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The Sealing, The Trans-Dimensional RP

Mar 21 2007, 01:26 AM (Post #1)
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The Sealing: The Trans-Dimensional RP


Alternate Universes. The concept, and its implications, have long plagued the minds and writings of science fiction authors. What makes one reality superior to another? If someone was to find a "Mirror Universe" version of themselves, what would they be like? Inner dark sides made manifest, or the light of hope, shining true. Anything is possible. The unexpected, made real.

Four years ago, a group of scientists from the Federation made a breakthrough in their understanding of the space-time continuum. They found evidence suggesting the existence of a parallel universe, undoubtedly full of resources that could be used to destroy the Empire once and for all. Work immediately began, in an attempt to artificially open a wormhole that could breach the gap between the dimensions.

The Federation
Deep in the heart of Federation territory lies the planet Sol 3, sometimes called "Terra," or "Earth." The Federation believes this to be the planet of human origin, and as such, has placed their seat of government here. Believing in the equality of all humans, they have established a Senate to oversee the workings of their society. Each senator is elected from the world they represent.

Homeworld: Sol 3
Ruling Body: Senate
Economy: Socialist
Official Colors: White and Blue

The Empire
The Imperial Palace is located on the planet Akar 4. Their society is built upon a highly structured caste system. Directly under Royalty is the class of Military Officers, followed by Merchants, Soldiers, Citizens, and underlings. Military Officers include starship captains, generals, and special forces agents, as well as military scientists. Merchants represent the aristocracy, whose lineage, at one point, may have included actual merchants. Their families have long been on good terms with the Royal Family. Soldiers are enlisted members of the military. underlings are lesser beings suitable only for resource collecting, waste management, and ship cleaning duties.

Homeworld: Akar 4
Ruling Body: Emperor, Royal Family
Economy: De facto Communism
Official Colors: Black and Green

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Mar 27 2007, 03:06 AM (Post #2)
The Emissary of Chaos
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((Okay, maybe if I make a post first...))

Ebrin looked up in alarm. "Raddik 4!? That's the center of Lord Siran's systems! We're talking about severe breach of security here! Impossible!"

Captain Recar stared blankly back at him, through the holographic projection of the Lord's palace. "Believe it, Parlen. The Federation has stolen the designs for our new Hydra Starfighter, and inflicted heavy casualties upon the garrisons there."

"But that's due mostly to the 'reconfiguring' of the environmental systems, correct?" Ebrin didn't wait for his answer. "Neurotoxins..."

"There's more, Parlen."


"Take a look at this." He pushed a button on the table. The image of the complex zoomed in to a remote hallway. The events of last night were played out before them. An orange smear traced a small circle into the wall using a high-powered cutting laser. Upon breaching the wall, two of Siran's soldiers could be seen randomly spraying the area with laserfire. The unidentified orange smear evaded their uncoordinated assault and dispatched them on contact. The images paused. "What do you make of that, Ebrin?"

"A cloaking device, sounds simple enough."

"Think about this, Parlen. There was only one intruder."


Now safely away from the compound, within sight of the Semva Starport, a visual distortion worked its way up a grassy hill. The blurry image stopped and leaned up against a tree. A deep, obviously technologically altered voice softly commanded, "Deactivate cloaking device." The figure became visible, clad entirely in a white and blue armored suit. The agent reached up and felt for the helmet mounted comlink.

"Viper to Alcatraz. Mission success. Awaiting pickup."

A voice replied, full of static, "They're on to you, Viper. A new fleet just entered planetary orbit. It's only a matter of time before we're all discovered."

((Okay, now you have some concrete places, and a better idea of what's going on.

Extra stuff:
Siran: Viper's first enemy
Viper uses stealth/poisons, manifesting itself here with cloaking/neurotoxins
Alcatraz: Viper's base of operations

Remember, mirror universes tend to reuse names of people and things, as well as the characters' personalities!))
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