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Story of the Year - In the Wake of Determination, 6/10

Jan 17 2007, 06:40 AM (Post #1)
Masked Insanity
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Artist - Story of the Year
Album - In the Wake of Determination
Year - 2005
Running Time - 47:59
Producer - Steve Evetts
Members - Dan Marsala (lead vocals) - Philip Sneed (Guitar, vocals) - Constable Willis (Drums, vocals) - Ryan "The Nose" (Guitar) - The Skull (Bass, vocals)
Track List - "We Don't Care Anymore" / "Take Me Back" / "Our Time is Now" / "Taste the Poison" / "Stereo" / "Five Against the World" / "Sleep" / "Meathead" / "March of the Dead" / "Pay Your Enemy" / "Wake Up the Voiceless" / "'Is this my fate?' He Asked Them"

Review - This album is the first that I have listened to by this band. While I can't say I hated the album as a whole, none of the songs really jumped out at me, and I even had a difficult time figuring out exactly how to classify this band. Before I can accurately determine how good this album is, I must listen to their other works. The best songs on the album are "We Don't Care Anymore", "Taste the Poison", and "Meathead".

Summary - This album is good for the purpose of having their music only, so try not to expect any kind of "wow factor".
Score - 6/10
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