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The Final Judgement - Chapter 3

May 26 2007, 07:03 AM (Post #1)
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"At least someone was nice enough to give me a welcome." I said to the Arch Angel, bending down and picking my knife out of the demon's eye.

"You must have many questions that need to be answered." He said.
" s*it."
He frowned, "I believe," he said, "that I liked you better when your soul was separated from your body."
"What?" I said as I turned back to my bed, noticing that, indeed, there was an empty space on the bed where my body should be laying.
"Ok," I said, "Now I have even more questions."
I waited for a response, but got none, so I continued, "Who are you? How did you get here? How the hell did I get here and how am I in my physical body? I don't know if you knew this or not, but that most definitely defies the laws of physics...not that I care but it is rather perplexing."
He nodded his head slowly, as if processing my questions in his head. No doubt, this had to be difficult to explain, even for an Arch Angel.
"My name," he explained, "is Raphael. I am an Arch Angel, a Cherubim, and a proud member of the Heavenly Host."
"Hmm..." I said, as if any of that information really explained what was going on.
"As for how I got here," he continued, "I think it's quite obvious. The question isn't really how we got here, but why we're here, isn't it?"
I concurred.
"They're after you, Michael. They're after all of you..."
I cleared my throat, "After all of who?"
"Everyone who knows. Everyone who's been here before, everyone who knows the secrets of the spiritual world we currently stand in, everyone who's used energy in some form or another...whether it be from themselves or from God."
"Oh, really?" I said, believing that I was royally screwed, "So, that huge demon was trying to kill me?"
"No..." Said Raphael.
"No? Then...why__"
"Because," he explained, "because he wanted to take you to the Academy. Now, before you ask, the Academy is a concentration camp of sorts. They torture you there while training you for combat, in hopes that you will crack and they can use you in their army. Those who don't crack, of course, are put to death. You will see similar concentration camps in the physical world."
"Is that so? Well...then why did they want to take me to a spiritual one, rather than a physical one?"
"That," he said, "is a good question. The truth is, the spiritual world means more to you at this point than the physical. If they can make you crack spiritually, then they have you, whereas if you crack physically, they will have gained nothing."
"Wait," I said, "who are "they" "?
He shifted a little, took a deep breath and said, "Lucifer, the legions of Hell, and the physical factions that wish to trick you into worshiping Lucifer rather than God."
I thought for a moment. "The antichrist." I said at last.
He nodded, "Yes, that would be correct, Michael. You catch on fast."
"Thank you," I said, wishing that his complement made me feel better about the whole matter, "but one question still remains unanswered. Why were you here to protect me?"
He shifted again, "I'm here because of what you were able to do to that demon there, and," he paused as he adjusted the strap connected to the sheath of his sword, "because you were my friend at one point in time. I convinced God to let me come down here and protect you, so you can be used in our mission."
I laughed, "This just keeps getting odder and odder as I keep talking with you." I sat down and pondered for a moment. I couldn't believe I was sitting there, talking with an Arch Angel about a heavenly mission. I was always a tough guy, but this...I was definitely not prepared for something of this magnitude and importance, knowing that since it was a heavenly mission, the fate of mankind would be resting in the balance, as per all heavenly missions. I looked up at Raphael before I made my next statement, he was a patient Arch Angel. He just stood there and looked at me, as if pondering what I could be thinking at that point in time and how he was going to respond to whatever statement I made, but he was not pushing me to make one very quickly.

