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Madden NFL 07: PC

Apr 1 2007, 03:09 AM (Post #1)
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Game Name: Madden NFL 07
Producer: Electronic Arts
Genre: Sports Simulation


Back for its 15th year, Madden NFL 07 goes further than previous years by providing greater depth in the sport of American Football. With great graphics and excellent gameplay, this game is surely to entertain one for hours, whether they are a football fan or not.

In this game, all 32 National Football League (NFL) franchises including all NFL Europe teams are represented and playable in exhibition mode.

You can also play on rookie (very easy), pro (easy), all pro (moderate) and All-Madden (difficult) modes.

New Features: Superstar Mode, Run Blocking

There are two features in this version: One is a new and vamped up version of Superstar mode and the other is the new run blocking feature.

The run blocking feature is new. In this feature, during a running play, you take the role of another blocker, allowing the Running Back get through the hole. I found this feature to be fun to work with.

The Superstar Mode is back again for its 2nd year. Making its debut in the 2006 version, the Superstar mode in 07 goes further by bringing up the camera view towards the player, to make it seem like the player is literally in the game. The vantage point is interesting and definitely makes it seem that way -- but you are more vulnerable to a sack.

In Superstar mode in Madden NFl 07, you start out as a rookie -- you choose your college, your position and even your parents, from their IQ to their job and everything in between. You even choose how you look as Madden NFL 07 offers over 100 combinations of hair and skin. Once you finish this part, you get into workouts with certain franchises that need people at your skill position. From there, you get drafted and your (hopeful) trip towards the NFL hall of fame begins!

You can also import players from the game NCAA Football 07 and NFL Street.

Franchise Mode

Franchise mode allows you to take control of one or more NFL franchises and take them to the Super Bowl. In Franchise mode, you have the power to hire and fire coaches, waive and sign players and draft new players when it comes time. Good luck!

Training Camp

Training camp is where you perfect your skills. If you score high enough in the drills, you unlock game situations.

My Thoughts

I have played many Maddens (06, 2004, 2002, 95, 97) and found this game to be fun, but like any sports sim, repetitive. The graphics were excellent and taking my superstar through superstar mode was fun too, as my skills in American Football are anything but pro-level in the real sense. If you are a hardcore sports fan, I definitely recommend this game. If you can't afford to buy the regular version, get a demo or borrow it.

Score: 95%
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