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THE WAR TO END ALL WARS: An Rpg, In the cold winter,

Dec 7 2006, 03:54 AM (Post #1)
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Pirate of Arabia

So far that's all that is in. As other's come, I'll add names to this list. You have two days to post, but as soon as some one posts, the next person can go. If we're all online, we can RP fast, and really get rolling


The streets of the city were as cold as ice on this foul winter night. The wind blew freezing, hardened chunks of sleet down towards the homeless and penniless in the alleys. It was an unforgiving winter, that drove the rats underground, and the noble into their halls. In the city, travelers nestled down into flea infested beds in lowly inns. But the food was hot, and the blanket was warm, so the crowds were large. Especially in one inn. The Rusted Wagon was known for it's boisterous crowds, warm hearths, and also for having bread with no weevils, and meat with no maggots. They were also famous for the wonderful entertainment that was usually there, from Storytellers, to Harpists, to Magicians. And tonight, this horrid, unrelenting winter night, a Bard of many tales was spinning his webs around the ears of all who listened.

" On this night of winter, I will tell you what happens in the distant lands,
The war that rages beyond our borders, ever rapidly heating to boiling.
It runs closer, than is beaten back, by 700,000 soldiers from the harsh borderlands.

it's a battle that will be yours, a war that will be with every individual.
Expect no mercy from the foe, whether they be friend, or enemy.
Each has lost it's compassion for mankind, and wish a pox upon you.

Many men will lose their loves, and many mother's their babies.
For this war will rage in the homes, of this fair city and all others.
Until the walls are raised, and the ramparts fall,
and all is buried in fire, and the dead lay hundred's deep.

The key lays in the Stones, but the path is a hidden dream.
The truth lies in the Stones, and no one can find the way.
But When the father's have the son,
and the path is wanted to be won,
a breathe in the right direction is all that's needed,

It will point the way, to the only possible place.
But the lungs are dead, and the lines forgotten.
And to find them is a lost drawing in a forgotten library"

The bard finished his tale, and left the room silent, with nothing to be heard but the hurried whispers of the children gathered around his feet. The crowd was enraptured by the tale, even the barkeep and his wife behind the counter. The tables were jammed with usually boisterous men and women, looking cowed and silent, almost worried. The barkeep, a man by the name of Wrand called loudly over the nonexistent noise," In light of this wonderful yarn, free drinks on the house!" And of-course, this drew the attention back to the bar, and soon the din of singing, dining, and conversation was back up to a normal level, perhaps slightly higher due to the free mead and ale.

From the corner watched a hooded woman, by the name of Arine Marien Darsot, the Captain of the Queen's guard. She was a woman who reached maturity fast, and is a great beauty at the age of 27. She sat passively at a table with one other person, a man, also hooded. The story had confirmed her beliefs that word of the skirmishes in the east had indeed reached the ears of travelers, and in turn, rumors now spread like the plague around the capital city. It wasn't necessarily bad news, but she hadn't wanted to have to deal with a public outcry, until she posted the draft... If one was absolutely needed. They have sent small emissary missions out to the east coast of the human territory to the Neutral cities, to attempt to squelch this elven up rise, but to no avail. No matter how many peace talks, and Ambassador meetings, the Elves seemed damn determined to march straight across the Human Territories and claim the ground underneath the capital city of Cullein. It was a bloody nail in her heel, and she did not need it. She glanced over towards the hooded man, and said plainly," They should be outside waiting by now, let's go," She stood, drained the rest of her flagon, and with her hand resting on the hidden pommel of her regulation sword, she walked discreetly out the door, shadowed by her hidden companion.

Outside the warmth of the pub, the blustery air bit into the exposed skin of her face and made her wish for warmer weather. But at this point, it was a blessing, for it did halt the siege the Elves were attempting to land on the human cities. Although, that means that her and the General soldiers would have as equally a hard time getting through, or harder. At-least they were on the defensive. But she wanted the war to be away from the cities. So, technically, they were almost on an offensive standing too.

She shook the cold off, and began to walk briskly down the street, followed closely by the man. Arine spotted her goal, a black carriage, pulled by two black horses, with a simple white insignia on the door, sitting by the curb of the alley way, adjacent to the tavern. She sighed, glad that the people inside the carriage had managed to get here on time, and were not delayed by the storm, or worse. She stepped into the alley, but stopped when she felt a familiar hand on her arm, and heard a small," Shh", whispered by the man she was accompanied by. She heeded, and saw what he was meaning. A group of foul looking men were huddling at the other end of the alley, staring at Arine with loathsome and hungry looks in their eyes. He stepped in front of Arine dominantly and walked to the carriage. She followed, got on first, and he climbed in after, and closed the door, locking it behind him. He said simply, " No need to be under-cautious during these times."

Arine nodded, and said, " Thank you." The carriage began moving, and she looked around it's interior for the first time. Two men and a woman sat opposite her, all garbed in thick woolens and furs for winter. Their faces were shielded by thin clothes, and you couldn't really be sure which was male and female, other than the slight difference in the cut of the coat. When Arine and her companion were settled, the three people took off their face masks, and pulled down the furred hoods.

" It is cold out there, Madame Captain. The passes through the mountains in the south were horrid, when we passed through them last month. I am sure they are nigh impassible now," The female of the group, a slightly insane missionary, part of a local religious fad, spoke of the mountain passes in the southern hemisphere. It was summer there.

"I'm sure, Madame Missionary. I will have someone check on it." Arine cleared her throat, glanced at the two men, her body gaurds, also fellow missionaries, then continued," You traveled briefly, and foolhardily, through elven territory, I am to understand."

