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Lieka Whitetooth (Profile)

May 22 2007, 04:15 AM (Post #1)
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So I was bored, and found this after I did some digging around. I wrote two profiles to be graded and went with the other one (obviously). Yeah, so out of more bordem and low activity, I've decided to post this.

Profile Content:

Full Character Name: Lieka Whitetooth

Character Nickname: Lie, La-La, Youngling by her grandmother.

Age / Date of Birth [If known]: 19, born under the first blue moon of the harvest month.

Class / Job: There is no class where Lieka is from. She collects clams from the sea bed then sells the pearls within them. It's not really a job, but it gives her enough pay to help her grandmother out.

Gender: Female.

Relatives: Lie's only living relative is her grandmother, whom she calls "Tia". Her grandfather passed before she was born. She once had her parents, Bor and Ashkia, and an older brother, Luka. Her father and brother were killed in a short war over land and sea between another tribe. As for her mother, she grew ill, and died a few months after them.

Height / Weight: Lieka stands at 5'9". She weighs around 150 pounds.

Other Physical Qualities / Appearances: Living on a beach all her life, Lie's skin is tanned in the warmer months. During colder months, she stays indoors and her skins goes back to a pale shade of a gray-turquoise (all of her race is the same way). Her hair is so blonde, that it is white, no pigment is left in it. Lie's hair is long and in layers; she cuts it herself with a sharpened seashell when she is bored. She usually wears it down, or sometimes in a loose braid. Her face is neither long or short, but just right, with sharp features. Kind of aerodynamic. Her eyebrows are arched, but still have a soft look. They change color with the season like her skin; blue-gray in the cold, white in the warmth. Lie's nose is small and thin, her lips are shaped more like an oval, and also change with her skin. As for her eyes, they are where the differences start. Though they appear to be like the rest of the world's, a lovely shade of periwinkle, long, dark lashes, and almond shaped, but they also bare a second set of lids. Transparent, they slide from the corner, near the tear duct, over her eyes once her face hits water, protecting them. Along with the transparent lids, Lie's toes are webbed. For some reason, her fingers are not, but no one knows why. It sets her apart from everyone else. Lastly, behind her ears are a set of small gills. They seal themselves shut when she is on land, so she can breath properly, and open up when she is under water. Now when she dives, her body is designed to resist the pressure of the water, which normally could crush a regular human. Also, it is almost completely hairless, except for her hair and eyebrows which were already mentioned, to make her more streamlined when swimming. Her and her people are known as "Homo Icthyus" or fishmen. As one of these people, she was marked as a baby, over her breastbone is a tattoo of her tribes symbol.

Mental Qualities / Personality: Lie is the tribe's sweetheart. She's gentle, kind, happy, loving, and care-free. She helps anyone out who needs it (unless you don't deserve it). Lie loves everybody, well almost. She sees the beauty in everything, even in death. She is told her smile can brighten up anyone who is in a dull state. Overall, no one can feel down when around her. She listens to your troubles and gives you the best advice she can. Now she doesn't let off how intelligent she is. She is one of few women in her tribe who can read and write. Lie reads everyday, a different book from Tia's library (it was really her grandfather's). Most are about history, some about different cultures or politics, others are "how-to-do" books, while some are fables of legendary men who couldn't breathe under water. With all of this knowledge she has taken in, she hopes to leave her tribe and become a scholar.

Lie believes that the ocean speaks to her and she can speak back. She says it has emotions. You can sometimes find her laying in the tide, singing a song to portrays the same feeling the sea has at that moment. This belief that the ocean can speak isn't so farfetched. A few others, years before Lie was born, have claimed that they can speak to the ocean. The first were cast out of the tribe, but the last one was believed because he predicted, well says the ocean told him, that a giant wave was coming. He urged all of the tribe to leave, and they finally did, when they noticed all the animals started heading for higher land. When they returned, their home was destroyed, seaweed everywhere, dead fish, and coral only found in the deep lay on the beach. Lie waivers the thought of letting her tribe know of her ability, only her grandmother knows.

Along with her ability to feel the ocean, Lie is telekinetic. Most of her tribe is. Some of the elders have lost the power to do it because of old age, but children as young as five can begin to move things with their mind. If it's used too much, it can cause terrible migraines. Some of those who completely abused it have gone blind.

Background / History: Lieka belongs to the Keewi tribe (no relation to the fruit). They resettled on the shores of Shugha Isle, after losing the war. Lie was six when she, Tia and, Ashkia had to relocate. For most of the 13 years her and Tia have lived on the isle, it's been relatively quiet. The one thing that would be worth mentioning was when some regular human men floated onto the shore. None could remember what happened exactly. Stories were thrown from their mouths, some about a rival fleet, others about a monstrous creature. Both seemed likely. All the men spoke of a war they were involved in, which explained the rival fleet. While admitting to the possibility that cannon fire brought them down, some say they saw a large shadowy mass swimming around the ships. Such action occurring on the surface would attract many creatures of the ocean’s deep, even the big ones. Massive fish, squid, rays, and assorted crustaceans rival the biggest of whales off the shores of Lie's home.

Lieka feels that it is time to leave the comforts of her home. She told her grandmother of a place where she can expand her learning. Tia has give Lie her blessings and wishes for her to go. Lie has made enough of a profit for her grandmother to exist on for a short while and has asked a neighboring family to keep Tia company while she is gone. She will be leaving with some of the young men who are off to learn as well. Lieka is the first woman to be allowed to leave. Many stay for their husbands or fathers, but since Lie has neither, she is free to go.

Equipment / Clothing: Lieka is usually shoeless, but sometimes wears simple slip-on sandals. In the warmer months, many people wear little as possible, clothing can cause drag and make them heavier in the water. Lie has several haltered tops, that tie around her neck and back and stop just below her bust line. Each are bright in color. Her bottoms are cut just enough to cover her bum and ride low on her hips. These also come in assorted bright colors. She has two wraps she wears to cover herself up a bit as well. During the colder months she dons a heavy woven white shawl over her halters and has some longer skirts that pool at the bottom of her feet. Lie has bangles on her wrists and some bands tied on her upper arms. When she leaves to learn, she plans on switching her attire to whatever seems the be common among those her age.

She carries with her a bag/pouch that she uses to collect pearls and shells with. Lie also keeps a sheathed dagger, which as her father's, so open up clams. She thinks it's a poor way to handle something of her father's, but she has no other use for it.

Other Information: Lie has no secrets, but can keep one for you and will take it to the grave with her. She hopes that she will quickly befriend some other people she will be learning with. Tia gave her a keepsake, a ring made out of pink coral, unfortunately it's too big so Lie will keep it in her bag along with some extra pearls (which she plans on using to bargain with), and her father's dagger.

Yay, someone was totally watching Water World.

Here's a sketch -
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May 22 2007, 04:46 AM (Post #2)
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Very nice.
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