"What is it you ask of me, my friend?" I said at last.
He smiled, "Many things, Michael, but first," he explained, "we must find a way to keep you here for a long enough time for you to be of use."
I cocked my head to the side, "What do you mean?"
"Well, your normal physical life requires you to wake up at a certain time. If word gets out that you're missing without a trace from the physical world, because you're here, that would be bad."
"Yes," I said, "I agree. So what do you suggest we do?"
"Tonight," he said, "tonight we need to find the artifact. It is a special gem that can freeze and unfreeze time in the mortal world."
"Hmm..." I said, "An artifact like that must be extremely hard to find."
"Not really," he said, "I know exactly where to find it. The problem is getting it."
"Oh," I said, "you'll have that."
He ignored the remark, "And I can't get it for you, either."
"Well, why not?"
"Because if I touch it, then only I can control it. You need to be able to control it whenever you need to. I can, however, tell you what you need to do and teleport you near the area where it is located."
"Wait a minute..." I said, "I may be mistaken, however, from what I'm getting out of the context I have a reason to believe that you're not going to be joining me on this mission."
"No," he said dryly, "I'm sorry, I cannot. I am an Arch Angel and I have many things I must do to prepare for other missions."
"Ahh, I understand...I think."
"Good," he said, "these are dark times and you need to be aware of the seriousness of your situation and of mine."
"Ok," I said, "Tell me what I need to do."
He crossed his arms and smiled, "I knew I could count on you for this job." He then opened up a pack on his left side that I hadn't noticed before, searched through it and found a map. "Here." He said as he handed it to me. I opened it up and studied it. It was a simple map of three levels of a fortress of some sort. On the map were the locations of hidden passages, guards, and of course my ultimate artifact.
"The path marked on there," he explained, "is the safest path you can take through the fortress to get the stone."
"Ahh, I see. But how will I get out?"
"That," he explained, "will be solved by this." He then took a pendant out of his pack. It was a small, silver pendant that was round with a blue gem in the middle of it. He then handed it to me and I put it around my neck.
"That pendant is made out of Rhaelstone. It is a special stone found near here that, when blessed by God, has magical properties. This particular one will teleport you back to your home in the physical world, after you get your pendant or if you're about to meet with...unfortunate circumstances..."
"Lovely." I said.
"Do not worry, my friend. Have faith in God and you will be fine. One more thing before you go, however, is that we need to teleport to your friends' home."
"What for?" I asked him.
"You should have someone accompany you on your mission. Someone you trust and will find to be useful to you."
I thought about that for a moment. I wondered who could be the most useful to me when it came to this. I thought about who had good fighting abilities and experience in this particular field. I paced the room for a while, making my friend wait a little longer.

The truth is, I've never been put in this kind of situation before. I didn't sign up for this, either, so it's not like I had an idea of what to do before I got stuck with this situation. I had believed, however, before this happened that the world was coming to an end, and I had been right about that fact. However, I couldn't have predicted that I would be sent on missions for an Arch Angel...missions that might make or break God's ultimate plans. I swollowed. I felt as I was really in over my head here, as I stepped in the pool of blood that was left by my last choice encounter with a demon. I looked down in disgust, found a towel in the room and cleaned off my foot. I thought back about how I had killed that demon.

I wasn't a warrior by any means, and I didn't kill that demon like a true warrior would. I attacked him with a knife while his attention was directed toward Raphael. As in, he wasn't expecting it and it wasn't, by any means, fair. However, that is how I was going to survive, I deduced.

"Raphael," I said, getting his attention, "I'm going to need some things."
"Like what?" He asked.
"Sneeky things..." I responded.
I had once met a man a few years ago, in a substantially easier time in my life, that swore he knew an Arch Angel. He had written lessons in books that, for obvious reasons, were never published, that contained lessons on how to let the Holy Spirit enter your body and how to manipulate energies to be a warrior of God. He was stuck on it for years, and might still be today. It was very odd, I must add, to see a rather out of shape man do a jump kick that, according to the constant ranting of Tim, was severely misplaced. Anyways, I bring up this random thought because, being here with an Arch Angel really started to get my brain thinking. Perhaps men like these shouldn't be dismissed immediately. Afterall, I was becomming a warrior of God myself, so it's really not impossible after all. However, he did seem to find that simple fact as an excuse to hit someone over the head with a knight-stick and get arrested for it. But that's neither here nor there.

This was also something to think about while Raphael explained the situation to a very perplexed and somewhat angry looking Brian.

I sat there in Brian's swivel chair, covered by my cloak that held various items that Raphael had, only God know's how, compiled for me. I demanded alot of weapons and other things from him because, to be honest, I felt uncomfortable about the whole thing. To tell the truth, Brian did too.

"But I..." he protested, "I am no warrior at all...not even an assasin. How could I be of help?"
Raphael took a breath and tried to respond, but stopped and looked at me as if to say, "I don't know. He's your friend, you talk to him."
"Your knowledge."
"My knowledge." He responded. He then stood up out of his bed and looked at us both, but mainly at me. I had to imagine that I was far less intimidating than Raphael and, therefore, much easier to b*tch at.
"My knowledge." He repeated, "My knowledge is of no help to you in this case."
He looked around the room and pointed at all of his bookcases. "You see these books?" He said, "They are written by authors who claim to have had experiences in this realm, but have no proof of it. They claim to have had encounters with demons and they claim to know how they act. I have read the claims, but I know nothing for certain. How am I supposed to be of help?"
I stood up, matching his glare, "I don't like this either, but for some reason I have been chosen to help God on a mission that will help decide the outcome of the Final Judgement. There can be nothing more important than this task. Raphael, my dear Arch Angel friend, informed me that I should seek accompanyment from someone experienced."
"But nothing. You have more experience here than anyone I know. You know how these demons act, you know what artifacts, herbs, and spells are available here and you know how to help me."
"I know what is available here," he said, "but I don't know how to use what's available here."
"Come on, Brian." I said, "If you weren't useful to me at all, as you so claim, then Raphael would've protested."
Brian looked an inquiry in Raphael's direction, and Raphael nodded.
"If you need me..." he started to say, "and if God needs me...then I'll do my best to help you."
I nodded, and Raphael and I got to work at explaining the mission details to Brian, who looked very interested. I knew that this stuff is what he lived for, he just wasn't ready to admit that at the time.