The missionary nodded, and looked at her feet," I was just trying to get back here faster, figured it was faster to cut through, on our way from Fire Lake. We met only a few elves, but it was not a pretty sight. We lost Emmond then. After that, we pushed the horses until we got through the mountains to a village. Our horses died about five miles form the village, so we had to walk, to find help, and buy new horses."

Arine was disturbed by this. She had been hoping that the south was still calm. That it was just the dark elves in the north, and not the light elves in the south. But it seems that the rumors were true again. They are united under one banner, but blast her if she could think of an elf that is well spoken or powerful enough to do that.

She sighed, and looked directly at the missionary," Do not go back through the elven realms again. 'Twould be an unneeded attack on your life," She paused for a moment, to let it sink in before speaking again,," We will talk no more of this. I will contact you if I need to speak with you again on this matter. Please tell your driver to drive us to the castle, I will make sure you all have warm beds and full bellies tonight. Mead too, if you would like to warm yourself properly." She smiled, and settled into her coat, to enjoy a quiet ride back to the castle of the Queen Teroia.

When they arrived, she stepped out of the carriage first, and waited for everyone to follow.


((OCC: I'm not introducing Kyvella until my next post, so I can see how Uno moves his character. And the queen will come in due time. Odd, Your turn. And so it begins))

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Dec 7 2006, 05:03 AM (Post #2)
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((OOC: Oh snap...I can't decide whether I want to go first person or third person on this one, >_<....*flips a coin*...and I'm still a little lost about how things are going to work, so a nice intro post should suffice. I'm also going to play it safe, as I don't like to appear to be modding.))

General Dain Soldato of the human army stood outside in the cold weather awaiting Arine's return to the castle. He had been on edge ever since she had gone outside the castle walls, and wished she would hurry back with the missionary she had gone to meet. With the General were two castle guards and his 2nd leiutenent, Harper Levin, who had been sent with Dain to record anything notable that was said after the missionary's arrival.

Dain himself was only there because of the importance of the news the missionary would bring, if she had made it into town safely. His presence was not required, as Arine had already been assigned the job of meeting and looking after the missionary, but he wished to be there to save the trouble of having to send message after message through the castle hierarchy.

After what seemed like ages, but in reality was only a ten minute wait, a carriage appeared at the castle gate, and it was signaled from one of the towers that Arine had come back.

"I hope that missionary woman brought good news." Harper said in a tone that suggested empty hopefulness.
"Obviously so do I," Dain replied, "If we are forced to wage war with the elves in the South as well as the North..."

Dain's words trailed off, leaving the sentence unfinished. Harper already knew the importance of this meeting, so the General left his implications in the hands of Harp's imagination.

After another minute, the carriage pulled to a stop in front of the waiting men, and as the door opened Dain breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that both Arine and the missionary had arrived safely. Despite the carriage driver's lack of urgency, Dain had still been ready for the worst before the door opened.

Arine stepped out, quickly followed by her second in command and three others dressed in several layers of winter clothing, making both Dain and Harper somewhat jealous of their obvious warmth. As they all turned toward the apparent welcoming committee, Dain stepped foward.

"Welcome to the castle of Queen Teroia my good travelers, and thank you for coming here during such dangerous times." said Dain with the most convincing, yet still fake smile that he could manage, "I am General Soldato, and this is second Leuitenent Harper Levin."

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Dec 8 2006, 01:55 AM (Post #3)
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A ghostly figure cast its bent shadow upon the cracked, seared earth. The wind blew heavily, thrusting itself into the lone man that walked the desolate wood. The trees that surrounded him grasped at him like claws from gigantic crows. This man's name was known by many in the back country, but few elite folk who meant anything. His name was Ander Denaan.

As Ander made his way through the Forest of Songs he heard nothing of the beautiful, mysterious melodies that were said to sound in this once lovely wood. He now only wished to be rid of this loathsome forest.

By shear experience Ander knew he was near the edge of the Forest of Songs. He made his way South along the Elennis River, toward the Human capital, Cullein. Once he got there, he would restock on supplies, and try his best to find a business venture to pursue, although no one in their right mind would ever travel at this time of year.

Especially considering what was heading there way, assuming the information had reached the citizens. Hopefully he could reach the city before the fighting started.

Laevyn Larean, King of Elves sipped fine red wine from his golden goblet. He sat in his warm chamber with a leather bound book in front of him on a desk. He studied the pages with lust in his eyes. A loud staccato of knocks sounded at his door. He closed and cased the book in a satin bag, and then made his way to the door.

Laevyn opened the door to reveal his brother's somber face. He had the same serious look he always had, but he seemed to have an air of satisfaction this time around.

"What is it, Edal?" the Elven king inquired.

"We are ready, Laevyn. Our scouts have informed us that our armies have navigated through the mountains and have established a base from which they will mount an offensive. We are to attack on the morrow, be the weather less harsh," Edal explained.

"Wonderful! Come, my brother, and we shall feast in the Grand Dining Hall! This is indeed a glorious occasion!"

(( OOC: I'm not quite sure of location of either civilization, but since you said feel free to make up locations, I decided to feel free. stongue.gif Oh, and excuse my crappy writing tonight. I haven't really written anything in a LONG time. =_= ))

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Dec 10 2006, 10:59 PM (Post #4)
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Tess worked quickly, but efficiently in one of three rooms that were to be prepared for travelers that were coming that very hour at night. She had dusted, swept, and even shined the doorknob. After removing the white sheet from the standing mirror in the corner, Tess stopped and looked at the image staring back at her. A tall thin girl, with blue eyes and freckles stood there, looking very tired. Slowly she brought her hand up to the raven black hair and pulled it away from her ear. Unique...different...perhaps a little weird. Well, she thought that more than anything else. It came to a slight point, but not prominent like the elves. She heard the door creak and quickly let the hair fall back in place and turned to see who her visitor was. "Oh Kit, it's just you."

