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Wednesday 13 - 29th March 2007, The Garage, Glasgow, UK

Mar 29 2007, 08:34 PM (Post #1)
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First off, I was late getting to this gig as The Garage is infamous for its long queues and young kids trying to sneak in drunk holding things up. Unfortunately, it is also infamous for putting on good bands far too early. Such is the case that I arrived at 7:15pm, in just enough time to catch two songs of The Poisoning's (8/10) set.

However, two songs were enough for a band already well-established in my mind as an excellent Glaswegian band. Having added a double-bassist to their maddening punk/goth sound and look, the band were getting met with a strangely cool reception from a crowd seemingly identical to the band's sounds. The reasoning was clear however, as I began guessing the average age of the audience - somewhere around 13. These kids simply don't realise yet that it isn't "cool" to boo the support bands.

At any rates, they guys leapt into their new material with typical fury, getting as far into the crowd as the security banners would allow. A pity I missed most of their set, and a pity most of the crowd weren't getting into the show. definitely a band to look out for (check out their links above, please).

Next up were McQueen (6/10). I only caught a few of their songs as I was downstairs helping The Poisoning shift some of their merchandise, but from what I caught of them, McQueen have definitely improved. Their music is astounding, and they were only let down by a bass-heavy sound mix and a below-par vocalist. This is an interesting all-girl outfit that shouldn't be pigeonholed by their sex. The guitarist in particular is a talent to look out for in the future.

Finally, the headliners Wednesday 13 (5/10 hit the stage to utter euphoria from the crowd - or, rather, half of it. It seemed most of the audience was made up of little girls and boys accompanied by their parents, who dominated the back of the floor holding their pints and looking on disapprovingly of this 'satanic' frenzy being whipped up by the band.

Wednesday 13 are okay at what they do. Personally speaking, Murderdolls was the best incarnation of the W13 show, and this point is highlighted by the original versions of past Murderdoll songs (think of it as Murderdoll covers as I am not going to explain the entire W13 history to you right now). Frankly, the performance of these hits (Twist My Sister, Graverobbing USA) traded off the catchiness and funness of the Murderdolls versions for extra speed. It was still met with emphatic roars from the crowd, and pitiful moshpits, but it was clear to see that this was not a band I was ever going to enjoy live. Their stage presence was like that of a failed 80s glam band - big hair, guitar w*nkery and scowling faces. One to miss. unless you are a huge fan. And judging by the faces of most of the young crowd last night, if you are a huge fan you would have loved it.

Overall Gig Score - A below-average 4/10 for personal enjoyment and an average 6/10 for music and stage-show.
Band of the Night - The Poisoning.
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