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Character Profile: Arine Darsot, For my new RPG.

Nov 21 2006, 06:16 PM (Post #1)
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*Name: Captain Arine Marien Darsot.

*Gender: Female

*Age(actual and how you appear): 27, 26

*Race: Human.

*Occupation(optional): Captain of the Queen's Gaurd, and Huntress of the Twelve Stones of Barbothein.

*Title:Captain, Huntress.

*Physical Appearance(height, weight, body style, eye color, hair, skin, etc): Not a tall woman, only reaching a height of 5'5", she has always relied of strength, and quickness of reflexes in any combat situation. She weighs a compact 150 pounds, due to lean muscle. She isn't stocky, but nor is she lanky. Curvey, and lean, she known to draw eyes towards her, which is often an advantage in battle. She has dark blue eyes, ocean colored and deep, while her hair is a dark mahogany brown.It's length runs down her shoulders, coming to a rough stop at mid back. Normally, it is tied up, but tends to slip down during the course of the day. Her skin is pallid, but not sickly looking. Despite much of her time spent outdoors, her skin never darkened.

*Clothing: Due to the fact that she is the Captain of the Queen's gaurd, she is required to dress in a matter of formality. A tunic of deep blue is snugly over a shirt made of closely woven steel discs. Her legs are dressed simply in a pair of white pants that end below the knee. Shoes of soft leather are worn around the castle, but while out on duty, hard boots of rawhide and steel are expected. She is recognizable by the white pants, as the rest of the Queen's Guard wear's black pants. Arine also has a small shining silver button of an oblong shape pinned to the collar of her tunic.

*Personality: She has a cold, standoffish appearance, with the harshness of her pale skin, blue eyes, and dark hair, and often times can be cold. She has an air of authority, and knows that she has much responsibility. But she will still open up to close friends and lovers, showing her true self to be warm, and spontaneous.

*Strengths: She's physically strong, stronger than many men. She's harshly beautiful, and often can use that as an advantage in fighting. She knows basic healing, and can run for hours with out tiring.

*Weaknesses: She lacks the emotional stability to really hold together in times of danger to herself. She would be relatively easy to crack, but would never betray anyone. She'd kill herself or let her self be killed before causing harm to someone trusted.

*History(personal and family backround, things in history that affect you): She was born and raised in the city of Dregnore, the Human city that is currently in war. Born into the home of a minor noble, she was taken on as a hand maiden to the queen, who was 17 at the time, when she was only 4. The queen saw the potential in Arine and began to have her trained in other duties, to see which fit her best. When her skill in fighting and leading was demonstrated, Queen Teroia had her placed right into the barracks with the rest of the teenage girls and boys who were training for the Queen's Guards.

*Weapons: She has a short sword, inlaid with red enamel in the handle, and silver fittings. A ring that is said to have been enchanted by a mixture of Elven and Human mages many thousands of years ago. It is also said to glow warmer when nearing any of the Twelve stones of Barbothein. A very simple, yet effective bow and arrow is always strapped on her horse or back during ventures outside. She has an array of knives and such at her disposal, as she has direct access to the armory.

*Belongings and Favorites: Her sword, her ring, a dress that her mother gave her, and a map that was drawn to fit the pathways carved by ancient rivers, yet no one can locate the exact pattern.

*Family (deaths, alive, in trouble, hatred): Her parents are both dead, her mother contracted a deadly fever, and her father was murdered during a raid. She has three sisters, and four brothers, all of whom are younger than her, and are in training for the Army of Dregnore and the Queen's guards. By having them all in training, Arine can keep track of all of them easier, as she has different Master's reporting to her on all of there improvements and troubles. She makes a point to visit each of them regularly and make herself readily available to any of them at any time.
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