The black cat's large yellow eyes bored into hers.

"Don't you give me that look, of course I'm happy to see you!" She folded the white sheet that she had let lay on the floor and placed it into the bottom of the tall oak wardrobe, then removed another set to make the bed, which was bare. She threw the first sheet out, and let it billow over the mattress. Tess tucked the corners under and did the same for the second sheet. They were satin. Pure white. She went back to the wardrobe to get the heavy royal blue comforter and when she turned she saw the top sheet was riddled with tiny dirty paw prints.

She had gotten so red from anger the freckles were no longer visible on her face.


Tess could've torn a vocal chord. Her yell bellowed throughout the high ceiling room and out into the hallway. Another servant walking by peeked in.


She whipped around. Her look could've killed a troll on the spot. The servant made a noise that may have been a squeak , or perhaps a "peep", but she ran away too quickly for one to care. Tess turned back around to face Kit.

The black cat looked at her with stoic eyes, completely un-phased by the outburst. After a few moments of the staring contest, he gracefully leaped off the bed and sauntered out. Tess glared at his backside then remembered the "just-in-case" set of sheets in the wardrobe. They were blue.

A wave a guilt washed over her face, "Oh dear, I'm sorry Kit. I know! I'll give him some of the bread from dinner I couldn't eat, that'll cheer him right up!"

She changed the sheets in a hurry, placed the second set back into the wardrobe, finished making the bed, grabbed her broom and walked out briskly into the housing hallway.


"Hmm...That should be right...But why?" The deep, sultry voice of Swiift Talbroda has only been heard by few. In front of her lay an old battered wooden shield, cursed by a human mage. It had been brought to her by an elven soldier who killed the previous owner of the shield. Behind her grey eyes, her mind worked furiously to solve it's problem. No elf could touch it with their bare skin, or else they were burned. She leaned back into the plush cushioning of her chair and let out a heavy sigh. Another stare at the defensive weapon and "Ah...I know your secret." She grinned.

Swiift stretched her hand out over the shield and mutter an ancient phrase. After a moment, she placed the placid grey hand on the shield.

"Well done, another sad attempt by the humans to master dark magic. Tsk tsk tsk."

Outside a figure only luminated by the moon, walked hurriedly to the small yet cosy hut which Swiift resided in.

Her attention was drawn to the door. Someone was knocking on it. Swiift raised herself from the chair, threw on her cloak, put the hood up and walked to the door.

"What is your business?" Swiift said loud enough to be heard through the door.

A voice spoke. It was female, light and pretty. "Your big sister needs business to come visit you now?" The woman gave a light chuckle. Swiift opened the door to see Falina. Completely different in looks, Falina was very tall and thin, with bright black hair, and bright brown eyes. She smiled down at her little sister and gave her a hug. Swiift removed her hood and escorted Falina to the other chair across from the table were the shield lay.

"Who does this belong too? You are not an elf of war." She picked up the shield and inspected it. "Brelon's, he killed a human soldier and took it. It was cursed you know."

"Oh, and I supposed you, the Grand Dark Magic Master, relinquished it from the curse?" Falina asked jokingly. Swiift gave a small smile. Something she only does around her sister.

"Yes, if you must know, and I've asked you I don't know how many times not to call me that." She said flatly. Falina sat down and Swiift prepared some tea and gathered some elven biscuits.

"So Supreme Dark Lord of the Dead, what do you think of this...", she waved her hand about, "...war?" Swiift placed tea cups down for Falina and herself, then glared at her. "Would you please desist with these ridiculous titles?", she asked frustrated.

"Oh fine, fine. Be a wet pair of troll trousers...But I do wish to know your outlook on the war. I say we stand for what we know is rightfully ours!", Falina said with much gusto and pounded her fist down on the table, almost knocking the tea cup off.

The tea kettle whistled. Swiift took it from the fireplace and poured the water into the cups. She asked Falina to pick a tea flavor, after she did, Swiift settled down across from her sister and gave another heavy sigh.

"The war...the war. I see it as almost foolish on the king's part. I'm sure if a few of us were to enter the city, we could reawaken Celinor, without the loss of lives. I mean really, this gives me work if someone high in rank dies." They let the statement float through the air along with the relaxing aroma of the lavender tea.

After a moment, Falina peered out the window. "The stars aren't as bright as the were a few years ago sister. They speak of ominous acts that are about to unfold."

((OCC: So...uh, yeah! That's what I got!))

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Dantius stepped out shortly behind Arine and drew in a deep breath, then a long contented sigh, "I do enjoy the brisk winter winds, puts me in the mood for a good meal," He lifted his hood, adjusting his cloak. "I must take a look at how the training is going with the new troops, I'll meet you all back at the living quarters for a tankard of mead and some food"

Dantius, briskly walking towards the training grounds, he held his pendant, rubbing it with his thumb slightly.

"War...has the time come?"

He gently slips it back under his shirt. Upon reaching the training grounds, Dantius throws his cloak onto the branch of a small tree, exposing himself to the bitter cold.

"Attention!" He barks loudly "I'm sure you are all fully aware that we train to prepare for an attack on the Queen. You are all expected to be the best at what you do, to say the least, and this is why we train. We guard the queen not only because we love our home but, because we choose to; it is our job, and I expect every one of you to make the cut."

He paused, pacing left to right, inspecting each soldier.

