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An Introduction to Political Roleplaying, READ BEFORE POSTING IN THIS FORUM

Aug 19 2007, 12:00 AM (Post #1)
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Introduction to Political Roleplaying

Political Roleplaying is roleplaying in its purest form. No hand-to-hand combat, no HP or MP, just picking a role and playing it. It is similar to the RolePlays (RPs) we have in our main Stories and Creative Writing forum, yet of course Political Roleplaying is politically oriented and you will be playing roles like the leader of a country, the leader of a group of nations, a scientist, an environmentalist, the head of a labour union, or even the head of a terrorist group. While the RPs are made up, they are based on real life, and never stray too far from present day that we would have no idea what is going on then. Often, real people will pop into RPs, and all nations and groups must be real. These RPs are things that could really happen in our world. Generally, whatever the senario is, it will lead to some sort of a big gathering or debate, which is what will be the majority or all of the RP will be. Occassionally, war may erupt or other special events may occur. (To be discussed later)

Golden Rules

Political Roleplaying isn't easy, but it isn't difficult if you have a slight to moderate knowledge of current affaires as well as history, think logically, and follow these rules. (Don't worry, even if you slept in history/current affaires class, you'll still be able to catch on, just observe the other people for a while, only very little information is needed as a prerequisite.)
  1. There shall be no insulting/flaming/etc. of other RPers unless it is done in character appropriately and for dramatic effect. However, the practice is generally discouraged as it can cheapen the realism. Please PM me if you are unsure about something you would like to say.
  2. Please let all key players stay involved relatively evenly; you may respond freely in an open debate style to any post, I will only intervene if it seems like people who oughtn't be ignored are being ignored. Again, this rule isn't crystal clear, because in a real situation certain characters might ignore/not dignify with a response other characters.
  3. Stay in character. Do not speak your own opinions in these debates, remember who your character is and say what they would say. CLEARLY DEMARCATE IN ITALICS all out of character text. All out of character text that is off-topic will be promptly deleted.
  4. No attacks, assassinations, declarations of war or any other senario-changing events without the O.K. of the moderator (me), and the story writer if it is not also me. (PM with what senario you are in, who you are, what you want to do, why, and how it will advance the RP.)

Format of a RolePlay (RP)

  1. Topic Title

    To better keep track of our stories, we will number them.
    The title should be: Political Roleplaying: Story X
    The subtitle should in as few words as possible describe the story. If there is more than one variation on a story, as there soon may be with WWIII, add a colon and add a few more words to differentiate it
    Subtitle Example: WWIII: Russia Left Out
  2. Setting up a Senario

    The writer of the RP will then present background information for the RP, usually containing a timeline, which leads to some sort of conflict that a debate/meeting/gathering/summit will attempt to resolve. Following this is a list of Essential Characters, which must be claimed (more on this later) for the RP to function. Following are Extra Characters which may only be claimed by those wishing to join the RP after all the Essential Characters are taken. Characters are generally representatives of some sort of group, be it a country, union, research organization, group of countries, human rights group, etc.
  3. Claiming a character

    To claim a character, pick one from the list and provide a brief backstory. It needn't be long. The first item that should appear is "Character Position:" followed by the position of your character as listed by the story writer, or as approved if it is your own (more on this soon). The rest of the format is up to you but you must include Name, Political Views, Education, and Political Background in some way. An organized list is always nice, but whatever suits your character and writing style may be approved. See for an exceptional example; you do not need to write this much, but it is always good to see. If you would like to claim an Extra Character before all the Essential Characters are taken up, or would like to suggest your own character, PM the story writer and myself, and we will evaluate the situation.
  4. Role Playing

    There are no strict rules as to the format of the debates, just debate and discuss as your character would. At the beginning of each post write your character name in bold or Moderator if you have chosen to moderate. As for length, write a substantial amount but keep to the point, as we want to keep this moving along. If you are not sure about something you want to write, feel free to PM me. I may rarely edit something that has been posted for clarity and succinctness. I will revert without question as per the request of a story writer, and I will try and ask them first anyway. Aside from keeping The 4 Golden Rules intact, I will also do a bit of moderating in the story such as suggesting other characters to address, or bringing up answered questions or undealt with parts of the senario's background information. A story writer may specially request that I not do this in their story. Please PM me, I will honor this request without any question. Another job of mine (which also may be handed to the story writer upon request) is deciding when the conflict has been resolved. When it has been, I will post so, and if there are no other pertinent remarks I will close the topic. Anyone can request a resolution (with, of course, a reason why) by PM to myself or the story writer if he has elected to do the duty, and the request will be evaluated.
  5. Resolution, Special Events, and War

    Along the way a character or a story writer might see fit for some sort of an attack (perhaps terrorist), assassination, or even war it MUST be cleared by me, the moderator, sorry about that, but I just don't want it getting out of hand. If war does happen, it'll be easy, quick, and not complicated, because that is not at all the focus of a Political RP. I won't discuss a war system here, as it can be different depending on the story. Don't worry, I'll intervene when and if it gets to that point. Not all RPs end in war. For most characters involved I would think that peace and a resolution is the goal, but of course, this is not what everyone wants, remember to be your character.


Well, that's about all I can say. The rest is up to you. Please make it a fun (and mildly educational) experience, I know from my experience that it really can be.

Your lifeline: PM me! I'm really nice, although the size of this hunk o' text may indicate otherwise. I'll answer all your questions, and I'm sorry I hit you with so much info and possibilities here, just wanted to cover all possible bases.

I'm going to moderate very gently, so don't worry, and don't be afraid to do anything. I encourage experimentation!

This is in the editing stages.

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Aug 19 2007, 05:49 AM (Post #2)
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Good topic. It is very comprehensive. I've included some neat formatting with our new codes intended to be used by the XT project, and make a couple extremely minor edits.

Also, I've opened this topic to comments and suggestions.
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Aug 19 2007, 07:03 AM (Post #3)
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Great, thank you. I only closed it to avoid too many specific requests/questions, but it's fine either way. I can close it or edit if people do. Yippee!
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