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Oct 15 2006, 06:23 PM (Post #1)
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OOC: this is an attempt to get the site back up and running with steady memberflow. this will be the IC thread, and i'll post the OOC/signup in a few seconds

The day had started rather ordinarily. But it had quickly gone out of the ordinary for nine police officers and a young man they tried to arrest based on false evidence and ridiculous accusations. One of their officers had accused Darius Stormsong of attacking him with a sword. So he had gone out of his way to prove just how baseless that accusation was, by beating each of the officers that attempted to arrest him to a bloody pulp with his bare hands. In the process, he ended up fighting them using their own weapons against them. Early on, he had gotten his hands on a pair of Mossberg shotguns and Colt M4A1s. He didn?t use them to kill, relying on his accuracy to take shots that would suppress without taking life. The fighting raged all day, and despite many, many shots being fired, not one life was taken. On the battlefield stood a single man, wielding the pair of Mossbergs as Tai sticks. At the end of the fighting, nine police officers ended up in the hospital, with numerous broken bones, bruises, and nonfatal injuries.

Shortly after the officers were rushed to the hospital, a convoy of six military trucks and an SUV bearing the marks of the NSA moved in on the city. Darius had surrendered to police custody shortly beforehand, on the condition that all charges from the accusations be dropped. The NSA agent in charge of the takeover told the police that they wanted Darius. She had laid out the entire scenario for them, illustrating that they had been demolished by a single man. She offered to take him off their hands, along with all property confiscated from him in the initial arrest and the weeks that had followed. When some of the officers questioned their chief about taking the agent up on her offer, he offered them a short explanation:

"This guy took out nine of our best officers in less than three hours. He did so with only weapons confiscated from our own officers, and he did so without taking a single life. If the NSA wants him, wants to use him for some purpose beyond our comprehension, I say more power to them. It gets him off our hands, and it gets him out in the world doing good."

Several weeks later

Crystal Peak Hardened Facility, Colorado:

Darius oversaw the reconstruction of the old facility, along with the government contractor who was in charge of the retrofitting. They had been at it for six days, and had already expanded the facility, giving it a makeover on the inside, and a full landing strip and hangar setup on the surface. The military had been working on acquiring whatever they needed, and the government had, with the help of private organizations, provided the funding and technology for the facility. Once the command center was complete, Darius sat down in a chair. It had been a long few weeks. That?s when Sara Niven came in, along with a briefcase, and two soldiers carrying boxes of files. Darius groaned at the sight of the files to go through.

"Couldn't you have narrowed down the recruits?" He asked, tired of paperwork already. She just grinned at him before speaking.

"This is the narrowed down selection. Most of the recruits are on their way here. We'll need to go about interviewing them before they start."

Darius sighed, then nodded. They had a lot of work to do, and now seemed the opportune time to recruit. He read the first three files, and had the soldiers show the recruits in one at a time for an interview.

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