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Tessalyn Baarche, For Becca's RPG

Nov 21 2006, 06:34 PM (Post #1)
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*Name: Tessalyn Baarche, known in the servants quarters, and to others as Tess.

*Gender: Female.

*Age: Nineteen, but has a tired look which ages her a few years.

*Race: Half breed: half elf, half human.

*Occupation: Servant of the Queen Teroia.

*Title: Peasant.

*Physical Appearance: Tess, being half elf, is at an above average height for a woman, around 5'8". Her life as a servant has taken a small toll on her weight, she can appear to be a little to thin for her height. Though to compensate for her waif like body, she has small curves, representing how she has come into womanhood. Her skin is milky white, and dotted across her cheeks and nose are some freckles. Tess has a smaller nose, higher cheekbones, and lips colored of a dusty rose. As for her hair, Tess wears it back, loosely at the base of her neck. Due to the dark, raven like shade of black it is, it contrasts the pale blue of her eyes, an elven feature. At first glance, she isnt breathtaking, but she holds most of her beauty within herself. There is only one thing Tess finds shame in herself, her ears come to a small point at the tip which she hides underneath the thick, dark locks.

*Clothing: Servant garb. It a little nicer than what other peasants may wear, being she serves in the castle. A tunic of white is worn under a blue sleeveless dress, which has a white striped going down the center. She wears tight black leggins, and plain leather boots that reach about mid-calf. This is the uniform that all the other women wear.

*Personality: Tess can come off as being shy and quiet, but with the other women she works with, she is known as bubbly and a bit quirky, full of life if you will. Tess is very inquisitive, sometimes, a little too much. Once, when she was about fifteen she found herself in a forbidden part of the castle after following a mouse.

*Strengths: She's great with a feather duster. She also has a knack for rolling laundry up in balls and shooting them into the basket from quite the distance. Something she finds strange about herself is, when it's raining, she is sad, downtrodden. But when is bright and sunny, she is evermore giddy then she could ever feel to be. A little something the elves know well; being in tune with nature.

*Weaknesses: A little clumsy at times.

*History: Tess has only known her life as a servant. She has some faint memories of being held by a beautiful woman, who she assumes is her mother.

*Weapons: She has a mean right hook (beware perverts).

*Belongings and Favorites: Being a servant, Tess can't afford any really nice things. She does, however, have a small trinket she's had since she was a baby. The other women tell her she was left with it, and now she carries it with her always in her pocket.

*Family: Tess is completely unaware of who she really is, nor does she know she of whom her parents are. She knows the other servant woman as her family, for they brought her up, and wouldn't have it any different. Tess has befriended a stray black cat, who she talks to and understands when the cat meows back. She has dubbed him "Sir Kitty Blacktail of the Strayland Wood", or Kit for short.

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