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Armageddon RPG - Phase 2, The RPG

Mar 21 2007, 09:28 PM (Post #1)
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Phase 0 - The Register
Phase 1 - The Chat
Phase 2 - The RPG
Phase 3 - The Timeline

Armageddon RPG Phase 2

Please read Phase 1 - The Chat before going any further. And remember, no signatures or out of character chat in this topic please.
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Apr 15 2007, 11:17 PM (Post #16)
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Tuesday 13th March, 1:36pm

Banter dropped me off at the front entrance. I check in and go directly to my room. Exhaustion set in.

Too lazy to unpack, I only gather my sleepwear. Black boyshorts and matching tank. I let myself collapse onto the bed.

Age 16, seventeen years ago...

"Well Miss Volkov, out of all our applicants, you recieved the highest test scores." Mr. Willows shifted in his chair. He's an Englishman. "Now, we do have another in mind, so this interview will determine if you will join us."

I left the room. For two hours I sat and chose my words carefully. In all honesty I had no idea what I had applied for. The test was vauge. Math questions, science, literature. I don't understand.

The Head Master at my boarding school suggested it to me.

My letter of acceptance had arrived at the school before I did.


I'm panting heavily, I taste rust. Blood.

Demetri's mangled body lays infront of me.

Tuesday 13th March, 4:02pm

I jolted awake due to the scene that settled behind my eyelids. My dreams are memories.

I will never get used to them.

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