"Such fresh faces...I would hate to see any of you, whom I took such time and care to train on my own, fall in battle. We have caught word that elven troops are gathering and preparing to go to war with us, and I'm sure you all have loved ones or some things you need to say or do, so best do them soon. At least some of you will die, and I'm sure none of you would want to die worrying about loved ones. That is all...dismissed."

Dantius gently grabs his cloak, and folds it over his arm, staring pensively at the troop's reactions before leaving for the mess hall to meet up with the Captain and the rest of the Queen's Guard.

On the way, he stoped at his own living quarters to drop off his weaponry and cloak. He again eyes the pendant. "I'll do you proud, Brother". He smiled and leaft for the mess hall.

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Sitting in his room, shirtless was Damian. An elf at the age of 110, his features did neither him or his age justice but his build was amazing none the less. Damian was working on the finishing touches of his swords. forged by his father and enchanted with runes by him and his mother, they were known by names of

'Lebed en menel, and wen Ore'

Damian finished inscribing the runes upon the blades of his swords and stood. He then looked at them, stood and tried them out. then he speaks out these elven words,

"Cam en Menel, Ore en wen"

As the first of the phrase was spoken the sword in his left hand began to glow and then cackled with lightening, and as the rest of the phrase was completed the other frosted over and seemed unnaturally cold, even colder than the fierce wind that howled outside. he then began to run through various motions with the blades and then when the blades were at what seemed to be the pinnacle of there capacity he pointed the iced blade at a practice dummy at the other end of the sparring room, the blade released what seemed to be a beam of frost hitting the dummy, it was frozen solid in an instant. Damian then pointed the other blade at the frozen dummy, the moment it was held still and had a target the blade released a bolt of lightening striking the frozen dummy shattering it to pieces. Damian exhaled with slight satisfaction and spoke again.

"Galand Ithil."

The blades seemed like normal swords now. Damian placed them into there sheaths and put on the rest of his clothes. As he dressed his father entered the room.

"so you actually intend to end this?"
"Of course I do, did you not take me seriously?"

His fathered sighed and glanced at the bracelet upon his wrist. An article of jewelry that never left his son's person. he heaved another deep sigh and then spoke again,

"Do you think she is still alive? Even if she is, do you still think she is waiting for you?"

Damian was putting on his coat when he heard this, he was about to put on his hat when he stopped and spoke to his father and said,

"If it were mother who had been one of the elves that discovered Celinor's existence and suddenly 'went missing' would you think it simple coincidence or would you think it were something . . . more."

His father didn't answer. He stood and waited for his son to turn to face him. Damian took his hat and walked toward his father and continued when he was close to his father, Damian and his father hugged one another and were gave each other there final goodbyes. Then his father finally spoke;

"I'm glad that Ive not swayed you, your quick thinking, fast tongue and even faster hands will help you in your travels."

They released one another and his mother was waiting at the door. She looked at him and said;

"Remeber we will always love you and we hope the best for you"

She hugged him as she said this and after a moment or two she released him and gave him a ring.

"Do not lose that it costed quite a pretty penny."

Damian thanked them both and hugged them good bye for the last time and was on his way.

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“And your name is who again?” Manipra was staring at a man tied down to a table, deep within some form of a dungeon. “I seem to have forgotten.” His voice was cold and calculating, an odd dagger of some wavy creation in his hand. The man, shaking and naked was being held down by leather straps, several foot long cuts across his body. Of course, they were in nonlethal spots. Such was the way of an interrogation.

“E…E…Emmond.” His voice was broken, and shaky. His hair had been seemingly torn off in clumps, and his scalp was bloodied. His eyes were bloodshot, and his skin was paler then usual. A mixture of sleep deprivation, irregular torture and a combination of other methods had left the missionary a broken man.

The room they were in was several hundred feet underground, an abandoned storehouse by some company or another. Regardless, it was private enough and far removed enough from civilization that Emmond wouldn’t have an idea of where he was at. Surely, it benefited Manipra that everyone had thought it was an elf who had captured the useless man. This broken man.

“W…who are you?”

“Sir Emmond, revealing myself to you has no harm.” Manipra’s cold voice echoed throughout the dark room, the roaring fire reflecting across his eyes. Those got damn white eyes didn’t help- he looked like something out of a horror story. “I am Manipra, Templar of the Silver Flame. You, good sir…seem to be forgetting something.”

“What’s that?” He trembled, his shaking eyes finally turning to Manipra.

The laughter emanated throughout the halls, Manipra’s eyes staring down to the forearm. He turned it over, looking at the marking. “You’re a missionary for the humans, my mortal enemies. Those callous fools who think that they can ignore the Silver Flame any longer; they’re going to meet their reckoning.” Manipra lowered the dagger once more, Emmond already starting to scream bloody murder. The dagger seeped under his flesh slowly, shredding off the skin of the marking. All that was left was the seeping wound, and the thrashing body of the missionary. “Goodnight, Emmond.”

The package had arrived by the next morning, by some interesting falcon-like messenger who dropped a package off. It was entitled to MADAME CAPTAIN ARINE, sent from her Non-Elven Admirer. A touch of romance never hurt anyone.

Sorry for the delayed and mediocre post swink.gif
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Democrats won 2006! YES!
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The forest was empty, but something was off. It was as if there should have been someone should have been there, but wasn't. Something about the shadows would nag a keen observer, but to the average eye nothing would be noticeable.

And then, into the silent trees came two sounds that changed everything. The first being the cry of a hawk, and the second sounding as though water were flowing into a ceramic vase. Slowly, from the feet up, the shadows condensed in one spot and flowed into a humanoid shape from the feet up. As the man was formed from nothing, the night became slightly brighter, and the observer would have realized that he had been the missing figure, had there been such a handy observer. But alas, there was not, as is the case with the most important decisions.

