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Character Profile: Lealle Laeranir, First character stat sheet

Jan 28 2007, 09:08 AM (Post #1)
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Name: Lealle Laeranir

Character Nickname(s): Lina

Gender: Female

Age: 36

Race: Human

Relatives: Father, mother, and a younger sister.

Occupation: Royal Guard of the military, in command of one of the five Ladesian outposts.

Title / Rank: Field Marshal

Physical Qualities / Appearance: Lealle stands at roughly 5 feet 8 inches, although in her officers regalia she appears roughly 6 feet tall. Military regulations stipulate that she must maintain a certain body type, so regular exercise keeps her physically fit, and she weighs in at 129 pounds. Fair of face with eyes of gray-blue, black hair adorns her head and falls just shy of her shoulders with a few bangs falling in front of her face, but for the most part she keeps her hair tucked behind her ears.

Clothing: The Ladesian military has different battle gear depending on the rank of the soldier, and as a Field Marshal Lealle is entitled to the more ‘elegant’ raiment which consists of a golden lamellar faceguard, chest plate, pauldrons, gloves, boots and legplates. Each officer is required to carry an insignia on their shoulder and usually wrap a dark blue cloak around their back, the Ladesian family crest rests on the cloak itself.

If Lealle isn’t in her uniform she can usually be seen wearing a fine tunic, or rather a long shirt, the hem of which falls a bit below the belt. Fine patterns adorn the tunic, and is a piece of clothing usually reserved for nobility. She wears a normal belt that holds up her loose pants, and smooth black boots are on her feet.

Weapon: She carries a swiftblade nicknamed the Frostguard. While not a ’legendary’ sword, it is nonetheless of great importance and has a history all of its own. The sword came into her possession after her outpost successfully slaughtered a marauding caravan of Orcs. Apparently the Orc caravan had pillaged an ancient city of the Elves and brought with them long forgotten treasures. Lealle took for her own the Frostguard, and it has been in her keeping ever since.

Miscellaneous Items / Trinkets: Officer Insignia, a silver bracelet that she wears around her wrist, and a turquoise pendant that she wears around her neck.

Personality: Respectful and obedient, Lealle could not have achieved her position if she didn’t respect her superiors and treat her subordinates with equal respect. Fairly cheerful the majority of the time, she has been known to experience fits of rage and at other times you’d find more cheer in a graveyard.

Background / History: The Laeranir family is one of the few families in Ladesa that contains some Elvish blood, although the amount is practically negligible. Her great-grandfather was one of the masons that helped design and construct the current Castle Keep, and as such her family has retained a certain ‘status’ among the nobility. Her father, Adeled, is the current scribe of the King while her mother, Temaia, is one of the Queens chosen handmaidens. It was only fitting that Lealle choose a path for herself that bound her to her country, and so she chose a life of military service. It is more than likely that her current rank in the military could be attributed to her ties to the monarchy, but she has proven herself on more than one occasion to be a tactical genius and overall strong defender of the regions. Currently she is stationed on one of the five regional outposts, those being the first line of defense to the country.

History of Ladesa: Humanity had evolved in many ways over the centuries. In fact, there soon became apparent splits within the species, one of which evolved on its own to become the fabled Elvish race. While not immortal, the Elves were nonetheless more mystical than their human counterparts. Each race grew stronger, more technologically advanced, and yet more spiteful of the other. Wars broke out, and in time each race was brought to the brink of annihilation. It is a sad fact that tragedy often brings people together, and so from the ashes of the many wars the two began to finally work together. Society recovered, and currently both races exist somewhat peacefully on the planet.

The Humans founded Ladesa, a thriving center of culture and human ingenuity, a realm devoted to the Light and towards ethical studies, while the Elves fortified themselves in Gaia. There are various cities and regions between each two power poles, but hegemony so far has been preserved.

*I plan on coming up with character sketches since I have nothing else to do at college, but anyways I hope this sufficient ^_^;
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Jan 30 2007, 07:22 AM (Post #16)
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^^ Just letting you know I read it.. and while I have no credentials at passing out rp licenses (you have one, anyway =P)... you win the awesome award. The Sulk will now dance for you *dances*
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