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Megaman ZX Advent Review, 8/10

Jul 18 2007, 06:03 AM (Post #1)
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Megaman ZX Advent Review

Set four years after the first ZX title, Megaman ZX Advent continues to tell the story of the Human/Reploid/Maverick struggle in a future time.

Quick Facts

Title: Megaman ZX Advent
Console: Nintendo DS
Year: 2007
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Cover: Attached File  256px_9907071201.jpg ( 32.75k ) Number of downloads: 390


As per a Megaman game, the plot is not all that intricate. It features two main characters again. Grey, who is a fourteen year old reploid awakened from cryogenic sleep, and Ashe, a fifteen year old human who is employed by the world government, ‘The Legion’. As per usual, the amount of Mavericks has increased and it is up to the main character to put and end to it. Really, just another excuse to fight the 8 main Maverick bosses. Twice.


As with the last ZX title, your main character has the use of ‘Biometals’. A Biometal is a substance that ‘contains information of past events’, but in reality, houses the memory of past heroes (namely, the characters from the X and Zero series). The Biometal can be utilized to transform the user into an image of the memory of said hero. Using the ‘Rebirth Of Crystallized Knowledge’ system, or ‘R.O.C.K.’ system, the heroes become Rockmen (which as always, is translated into Megamen) and combat evil Mavericks in all corners of the world.

Attached File  428px_Helios_mmzxa.jpg ( 63.09k ) Number of downloads: 406

Unlike the last ZX title, however, you only have the use of one Biometal the whole game. Model A, which appears to be modeled after Axl from the X series is your main source of offence the whole game. Of course, being modeled after Axl, it has his unique DNA copying technique, dubbed the Trans system in game.

As well as copying forms of the Biometals from the past games, Model A can also copy the DNA from enemy bosses allowing you to transform into them. This leads to some interesting puzzles to solve, as well as different battle strategies against other bosses, as elemental weaknesses are more easily exposed.

Most of the Gameplay is involved in taking missions from the transervers around the world, which will, in no coincidence whatsoever, lead to a battle with the ‘Falseroids’, the level bosses of the game. The layout is the same as the old game, using the ‘Metroidvania’ style of level mapping. An improvement over the first title is the fact that now you get teleported to the start of an area when you select a mission, which saves you having to traverse all the way to the place yourself.

Again, the game features two playable characters, Grey and Ashe. Unlike last time, the two characters have a few noticeable differences. In their R.O.C.K. forms of Model A, they have different charged buster shots. Grey fires a stream of homing lasers that tear seek in and strike enemies until they explode or the laser dies off. Ashe fires a single laser that bounces off surfaces. Also, Ashe moves slightly faster then Grey, but Grey suffers less recoil from his charged attacks. Also, both characters have different Intro stages, as well as the appearance of older characters unique to their storyline. Other then that, the gameplay differences are not that big and the experience won’t change much with your character of choice.

One significant gameplay change is that the player’s weapon energy now replenishes by itself. This makes the game a whole lot easier then traditional Megaman games, as special attacks can be utilized more frequently, without the need of having to carry W-Tanks.

Other then that, the gameplay remains the same from past games, featuring the usual life ups, Sub Tanks, and boring sidequests that reap little or no rewards.

My Ratings

Overall Rating: 8/10


Overall, Megaman ZX Advent is an alright game. Veteran Megaman fans may be sick of the same repeated formula that is present in the game, and will find no trouble in completing it. However, people with little or no experience in the series will probably enjoy the massive slaughter of crazed robots in between the lengthy boss fights.
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Jul 18 2007, 06:50 AM (Post #2)
Here for the cute boys ;)
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Good detailed review. I like it.
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Jul 18 2007, 03:30 PM (Post #3)
beat me til i feel something
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got... to... get... it...

if i get megaman x8 ill have all of the megaman x games. and ive already got megaman 1-8... must have more!
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Jul 18 2007, 06:12 PM (Post #4)
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Dude, X8 was AWESOME!
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