Tsar reached out to the low branch where the hawk had landed, and unstrapped the message attached to its leg. He read the coded message from his contact, and chuckled menacingly to himself. "So the war has been declared. The time to strike the center is at hand."

Tsar had secretly been desiring his own power. He'd had enough of doing the dirty work so that the gloves of the aristocracy remained clean. He hastily wrote the response, saying that he would head south, to Kren, so that his employer would be able to assist the king in reconiassance.

Tsar strapped the message to the hawk, and walked to the south as it flew away. Once he was certain that he was entirely out of the hawk's view, he turned north.
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Dec 20 2006, 01:49 AM (Post #9)
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Arine walked briskly across the paved stone courtyard in which they had pulled up. The castle loomed over them, a massive building, with stones fit so perfectly together, that ancient myth stated that it simply grew out of the ground, one solid stone. Which, could very well be true, as the castle had been here since pre recorded history. She stopped short in front of Dain, inclining her head in a slight nod,

" General Soldato, Lieutenant Levin, I trust everything has been taken care of in my absence? Room and food for our visitors prepared, all affairs in order?" She glanced at both men, looking stately and regal in their clean uniforms, and noticed lines of concern on both of there faces. Harper spoke first.

" Everything is in order, Madame Captain, as well as the new recruits for both the Queen's Guard and the King's Army have arrived, and are being prepped for training. The homage's have arrived from Bayview and Oceanmouth, but we are still waiting on the cities from the south. We have sent messages to the rulers of each of the reporting cities in the south, to inquire about there lack of support," He paused, glanced at the General, then continued," Also, a mysterious parcel arrived for you. We have done nothing with it, but we think it might be better to not have you open it, as it says it's from a 'non-elven admirer'," He finished and took a breath.

Arine pondered for a moment, and said simply," After I get our guests settled, have the package brought to me in the Great Hall. I will be there." She turned around, and looked to the Missionaries," Well, shall we get you inside and warmed up?" She smiled a brief, almost cold smile, and turned towards the castle.

The sky over head was the color of metal, a dull, chilling gray, and it contrasted sharply with the warmth of the castle. The air was a delightfully warm temperature, and smelled of lovely spices, pine and cinnamon. Bright colored tapestries, and paintings covered the walls. Arine motioned for the visitors to follow her, and she led them to the Housing wing of the castle, where she showed them the suite which was to be theirs for the remainder of their stay. It had a rather large anteroom, and three separate sleeping quarters, each with an adjoining water closet, complete with running hot water, bathtub, and flushable toilet. When they were all settled, Arine walked back to the door to the hallway, and turned and added one note," The name of your servant is Tess, she will be taking care of you. I will send her up to draw your baths and make sure you are all settled in. Good day." She stepped into the hall, and closed the door softly behind her. She spotted tess, peeking around a corner, her cat around her ankles and walked over to her," You did a good job, Tess. Draw there baths, and make sure they get supper." Tess nodded, and Arine lifted a corner of her lips in return.

She quickly made her way down to the Great Hall, poured herself a snifter full of high grade brandy, and began to trace a path on the floor infront of the fire that she could often be seen pacing. Arine waited for someone to bring her this package, which has been lingering in the back of her mind since Harper mentioned it. She didn't have to wait long, as she soon saw one of the messenger boys carrying an oilskin wrapped package towards her. The package looked ominous, even before she got a good look at it. It was tied shut with strips of rawhide that didn't look like they came from any beast. The tone of the flesh was too... pale. Arine shivered an invisble shiver, and took the package hastily from the boy, and turned him on his way, saying," Please find General Soldato, and relay him this message: I have recieved the package, and if I feel it is anything that needs to be discussed I will call a council. Thankyou." She waited until the boy was half way across the room before settling in a chair near the fire, that had a a good vantage point for viewing the rest of the room.

Arine quickly began to make a thorough examination of the package, and a sickly feeling slowly began to spread through her abdomen. The oil skin the parcel was wrapped in was oddly smooth, lacking the wrinkles that rawhide usually has. But she didn't see any sort of hidden markings or anything, so she went ahead and carefully opened the ties, careful not to rip anything, as she wanted it all examined. Inside was a small wooden box, rough hewn, and dark cherry in color. The latch on the front was a simple peice of iron, latched around a wooden post. She flipped it up, and opened the lid, letting it fall back until it hit the bottom of the box. She stared, jaw clenched, stomach flipping, at the contents of the box, before slamming the top shut, and walking briskly from the room. When she was far enough away from the Great Hall that she thought no one would hear, she doubled over, and spilled her dinner all over the floor of the seemingly deserted hallway. When her stomach was as empty as it could get, and all the dry heaving in the world didn't make any difference, she wiped her sleeve across her mouth and chin, and walked over to where she had heaved the box and it's packaging to the ground. Arine picked it up, swallowed bile that threatened to come up, and found a corner to collapse in. Her first instinct was correct. The box was wrapped in human skin, and the box contained nothing other than a sliver of skin, complete with the tattoo of Emmond, the missing Missionary. Arine groaned, and dropped her head into her hands, letting the box and wrappings clatter to the ground. Things just got very bad... very fast.