"Are you ready?" Raphael asked after we were through explaining the mission plans to Brian. I looked at Brian, and he nodded his head, and I said, "Yes, Raphael. We are ready."
He smiled, "Remember, Michael, that you are responsible for defending not only yourself, but Brian as well. Information is no good to you if it is dead."
I heard Brian swollow hard, "Ok," I said, "I will remember."
Raphael stood up then, and raised his hand to the both of us. "Remember," he said, "God is with you always."

It was at this point where Raphael must have performed the teleport because I immediately saw nothing but darkness, but had a feeling like I was being sucked in and turned inside out at the same time. The air became dense and hot, and I started to feel itching on my skin, and then a slight burning sensation. It wasn't long after that when we arrived at our destination, just fifty feet outside the fortress.

It was a desert collosus that towered in the sky. I would say the building was about 150 feet high or more. It hurt my neck to look at the top of it. I deduced that, since the map only showed three floors, that we would be going below the first floor. No one keeps an important artifact in the middle of a fortress. It's always in the celar or at the very top, and it obviously was not at the top. I took the map out of my pocket just to check, and yes, the floor where the artifact is located appears to be underneath the other two marked floors. This may not be so hard afterall. I handed the map to Brian, at that moment, to be the official navigator and to warn me of impending danger.

We walked forward in silence, taking in our situation in awe...or at least I was. I'm not sure what Brian was really thinking at this point. However, when we were about ten feet away from the fortress, Brian confirmed that there were two guards posted in front of the door. We hid behind a sand dune, and I popped my head up to get a closer look at them. Fortunately for us, they appeared to be human. They were normal looking guards with iron plated armor, spears, and no head protection. This was excellent. I searched through my cloak and took out two daggers. I held the blade with my thumb, index and middle fingers, prayed to God that Raphael's faith in me hadn't been misplaced, aimed the dagger at the left guard's head and threw. Instantly I heard, "Ow! My leg!"

"I missed." I said to Brian.
"I know! They're coming!"
I could hear their armor clanking as they ran in our general direction. Brian and I moved a little further to the left, still concealing ourselves in the dune. They hadn't gotten our exact positions correct, however, because when they made it over the dune they were about five feet ahead of us with their backs exposed. They also had swords drawn, swords that were apparantly held in sheaths at their sides that I had apparantly not noticed before.
"It's now or never." I whispered.
I took out two more daggers and flipped one. The dagger flew through the air with accuracy and grace and managed to sink itself deep into the back of the left guard's neck, severing his spine and finishing the job. He went down with a slight 'thud' in the sand. The right guard knelt down next to his partner, then turned in our general direction, spotting us.

"You sneaky b*stards." Said the guard as he started to advance.
"Stand back, Brian!" I said as I stood there, waiting for the guard to get to me. The guard took a hefty side swing with his sword that I ducked, and then I proceeded to take a dagger and stab it through his foot. He cried out in pain and lost balance, so I took him with another dagger by throwing it into his throat. He made gagging, spittiling noises as he fell to the ground. I took my daggers from the guards, cleaned them off, stuck them back in my cloak and signaled Brian to come over to where I stood. I took an iron plate and a sword from one of the guards and gave it to Brian when he came over.

"I don't know how to use one of these things." He said.
"Would you rather go in there unarmed, then?" I asked. He quieted himself and we walked to the front of the fortress. We stared at the wooden door, which was about twenty feet high and ten feet wide. I whistled.

"Should I knock?" I asked.
"That," said Brian, "in my opinion, would be a bad move."
"I agree." I said, as I slowly put force on the door. It opened up easier than I thought it would, and without much sound. This I was thankful for.

"There's no turning back at this point." I said.
"Yeah," said Brian, "but if we're going to die..."
I laughed, "Yes, we'll make it worthwhile."

And we entered the fortress.

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