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Poker Masterclass - Lesson 0, Overview of Lessons

Jan 12 2007, 10:32 PM (Post #1)
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Poker. It's a funny old game isn't it? Despite it's stigma, poker is not technically a game of chance or a gambling game, but in saying that, it is not necessarily a game of pure skill either. There is undoubtably a random element in the turn of the cards, which means a complete novice could beat a pro in any given game. However, over the course of time, (say 100 games), the pro would undoubtably defeat the novice around 90% of the time due to his skill in the game.

The first thing to point out that this guide is not, not, in anyway claiming to turn you into a Phil Hellmuth overnight. All I aim to do is teach you the basics of poker, then it is up to yourself to go out, practise and learn more to become a victor instead of a loser.

The Masterclass Lessons which I will cover in these guides is as follows:
  1. The rules of the game.
    1. Hand rankings.
    2. Setting up a game.
    3. How to play.
  2. How to play your cards.
  3. How to play your opponents.
  4. Bluffing, double-bluffing, triple-bluffing...
  5. Poker speak.
  6. Poker discipline.
  7. Poker odds, and other useful numbers.
  8. Other poker games.
  9. Where to play poker.
    1. Online.
    2. Offline.
    3. The WSOP.
    4. The WPT.
  10. Poker celebrities.
  11. History of poker.
  12. Further reading.
It should be noted that this guide will deal primarily with No Limit Texas Hold 'Em Poker, which will be explained further in Lesson 1-ii ssmile.gif
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