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Profile: Dantius Ruttok, Becca's RP

Dec 7 2006, 06:07 PM (Post #1)
Hay guys!
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*Name: Dantius Ruttok

*Gender: Male

*Age(actual and how you appear): 31 (appears 31 also)

*Race: Human

*Occupation(optional): Vice-Captain of the Queen's Guard

*Title(s): Vice-Captain, Trainer, Bodyguard

*Physical Appearance(height, weight, body style, eye color, hair, skin, etc): Standing over the Captain at a height of 6,1", Dantius, weighing in at a fairly heavy 210lbs from muscle and slight fat. Broad and pale with fairly long arms. Pale blue eyes with a slight brown towards the middle. Dark brown hair, shoulder legnth, tied back into a ponytail but slightly rebellious around the fringe.

*Clothing: Wearing his usual uniform (Blue tunic with black pants) along with a steel chest plate, gauntlets, greaves and boots during battle, outside of battle regular brown leather boots are worn along with his cloth uniform.

*Personality: Due to something of a troublesome childhood, Dantius has a hardened heart, but also has a strong sense of duty as a result, making him very protective of anyone he feels needs to be protected. At times he can be somewhat vulnerable when it comes to family issues. But other than that he is a pretty normal person with likes and dislikes.

*Strengths:Strong will, hihg sense of awareness, physically strong, skilled with a sword, strong sense of duty.

*Weaknesses: Over works himself needlessly, family issues, cares too much for the unfortunate.

*History(personal and family backround, things in history that affect you): At the age of 12 Dantius lived without knowing the love of a mother, living with his Father and little brother in the woods, hunting for food and clothing gave him the skills he would need in the present day. One night when Dantius was out on the hunt he heard a scream coming from their wooden cabin and ran home to see his father standing over what looked to be a mutilated younger brother, needless to say he was frightened at first, but after the look he saw in his father's eye when he turned towards him forced him to defend himself with the shortsword handed to him for hunting. This left Dantius alone with his thoughts, he could live alone just fine after about a year of mourning, even burying his brother and feeding what was left of the father to the wolves. Years after that he applied his skills to get a job in the royal guard, eventually he worked his way up to vice-captain of the queen guard, and has become very proud of his job.

*Weapons: A simple steel shortsword he had since his childhood, has a brown wooden hilt and dark brown leather sheath with a steel tip, attached to his belt on the left. A 4,7" steel claymore, tempered in oil giving it a beautiful sheen even when covered in blood and dirt, worn strapped to his back, also engraved with strange runes said to be the names of previous owners of the sword

*Belongings and Favorites: His sword, his uniform, his claymore and a small pendant once owned by his little brother.

*Family (deaths, alive, in trouble, hatred): His father, taken by his own hand as vengeance for his dead brother, not ever knowing his mother he never knew much of a real family.
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