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yourcodenameis:milo - 30th March, 2007, King Tuts, Glasgow, UK

May 1 2007, 06:49 PM (Post #1)
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I must say, I was a bit apprehensive about this gig. I haven't seen yourcodenameis:milo in several years, and it is no understatement to say that the last (and first) time I had seen them was a life-changing gig. ycni:m proved to me that night that there was still plenty of originality left in bands, and I had endeavoured from that day to seek out all their albums and to see them in a smaller venue than The Carling Academy.

The former mission I had completed with honours - I had all their CDs, EPs and a few singles, and had bought their latest album a few weeks ago. I must say, I was a bit saddened with the results. Although "They Came From The Sun" is a great CD, I initially felt it paled in comparison to 2004's "Ignoto", and the songs I had heard demo'd a year ago.

Regardless, I was still much looking forward to the performance of the night. And all my fears and apprehension was washed away the second Charlotte Field (8/10) hit the stage. Blistering the smallish crowd with what can only be described as some mad hybrid of Meshuggah and Rage Against The Machine, Charlotte Field hit us all with a sound so heavy and deep and utterly mind-blowing that it made their paltry 30 minute set feel like 30 hours. An amazing sound, based around a grooving, repetative bass line, bizarre dual-guitars randomly smashing you in the face with brain-warping riffs and a manic drum beat keeping it all together with the most original fills and rolls you will ever find, Charlotte Field excelled in everything musically. Their only downfalls were the vocals, which became the usual incoherent screams towards the end of the set, and the lack of audience interaction, although unusally for an opening act they did make the crowd laugh at one point, with the bizarre announcement of "this song is named after my cat... meow!"

Next up were The Victorian English Gentlemens Club (10/10) with a lot to prove. Not only were they playing to a sometimes hostile Scottish crowd with a very English moniker, they were also following an amazing opening act which left many jaws on the floor. Oh, and most of the band are women. Needless to say, the crowd were suspicious of their credentials to say the least.

To say that TVEGC rose to the challenge wouldn't be quite right. To them, there seemed to be no challenge. They handled the crowd, their music, their attitude and style with non-chalance and the air of success that so very few support bands can pull off. Barely a few songs into their set, you wouldn't be surprised if it transpiredthat TVEGC were in fact the headliners tonight. There was masses of headbanging, a lot of cheering and clapping and all the while the band pummelled through their immensely catchy, yet mental, music with the grace of royalty.

The members are all perfect compliments of each other. The drummer was very energetic and bouncy, pulling faces of shock, awe and pain at all the right moments; the frontman was rather reserved, but played his part well without the usual egotism of a frontman; and the bassist/vocalist had no problems in moving around the stage - either to the front to make herself the focal point when needed, or to the back to allow the other members to shine. This three piece acted as one coherent unit.

Their music defies description. I could compare them to a female We Are The Physics. I could say they mixed indie, pop, disco and punk. I could say a multitude of things, but nothing could do justice to the actual songs. The best thing I could say right now is, if you ever get the chance, go see these gals and guy live. If you don't, then the next best thing would be to scoure YouTube for their videos, a few of which are found here (Video for "Impossible") and here (Video for "Amateur Man"). With enough support, this band could be dominating the world soon.

Finally, all fears erased by the utterly brilliant support acts, the only thing left now is yourcodenameis:milo. Wait, the only thing? That is right. The support bands were great enough to merit their own gig. But this night wasn't for them, it was for yourcodenameis:milo (8/10). Racing right into several songs from new album "They Came From The Sun" certainly didn't help the crowd wake up from the stun and awe of the previous acts, however as soon as "17" from "Ignoto" was played, the audience came alive - bouncing, headbanging, screaming, singing, smiling and grooving - and never stopped until the end.

In quick succession, past and present greats like "All That Was Missing", "Understand" and "Schteeve", ycni:m never let up on the energy or excitement. The only time they really paused was to tease us with news of their new single, for which they were shooting a video the very next day. Before long it was time for the closers of the set, the amazing "Rapt Dept" and "Titan Grip" from "Ignoto" and finishing with the brilliantly manic "All Roads To Fault" from their first EP of the same name. An hour's worth of almighty music left everyone in the crowd dazed, tired, deaf, exhausted and happy. Mission accomplished.

Two great opening acts, an eclectic main band and plenty of catchy, original and honest songs - there is nothing more you can ask for in a concert, except for it to have lasted even longer.

Photos - Taken by my friend Stephen.
Overall Gig Score - 10/10 - with the exception of the deteriation of the vocals from Charlotte Field, and Paul having messed up a few words here or there from the ycni:m set, this gig was nigh-on perfect.
Band of the Night - The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club.
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