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Breaking Benjamin - Phobia, 8/10

Jan 17 2007, 06:42 AM (Post #1)
Masked Insanity
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Artist - Breaking Benjamin
Album - Phobia
Year - 2006
Running Time - 46:44
Producer - David Bendeth
Members - Ben Burnley (lead vocals, guitar) - Aaron Fink (Guitar) - Mark James (Bass) - Chad Szeliga (Drums)
Track List - "Intro" / "The Diary of Jane" / "Breath" / "You" / "Evil Angel" / "Until the End" / "Dance With the Devil" / "Topless" / "Here We Are" / "Unknown Soldier" / "Had Enough" / You Fight Me" / "Outro"

Review - This album proves the band has changed a lot since the days of their first album (Saturate), which was the band's first and last attempt at breaking out in the Metal genre. Since then they have become an almost pure alternative rock band, and they need not regret their choice to change. This album, while it doesn't beat their second and more popular album (We Are Not Alone) that featured the song "So Cold", is still a great addition to my collection and would be for anyone else who bought it. It combines the intensity of their first albums with a newfound respect for the singing ability of Ben Burnley. The best songs of the album are "The Diary of Jane", "Evil Angel", and "Dance With the Devil". The album also is their first to start and end with instrumental-only songs.

Summary - If you had any respect for the band, you would not hesistate to buy this album. It is well worth the money.
Score - 8/10
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Mar 18 2007, 02:19 PM (Post #2)
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Excellent work. I like your layout for CD reviews so I'm not going to change anything. Keep it up ssmile.gif
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