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Character Profile: Harper Levin

Feb 22 2007, 05:57 AM (Post #1)
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Full Character Name: Harper Row Levin

Character Nickname: Row

Age / Date of Birth: 26 / n/a

Class / Job: Soldier and Officer / 2nd Leuitenent

Gender: Male

Relatives: His father is deceased, and his mother is a tough bartender in one of the many pubs around the castle. He has one younger brother (19) that is currently finishing his training for the military, but plans to join the castle guard.

Height / Weight: 6'1 / 175 lbs

Other Physical Attributes / Appearances: Harper is somewhat lanky, being over six feet tall and a good bit under 200 lbs, but otherwise is a looming and intimidating presence. He has short black hair, except in the front, where he lets it hang down over his hazel eyes. Harper also has a small, horizontal scar across the bridge of his nose.

Mental Attributes / Personality: Harper is a very decisive person that hates to be unsure of something. He sees things in very black and white terms normally, and will pursue his beliefs until he is either proven right, or completely shot down. When he is on duty, he is quiet and somewhat withdrawn unless something comes up that is interesting to him. Harper is no genious, but he is very far from being dimwitted.

Background / History: (to be revealed as the story progresses)

Equipment / Clothing: Harper carries a long knife across his back at all times, and while in the field he carries a one-handed straight sword at his side with a bow and quiver slung over his back. Besides his formal garb for wearing around the castle, Harper usually wears chainmail vest under a sleeveless black shirt, with dark blue pants and black leather boots, along with a dark blue overcoat like other officers.

Other Information: Harper works under General Soldato, though he doesn't report to him directly. The two are loose accquaintances that respect each other, but are not truly friends. He also has a crush one of the Queen's servants (to be named later).
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