Kyvella stood before a crowd of youngsters, the newest editions to her ranks of mage-trained soldiers. These children were the cream of the crop, the top chosen, out of the hundred elf children born that year. The 20 or so children, half of them younger than the age of 5, looked at her with such wonder in their eyes, that it made her remember why she hated training. Half of these children would die, consumed by power, or the need for it. The power that the Elven mage's possessed litterally eats the caster alive, if they let it get that far. And the hunger for power can do just that. By the age of 15, 10 of these children would be lost to the depths of insanity, and well. She was never allowed to know what happened to those children. The elders took care of it, and she never found out. But she knew. Everyone knew. She took a deep breath and smiled kindly at the children, running a hand through her short, bright gold hair, and regained her composure.

" Children, I want you to ponder everything I have told you about today. Speak to no one of it, and come back to me with logical solutions for each of the problems I have presented you with. You're all dismissed." Kyvella watched each of the children walk away, with sorrow in her eyes. An old man walked up behind her, and put his gnarled hand on her shoulder.

" Those children are our greatest asset, you know."

Kyvella turned, the sorrow in her eyes turned to venom." These children are our prodigies, and we are turning them into war machines!" She crossed her arms over her chest, and straightened her spine.

" That matters not. You know of the war that is upon us. You have walked the human lands for many years, and now are back, and giving us your talents in the way we need them. Give up this foolish hope of talking away the war, and realise that the land that your beloved human's have settled on is ours, and ripe for the taking!"

Kyvella, her eyes spitting venom at the old man, said simply," This war will kill both of our races, then were will we be?" She turned, and walked swiftly in the opposite direction that the children had gone. Ky walked straight into the forest, and didn't stop until she reached a place where a great tree had fallen, and the sunlight fell on the leaves of the forest floor. She climbed up on the stump of the tree, and sat, meditating, and praying to who ever was listening that she would be able to help save the races in danger, as well as to protect the lives of the precious children, who would lose there minds and lives to this war, a war that she was involved with whether she wanted to be or not.

After sitting upon the ancient stump for many hours, the sun had dipped lower than the tree line, and the moon had begun to rise behind her. She was far from her home, and thirsty, so she spoke a simple word, and a large drop of water appeared in front of her face. Kyvella leaned into it, and drank it deeply, sucking the suspended drop into her mouth, quenching all thirst.

She jumped off the stump, and landed feather light on the ground. She began to jog through the trees, picking up speed as she went, the sun sinking lower and lower, until the darkness strangled her, a child of the light. She reached the safety of her own home, a simple house, built into the trunk of an old oak tree, and swiftly got into bed. Tommorrow, she decided, Tommorrow she would start to work on a way to fix this.

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((OOC: Disturbing, but not as bad as I thought it would be. At least now I can take a liberty or two. sbiggrin.gif))

Of all of the thoughts racing through Dain's head as he walked back to the castle with Harp, there was only one that represented any immediate problems. Dain had personally witnessed the arrival of Arine's package, and had jumped to several conclusions just by looking at its strange appearance. He had plenty of experience with 'warnings' from opposing forces, and the package could have been a prime example of just such a thing.

Following behind Arine and the missionaries, Dain was suddenly reminded of a larger threat that was close at hand. He would have to try not to think about what the package could be. Besides, he thought, if there was anything important in the package, Arine would immediately notify the Queen and himself.

When Arine split off to lead the travelers to Housing, Dain and Harper continued straight on to the mess hall for an early dinner before reporting back to the stations. On the way, the Lieutenent could no longer hold his tongue.

"Should I let her open that package by herself?" he asked quietly, with a hint of embarrasment.
"Better question," Dain replied without hesistation, "Do you think she would even let you?"
"Good point sir," Harp said, "I'll get a messenger to take the package to her, but please let me know if she tells you anything about it. I'm very curious."

The General let out a short laugh, and after an honest "I will", the conversation ended with the two soldiers moving to their own spots in the food lines.


Later on in his quarters, Dain sat alone alone going over maps of the area around the city. Most of his previous battle strategies had been based on offensive strikes, and since there was a seige awaiting the city sometime within the next few days, he no longer felt confident with his defensive ideals.

"Dammit, there are too many points to defend with our military alone." he muttered to himself, "We'd need help even if the castle guard joined the efforts."

Dain had not told anyone about the flaws he had found in the layout of the town and castle. He felt it would be too demoralizing to tell everyone how dire things looked with so little time left to fix things before the actual seige began. With no news about the situation in the South besides the meager report from the missionaries, the General felt trapped and helpless.

He tossed down the layout he had been examining and sighed discontentedly. Then without warning he grabbed everything in front of him and swept it all onto the floor.

Dain stood up and walked to the door, trying his best to put on a confident face. Arine had already opened the package, and though Dain still had no idea what it had contained, she had called a late meeting. It was time for Dain to meet with Harper once again and get ready for the council.

He had already decided that Mia would be the servant he would bring, so he quickly left the room in search of the girl. He would meet Harper last, who was to have woken the missionaries, and together the group would go to Arine's anteroom.
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((OOC: I gave the messenger boy a name, hope that's ok.))

Tess waited for the Captain to be completely out of sight. She looked down at Kit and said, "Alright, you're going to have to back to my room now. When I'm done making the travelers feel comfortable, I'll give you a little treat!" Kit nodded and started his way off towards the servant's quarters. Before he made his turn around the corner he stopped and looked at Tess in a beckoning manner. She looked at his puzzled. Tess quickly, but quietly shuffled her way over to him.

"What's the matter?" She inquired. Kit faced her completely and sat himself down, his gazed shifted towards the right side of Tess' head. She raised her eyebrows questioningly and looked behind her.

"What is it? Is there something there?" Tess looked the black cat again. He kept his gaze on the right side of her head. His right ear flicked. Tess, still befuddled, quickly realized what he meant. She hurriedly made her way over to one of the decorative hanging mirrors on the wall. She gasped sharply. Just peeking out from under her hair was the tip of a very unique ear. She fixed her hair.

