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Cinema - School For Scoundrels, 9/10 - 2006

Mar 24 2007, 11:42 PM (Post #1)
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Title - School For Scoundrels
Year - 2006
Writer - Todd Phillips, Scott Armstrong
Director - Todd Phillips
Starring - Billy Bob Thornton, Jon Heder, Jacinda Barrett
Running Time - 100mins
Official Website -

After the horror that was Epic Movie, it is refreshing to see that someone can still cater to the teenage audience and do it right.

From the man who brought us Old School and the believable remake of Starsky & Hutch, Todd Phillips hits gold again with School For Scoundrels.

The basic premise is this - are you a loser? If so, you'd better hope your friend has the number for Dr P, a man who, for a fee of course, will show you what it means to be cool.

Get rid of your personal organiser. Get rid of your geeky ways. Get rid of your inhabitions, your fears and your honesty. Dr P shows you how to get dirty, get successfuly and get the girl.

But what if you learn too much from the man? What if teacher, becomes learner?

This movie takes the basic "geek tries to get the girl" story and gives it a major twist. Most of the story pits Dr P against our hero Roger in a cat and mouse game to see who can get the girl and claim rights to the title of coolest of them all. This is brains against.. well, brains, in an all-out battle of comedy, friendship and romance.

Featuring an excellent camero from Ben Stiller (an actor I find it hard to like), this is a true romp in teenage comedy and wackiness. The only shortcoming is the ending, but believe me, after all the twists and turns of the main plot, a little stretch of the imagination is asking very little by the end.

The pace of this movie is brilliant - it begins slowly, a few jokes here and there at Roger's expense, but not much else. But as we begin to grow closer to the characters, the movie picks up pace, and by the end you will be left bewildered by everyone's true intentions. An excellent performance all around, well worth renting but perhaps with little replay value, unless teenage comedies are your preferred choice of movie.

Rating - 9/10
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