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Character Profile: Damian, D Bladed Caster

Nov 29 2006, 03:16 PM (Post #1)
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*Name: Damian Senur


*Age (actual and how you appear): Actual age is 110, appears to be no more than mid-teens

*Race: Elven

*Occupation (optional): Weapons Master/Runes master

*Title: The bladed Caster

*Physical Appearance
Height; 6’1
Weight; 200
Body style; Well rounded and dexterous
Eye color; Black
Hair; Black and dreaded into locks it falls to his lower back and is usually tied into a tail of some sort
Skin; A light brown

*Clothing: A long black leather coat that fails to his ankles, a pair of fingerless gloves, blue long sleeve shirt, and black pants and black boots that come up about mid calf level. All of these articles of clothing have some sort of rune inscribed upon them to give them special qualities.

*Personality: Content, supportive, understanding, and peaceful.

*Strengths: Able to keep his cool under pressure.

*Weaknesses: saying ‘no’ to a friend in need.

*History (personal and family background, things in history that affect you): Known and loved by his friend and many others. Was around when the War started and doesn’t believe that it is necessary and not too wise throwing away such a good friendship between the 2 races. For the longest time he’s been in search of a way to stop the war and has been keeping it a secret from his colleges for the sake of all of his friendships human and Elven alike.
His family was a combination of both dark and light elf, which to say the least means the both of the parents were open minded. His mother was a scholar and Runes master, whereas his father was amazing one day after having practiced with both of them he realized he could combine the two practices into one and utilize the use of one to boost the practical use of runes in everyday life during this war and during combat as well.

*Weapons: Though he has been trained with every weapon by his father his weapons of choice are the two short swords custom made by him and his father. The two swords have been inscribed with runes. On the hilts of the swords there are runes of summoning in case he is a jam and can’t get to his weapons he can summon them from almost any distance when the word is spoken, the two can also be combined for a double bladed sword. One blade has the power of lightening and the other the power of Ice.
His mother taught him everything she knew about runes and he furthered this knowledge through travel.

*Belongings and Favorites: He has only two item that he keeps with and on him at all times an amulet with his family crest upon it, weather it holds any sort of magical properties his parents have not notified him of them, (Which is very likely). A bracelet also that is from his lost love. Where she went or why she left he doesn’t know but he is remaining faithfully for her return.

*Family (deaths, alive, in trouble, hatred): No family hatreds a mother, a father, both have taught him well in there fields of practice and a sister that is a little more hostile than he but to each there own he believes. Beyond his immediate family he has no knowledge

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