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Character Profile: Ander Denaan

Nov 28 2006, 05:45 PM (Post #1)
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*Name: Ander Denaan

*Gender: Male

*Age(actual and how you appear): 139; looks 25-ish

*Race: Elf

*Occupation(optional): Tracker, Weapons Master

*Title: Lonely Rouge

*Physical Appearance(height, weight, body style, eye color, hair, skin, etc): 6'2 / 189 / Leanly muscular / Lifeless Gray eyes (Dark Elvish feature) / Shoulder-length jet black hair (tied back) / Lightly tanned skin, scars in various places on his body, including one that crosses his left eye and the right portion of his mouth ***

*Clothing: Dark green forest garb and cap with a red feather, adamant breast plate, brown leather gloves and boots, emerald sash with a golden coin holding it in the laces of his pants.

*Personality: Quiet and collected in familiar situations. Always alert, especially of danger. Quietly polite to women. Knowledgeable of the land and current events, as well as secrets and legends that few know.

*Strengths: Has mastered many weapons from swords to clubs to bows and javelins, spears, maces and rods. Has a will to match the Elvish King, Laevyn.

*Weaknesses: Shy around women, but otherwise no real weaknesses in battle. The definition of a literary hero.

*History(personal and family background, things in history that affect you): When he was young, he was nothing but a ranch hand for a wealthy lord. He grew up around children that were all at least 12 years his senior, so he had to get tough to withstand physical abuse and teasing. He grew up with a man named Deleron who was a master of the sword. From the time he was very young, he had sword training by Deleron. He became an adept swordsman by his adolescence, thus he was discovered by the captain of the ?Black Guard?. This man, known as Edal the Devil, selected Ander from a group of fully grown Elvish men. He dominated these older, taller men in tests of speed and strength. They were all stunned, all but Deleron. He knew that Ander was special. He had surpassed his teacher before he was finished learning. Edal took Ander to the Palace when Ander was 28. He lived his life as a soldier of the Queen?s Vanguard. He wasn?t a high rank, but Edal had informed him the promotion was imminent, for he was the most skilled of the bunch. When he was promoted a year later to Captain of the Vanguard, he was given free roam of the Palace. That next year, he was introduced to King Lartian and Prince Laevyn. Near the end of that year, he witnessed the Prince?s betrayal of his father in the poisoning of his wine. The King discovered him before Ander was fully aware of what he had seen. He was banished, exiled from the Kingdom. If he were to have come back, he would be beheaded. Now Ander roams both Elven and Human land, hunting to survive, and tracking for money. He has not yet stooped so low as to kill for money, but he is being driven closer and closer to the prospect by lack of customers.

*Weapons: He carries as his main weapon a rapier about 5 feet long from tip to pommel; it lies strapped across his back. This weapon is relatively thin, but not so much to loose power. His secondary weapon is a short sword that is half a foot wide at its base and tapers into a fine point for stabbing. He carries a short bow strapped under his sword and a quiver of arrows strapped to his calf for quick draws. He carries an array of daggers and a single, all-purpose hunting/ combat knife.

Show Smilies Pop Up Window | ?Enable Smilies | *Belongings and Favorites: He has very few non-essentials. He does, however, have a sapphire necklace that he was given to him when he was very young. He doesn?t remember who gave it to him.

*Family (deaths, alive, in trouble, hatred): Has no living family that he is aware of. His adoptive father and master Deleron raised him as a child.

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Nov 29 2006, 03:32 AM (Post #2)
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o_x get rid of the frickin asterisks and the "Show Smilies Pop Up Window | ?Enable Smilies | *"

Plus this thing goes in the profiles category
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Nov 30 2006, 02:23 PM (Post #3)
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If you mean the archive, go for it. But I can't post there, so xP.

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