"Do you think Madame Captain saw?!?" She asked in a hushed worried tone. Kit slowly shook his head "no." Tess gave him a weak smile. Kit stood up rubbed himself against Tess' leg and purred. She returned the affection with a stroke by her hand to his back.

"Goodnight to you too Sir." Kit slinked around the corner and Tess was alone in the Housing hall. She made for the first room when...


A boy collided with Tess. Both were tossed to the ground along with a small package that flew out of the boy's bag. Tess stood up and helped the now recognizable messenger boy up. "Walten, are you alright? You shouldn't be running in the halls." Walten brushed himself off.

"Thanks Tess. I'm in a lil' bi' of a rush. Need to ge' this package to Cap'ain Arine." He opened up his carrier and searched for the tiny morsel. "Oh no! Where's it gone too?!" Walten practically had his entire head within the bag looking for it. Tess noticed it and picked it up. It felt odd. Smooth, and a bit oily. It didn't smell to pretty either.

"Here Walten." He looked up and a wave of relief washed over the boy as he took the package and shoved it into his bag. "Wouldn' know wha' I'd do withou' you Tess." He smiled a big missing toothed grin and hurried off.

Tess watched him go and turned to room number one.

"Back to work now Miss Baarche." She said to herself and knocked gently on the door.


Two cloaked figures walked briskly though the snowy woodland. Swiift and Falina Talbroda made their way to the city. Falina told her younger sister that their parents wished to see her and that they had good news for her.

"I don't see why this couldn't wait until spring! The cold is deathly bitter! My toes are frozen! Falina, are you listening to me?!" Swiift was not happy about this wonderful little trek through the wintery landscape.

"Yes, yes Master of the Warmer Seasons, I'm listening to you whine like a child. I did tell you to bring boots." Falina lifted her cloak and dress revealing boots covered in a thick fur, stopping just below her knee. "You know, all the elfling girls are wearing them! They make me feel young again!" She let her cloak and dress fall back to the ground. She smiled stupidly at Swiift and began walking again. Swiift stood there aghast at her sister's new found love for material things. She huffed and followed after Falina.

They walked for about an hour more making small conversation about their brother, Twibik, who didn't speak to Swiift due to his inability to not become a mage and his jealously towards Swiift because she was one. A small clearing appeared in the wood.

"Oooh, the path!" Swiift ran for it. There where several paths leading back to the city, but they all stopped abruptly when they came too far into the wood. These paths were blessed by the elders to never fade or be hidden. Swiift plopped herself on the ground and rubbed her feet with her hands, attempting to warm them. Falina stood there watching her and cleared her throat. "You are a mage sister, why not just use magic of some sort to warm them." Swiift glared up at her older sibling. "I am well aware of what I am and what I can do. Just because I happen to be a mage, though I do not like the term, does not mean I use magic for situations like this when it is not needed." Swiift stated in a mater-of-fact tone and continued massaging her bluer than usual toes.

"Fine, fine. I daresay we could move along faster if you did and get out of the woods." Falina started off down the path, leaving her sister on the ground. Swiift stood up, brushed off the dirt from her bum and caught up with Falina.

"Alright, I'll just walk it off then."

The sisters had about another hour to go until they reached the city. "What kind of good news could mother and father possibly have for me? The last good news they gave me was when they told me I was being sent off to learn magic. And that wasn't that greatest thing to hear at nine."

"Dear sister, you will see."

((OOC: Kay.))

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Damian was about half way to town when he heard a noise coming from the left of him deeper into the wood. He did not react to the sound too tough as to not give his follower any hints or signs that he knew of his presence. He simply continued and when he felt the time was right he stopped for a moment and quickly moved to a tree about 30 feet or so back, then suddenly looked down to see what it was. There was a bush that rustled and quivered with his blade half drawn he drew back the bush to find family of rabbits. He sighed, blinked and said;

"This is no place for the likes of you . . . “

He stopped to look up at the cloaked figure that was now standing in front of him and spoke again;

" . . . or you."

The figure drew its weapon, it was a large fulblade, a sword that could double as a shield and a offensive blade. The being what ever it was moving as if not human or organic for that matter. Damian stepped forward and spoke the words in plain English so the being could understand.

"I warn you I am not one to be attacked for the blows will be returned."

As he said these words, his swords were drawn and at the ready. The figure jumped forward with quickness that would rival most great fighters, with his blade wielded behind him. There wasn't even enough time for it to finish the swing before Damian was behind it with both swords sheathed. The figure straightened itself then proceeded to prepare for another attack. Then suddenly the head of the figure fell from its shoulders allowing the cloak to fall to the ground revealing that it was no more than suit of armor. The suit did not fall though, it continued to attack. Intrigued, he simply waited and dodged the attacks waiting for the suit, to test its speed and strength. When he brought up his swords to block he was pushed back quite a ways he recovered by doing a back flip and slid about 5 feet when he said


Damian raised his hand and ruins began to glow and then suddenly blast of energy released itself from his hand disintegrating the suit. Damian walked over to the head of the destroyed suit and picked up the cloak seeing if he could find some sort of clue as to who sent it, not many knew of his new conquest. It wasn't until that he picked up the cloak and saw it; there was an insignia that had a silhouette of a heavy suit of armor in red with a black background. He knew who this came from. ”There is only one person crazy enough to create something like this.” he thought to himself. He spoke the name aloud;


He picked up the rabbits and continued.

