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Cinema - Premonition, 6/10 - 2007

Mar 24 2007, 11:06 PM (Post #1)
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Title - Premonition
Year - 2007
Director - Mennan Yapo
Writer - Bill Kelly
Starring - Sandra Bullock, Julian McMahon, Nia Long, Peter Stormare
Running Time - 110mins
Official Website -

Take Memento. Take Pulp Fiction. Take Twelve Monkeys. Each film has a cult following, each film deals with mental problems, and each film is told in a non-linear fashion.

Now, you have the basic idea of what Premonition is all about. A woman wakes up, her husband dies. She wakes up the next day, her husband is alive. Next day, dead. So on and so forth, until she figures out that she is jumping back and forward in time.

Is this the result of delusions? A guilty conscience? A pyschotic shrink feeding her weird drugs?

The film, surprisingly, manages to juggle all these balls - is our main character losing her mind and killing her husband; who is that mysterious woman in the background; and the crow?; and the cuts?; and the pills?!

The suspense is generally kept up for the entire time, and the writer and director do an excellent job of mixing in elements of the previously mentioned films as well as a few genuinely scary moments and a dose of love story.

But while they succeed for the first half/three quarters of the movie, things slowly begin to fall apart. First, they try to introduce some half-assed story about religion and sin. Then there is all the guff of another woman, and our main character begins acting a bit more mad when she figures everything out than she did when she was confused. And don't even get me started on the closing scene. I was utterly disappointed, and I think you will be too.

This is a decent showing, mixing elements of "chick flick" for the ladies and elements of suspense and scares for the men. A decent film to rent with your girlfriend/boyfriend and thoroughly enjoyable, however I'd advise missing the last five minutes completely - the ending is the bittersweet taste to an otherwise delicious movie.

Rating - 6/10.
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