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Poem Contest - 2006

Nov 17 2006, 09:25 PM (Post #1)
Masked Insanity
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Basically this is a smaller version of one of my old poem contests. There is no limit to the number of entrants, but each person who enters must submit THREE works to compete.

There is no real prize other than bragging rights and praise, but I thought this might be a good way to rope in a few of our more off-and-on type posters.

I will be part of this contest obviously, but I will have no part in choosing the winner. Just like before, we will use a voting system to determine the winner once all works have been submitted.

This time though, unlike before, all three poems will be graded on an overall scale, which means they will be graded and voted upon as a whole. I will get more into the grading/voting system once I know how many people want to participate.

Anyway, post if you want to join in...XD.


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Dec 1 2006, 01:15 AM (Post #61)
Love me like you mean it
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AAAAAHHHH...still gotta select a poem. Busy trying to do my stupid English project... <_<
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