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Arine picked herself up of the ground, and held her stomach, surprised at herself. She was the Captain of the Queen's guard, leader of the resistance of this castle, and the second most highest ranking official in the country, only slightly outranked by General Soldato, and here she was, huddling in a corner in a deserted corridor. The fact that she threw up was bad enough, but she still felt wobbly in the knees, and her stomach as in knots. The skin in the package didn't bother her.. much. The package was from someone of non-elven decent, which means that the humans were divided.. Or another race had joined in this war, and not on the side she would have liked.. But who? They kept they're identity hidden. And it was written in the common human tongue, which Dwarves rarely knew, and the only other races were some half-breed's that were shunned from society centuries ago and currently lived in the mountains. But the humans were at peace with them now. They had a beautiful culture, a melting pot of Human, Elven, and Dwarven ways. But that didn't change the fact that there is a missing component to the war that no one had seen, and again changed the odds, which had already not been very good for the humans, as the Elves had many many mages, and the Human's only had so many of skill.

With a hand on the wall, Arine made her way to Dining Hall, where she knew Harper and Dain would be dining at this time, as they usually did. The Dining Hall was in the basement of the castle, so she took back stair cases down, as to avoid people. She didn't feel like having to explain why she looked so pale and drawn to anyone. Except the General and his Leuitenant. By the time she got down to the Hall, servants, soldiers and other random people were slowly starting to filter out. Arine spotted Dain, seated near the back, and walked over to him, slowly, trying to regain as much composure as she could. When she reached his table, she noticed that he was sitting with Harper still and they were deep in conversation. She cleared her throat and said simply, keeping her voice as level as possible, " We have new threats of enemies. I need to call an emergency council, but there are only certain people that I want to show up. I need both of you, as well as the servant girl Tess, and another servant of your two choice. Don't ask questions right now. I believe the Missionaries should come too, so they will need to be roused. Meet me in my anteroom in a half hour. " She turned, and briskly walked back out the Dining Hall, careful not to make eye contact.

When she reached her quarters, she told her servant, Jusin, to leave out a bottle of wine and 8 glasses, and then to leave and not return until the room is empty of everyone except her.

(( I know it's short.. But I think we should rapid fire RP this council, so we can start a direction. I'll only need Jeanette and Odd, for this council- Hojo.. if you are here, you can jump in on this... because you do play Arine's second and should be there, but if not, okay- I will announce Arine's plan in council, and Odd, do me a favor.. bring Mai as that other servant))

(( For the Council, posting order shall be determined by who is talking to who. Odd, you go next, then jeanette, then I'll go, and from then on, who ever you talk to in your post shall go until the council is over))

(( Kyvella will come more when we bully Uno and others into RPing.. Otherwise.. we might all have to double up with some elven characters, but those who are left, I know we can handle more characters... or recruit. I dunno)
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((I had to edit my last post to match up with this one, but no was only a couple sentences. Mia it is.))

"An emergency council? What in the world for?" quipped Mia, the always curious intellect of the castle.
"I would tell you if I knew, honestly." replied Dain, smothering the urge to poke fun at her current state of mind, which always put a look of perpetual discomfort on her face, as if she had just inadvertantly sat on a spider.
"You're lying." she shot back, clearly not fooled, as she shut the door to her quarters.
"Not completely." was all Dain could come back with.
"Is it more bad news?"
"We'll both find out in a few minutes."

The pair walked down the hallway, with Mia trailing slightly behind, both trying to look as professional as possible. When they reached the set of stairs that would take them to the Arine's floor a short time later, they found Harper and the three missionaries waiting for them.

"The Leuitenant said he did not know what this meeting is about." said the female missionary the moment Dain made eye contact with her, "Is there yet another dark cloud on the horizon?"
"I'm sorry, but Harper was not lying to you. This meeting was arranged by the Madame Captain, whom you met earlier, and we are just as uninformed as you are."
"How unfortunate." she said, not bothering to hide the disdain in her voice.
"Arine is waiting for us. We should continue on our way." Harper stated hurriedly.

His words were enough to break the tension and get everyone moving again. Dain and Harper took the lead, with the missionaries behind them and Mia following at a small distance.

A few minutes later, the group arrived at Arine's anteroom.

((This should be fun, stongue.gif.))
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Tess was making her way back to the servant's quaters when she heard her name coming from the opposite end of the hall. It was the messenger boy Walten. She stopped and waited for him to catch up to her. Once he did, he caught his breath and gave her a big smile.

"I 'ave a message fer you from General Soldato. He says the Madame Cap'ain wishes t'see you."

Fear struck Tess at once. Did she do somthing wrong? Did the Captain find out about the ruined sheets? Or did she really see her ear peeking from beneath her hair? "Oh, well allright Walten, lead the way," she said a little shakily.

They walked to their destination almost in total silence. The only noise that was being made was from the squeaky soles of Walten's shoes. After about five minutes they ended up in front of two large wooden doors. "Well Tess, here you are! Good luck!" He left practically skipping away. The lump that had formed in her throat seemed to have grown larger. She raised one thin, quivering fist and gave the right door a small knock. She heard whispers and then a female voice.

"You may come in Miss Baarche." Tess knew it was the Madame Captain. Tess grabbed a hold of the doorknob, took a deep breath, then stepped into the room. Six sets of eyes were on her. The three missionaries, the General, the Leuitenant, and her fellow servant Mia. Mia gave her a small wave and a smile. Tess returned her greeting with a weak smile. She took a seat next to one of the male missionaries. Captain Arine was facing away from everyone staring out the window. Tess fiddled with her precious keepsake in her pocket waiting for someone to speak.

((OK, hope it's alright I made the captain speak B.))

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