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XT Project Updates

Jun 14 2007, 05:43 AM (Post #1)
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Status Report on XT Project Updates

There are several updates to the XT Project that all previous, present, and future contributors must be aware of.

New BBCodes for Submission Formatting

As you probably already noticed, I've introduced a set of formatting BBCodes to be used exclusively for XT Project submissions, the [header], [title] and [subtitle] codes. They should be used to organize three different layers of information: the document title/header (header), the title of each subsection (title), and subdivisions of each subsection (subtitle). Words don't mean much if you can't see the result, so I edited Nes's C++ Tutorial: Lesson One to use those three tags. If you take a look at the example, you will see how easily you can organize information with the new tags. And yes, this idea is modeled around Wikipedia's.

I encourage ALL past submitters to review and, if necessary, update their submissions to economically and effectively use the new BBCodes to better organize the information; ALL present submitters (authors of articles still yet unapproved) to follow the same guidelines as above; and ALL potential/future submitters to consider using these new tags.

Elimination of "Works in Progress" Forum

The Submissions forum has always been a holding spot for unfinished work, and that's what it will remain. Works in Progress forum has again been remerged with the Submissions forum. Now, we emphasize, when you are confident of the quality of your submission, you should contact me (or another active administrator) to check the article, and if appropriate, move to the appropriate location in the XT Project. So, to summarize, feel free to keep unfinished work in the Submissions category; just make sure you contact us when you're done.

Have fun, enjoy, and keep submitting articles! Thanks ssmile.gif
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Jul 19 2007, 08:23 AM (Post #16)
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I thought I'd have a problem with the code, but upon noticing that you updated my game review, I just copied the format and inserted when appropriate stongue.gif.

One question I have though, is there any way that I can show the pictures of the box art in the actual post rather then attaching them? I'm just thinking that I'll burn through my allowed attachment space if I need to attach everything, and I'm not allowed to attach IMG tags apparently. That's why I've left the art off my latest review.

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