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Online Game Review: Hockey Showdown

Jan 21 2007, 02:11 AM (Post #1)
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Game Name: Hockey Showdown
Type: Online
Genre: Sports
Arrow Keys: Skate
W: Pass/Steal
Q: Shoot/Body Check
E: Speed Burst
Space: Choose player closest to the puck

If you like hockey, you might enjoy this game. However, be warned that this one only involves 2 teams -- the United States and Canada, leaving more to be desired if you want to play with another country.

The game itself is a camera looking down on the action. The graphics are very simple, and the game moves very fast. This is probably a game that you could play for 15 minutes, then get back to working on a term paper or whatever else.

All in all, this game is all right, but the lack of other teams certainly leaves more to be desired. I would recommend it, but if you're not Canadian or American, maybe you should search harder. Perhaps you could get NHL 07, from EA Sports?

Rating: 7/10
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