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Godslayer Online, a mmo version of GA

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Jan 26 2007, 03:39 PM (Post #1)

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Ok I am working on an online version of Godslayer's Awakening right now called Godslayer Online and it should be out by the next few months or weeks if everything goes the way I planned it to go.

The game will be able to support over 300 players. With a clan league/guild creator, housing for characters and clans, and monthly held tournaments thrown by me and other leaders of the game as well.

There will be over 20 classes that will branch out on the way the player levels up and goes through the ranking scheme that I had help with. The game will also boast the ability to have 15 players in a clan and 5 in a group for missions that will involve the mind and the players teamwork skills as well. The maps will be about 250 and more when I finish with the game. All of the maps will have a particular quest or areas for the players to congregate on as well.

There will be two different factions of players:
1. Jinyu which is the good natured players
2. Taruks which are the bad natured players of the game.

In clan battles, when a group of Jinyus attack a Taruk player such as a 5 on 1 game, the Tarukian player can withstand on his own against about 3 of them but will have trouble later on when the players are more advanced in the ranking.

Also in the game you can have pets or beasts that will attack the enemy as well as help you with item carraige as well. You can also summon spirits for your aid as well as to attack the monsters or enemies.

So if you guys like this game ideas then post it in here or tell me if you hate it as well. Be truthful as well.
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