door. I got in next to her, giving Joe the front seat, and Murdock started up the car, which was quite silent. I assumed it must be completely electric, powered by this ingenious computer system that made no sound at all as the jeep began to move forward, slowly accelerating.

We maintained a speed of about twenty miles per hour as we drove through the sewer tunnels, heading west. A few times we had to take detours due to sewer maintenance, but after about thirty minutes or so, we were outside -- Murdock had pulled out of the sewer, and through a canal that led to a swamp.
“Finally, fresh air!” Emmy said with a sigh of relief. Joe and I nodded.
“Yeah, and I -- “ I was cut off as red laser beams passed just inches above my head, slicing through the stone walls of the canal behind us like a knife slices through warm butter. We all turned in the direction the beams were coming from, and saw a group of what looked like humanoid lizards. Their bodies were covered with green scales, with long tails, sharp talons and jagged teeth. Their human-like faces stared at us and their scaled lips curled into sinister smiles as their clawed hands gripped laser pistols, firing away at us. They wore crude loincloths, but they seemed very familiar with their advanced weapons.
“Kobolds!” shouted Murdock, pulling his own pistol from his belt. “There are guns under your seats -- grab them!”
“s*it!” I yelled as Murdock jumped out of the jeep and started firing at the creatures, grabbing for the gun. Joe and Emmy both grabbed theirs, and fear seemed to melt away as they started firing.
“Finally!” I cried triumphantly as I found my gun. Jumping out with the others, I began firing too. The kobolds continued to miss us, yet we kept hitting them. They were lousy shots -- what good is knowledge of a weapon if you can’t aim well enough to use it effectively?
“Damn, they’re like cockroaches!” cried Joe. “You kill one, and five more show up!”
“Quit complaining and shoot!” yelled Emmy. Joe mumbled something under his breath and kept shooting.
Seeing about twenty more running towards us from the left, I aimed for a tree and started firing rapidly. The tree gave way and tipped over, killing all but two of them, which I shot quickly. In my moment of victory, I became cocky, and did not see the kobold commander coming up behind me.
“Jeff!” screamed Emmy, and she fired heavily upon the creature until it was nothing more than a pile of smoking flesh.
“Thanks Emmy!” I said gratefully and kept firing. Murdock was ahead of us, and turned behind some trees, chasing a few kobold thieves.
“God dammit!” we heard Murdock yell from just ahead of us. “What the fu-- Holy s*it!”
He came running out towards us, his face grave. “Get in the jeep -- Now!”
“Murdock, what’s going on?” I asked.
“NOW!” he screamed, jumping into the driver’s seat. We all jumped into our seats as well, confused and puzzled. Then we heard a loud rumbling, the ground began to shake, and just as Murdock stomped the accelerator towards a road that could be seen just to the west, out from the trees came an enormous green dragon with bright emerald eyes and slits for pupils.
“Holy s*it!” I yelled as Murdock turned onto the road and maxed out the jeep’s speed -- he must have been going at least one fifty. The dragon ran after us, roaring so loud that it made Emmy scream. Then, to my great surprise, the dragon spoke a name in a roaring hiss not much different from the voice my father had used after being possessed.
“MURDOCK!” he bellowed, gaining on us. I turned to Murdock, glaring.
“He knows you!?” I screamed.
“He is the green dragonlord, Obadha!” Murdock replied, struggling to stay ahead of the running dragon. “I don’t know why he’s here -- he’s supposed to be piloting a replacement over in Indonesia!”
“MURDOCK!” Obadha roared again, decreasing the distance between him and us. My heart began to race again as he came closer, and I actually felt the warm breath of his huge mouth, thick with the odor of human flesh. It took everything just not to throw up again.
“Aahhh!” we all yelled as the beast snapped at us, nearly taking off my leg. Grabbing my gun again, I started firing at the monster’s face, but the laser beams just bounced off his shiny, powerful scales. He really was damn near invulnerable.
“Murdock!” I screamed. “Where the hell is that stun gun!”
“It’s no use!” he yelled back. “If we fire it when we’re this close, we’ll be stunned to, and he’ll wake up long before we do!”
“What the hell are we supposed to do then!?” I screamed franticly, and it was Obadha who answered.
“BLEED! BLEEEEEED!” he roared, jumping into the air. His enormous wings began to flap, giving him flight.
“No! God dammit!” yelled Murdock. “Brace yourselves!”
We only had a split second to prepare -- Suddenly, green flames erupted from the dragon’s mouth, setting fire to the trees on both sides of the road. The heat was intense, yet I found myself shivering violently as the flames closed in around us. The jeep left the road, flipping through the air, rolling and tumbling, until it crashed back down on the side of the road. Thank god for seatbelts.
“AAARRGHHH!!” I screamed as I looked up to see the green eyes of Obadha looking into mine, only inches away. Cocking his head back, he bared his enormous teeth, releasing a battle cry, and then darted forward, fangs racing at me…

To Be Continued…
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This is just one of my ideas for a story. What do you all think, should i complete it?
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